www.Disilgold.com- THE HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Extraordinary Work, Gumbo for the Soul Compiled by Beverly Black Johnson, makes Disilgold TOP 25 HEATLIST- (A BLACK AUTHOR POST)


1. Black Pain by Terrie Williams
2. The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith
3. Click by George C. Fraser
4. The Covenant with Black America Edited by Tavis Smiley
5. The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
6. The Vixen Diairies by Karrine Steffans
7. Mommy’s Angel by Miasha
8. Get Yours by Amy DuBois Barnett
9. B itch by Deja King
10. No More Drama by Sil Lai Abrams
11. The Return of a Gangster’s Girl by Chunichi
12. Real Estate Wealth by Sonia Booker
13. Sweet Georgia Brown by Cheryl Robinson
14. Tappin’ On 30 by Candice Dow
15. Over Your Dead Body by David L.
16. In Love There’s Always a Reason by Kenda Bell
17. These Are My Confessions by Joy King,
Electa Rome Parks, Cheryl Robinson
and Meta’ Smith
18. The Streetlife Series by Kevin M. Weeks
19. Triumph of My Soul compiled by Elissa Gabrielle
20. Gumbo For the Soul Compiled by Beverly Black
21. Tears on a Sunday Afternoon by Michael Presley
22. Shadows of Grief by Deborah Pitts Slappey
23. Rock & Fire by Marc Lacy
24. Going to See Mama by Pearline Fulwood-York
25. Why African Americans Can’t Get Ahead by Gwen Richardson- NEW

Gumbo’s Editor:
Sharon “Shaye” Gray, M.P.A 
Eve’s Literary Services


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