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For Further Information Go To WWW.AMBERBOOKS.COM  OR  WWW.GOOGLE.COM  and Google Search – Tony Rose and The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America  or  Tony Rose and Amber Communications Group, Inc. or  The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America  or  Amber Communications Group, Inc.  Thank you.

TONY ROSE BIOGRAPHY  Tony Rose is the Founder, Publisher and CEO of Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI). Amber Books Publishing, the corporation’s first imprint, was founded in 1998 and soon became established as the nation’s largest African-American publisher of self-help, career-guide and commercial/pop book titles written by and for African Americans.  During ACGI’s ten year history, five other imprints emerged:  BUSTA BOOKS – Celebrity Bios; COLOSSUS BOOKS featuring world-renowned personalities and history-making topics, AMBER/WILEY BOOKS – self-help & financial books co-published with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., AMBROSIA BOOKS for non-fiction/fiction novels and docu-dramas, and AMBER BOOKS2 for in-general specialty books.   Tony Rose is noted as the first African American Independent Publisher to gain a multi book Co-Publishing/imprint deal with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in their two hundred year history and the first Independent African American Publisher to be licensed and distributed by Black Expressions Book Club with fifteen titles signed to date.  Among ACGI’s most notable and diverse titles are:  African Americans and the Future of New Orleans; Beautiful Black Hair – A Style Guide; The African American Family’s Guide to Tracing Our Roots; The Afro-Centric Bride; The African American Scholarship Guide for Students and Parents; Born Beautiful: The African American Teenagers Complete Beauty Guide; Pay Yourself First:  The African American Guide to Financial Success and Security; Aaliyah – An R & B Princess in Words & Pictures; Destiny’s Child: The Complete Story  and  Memoirs of a Superfreak – The Confessions of Rick James. Rose has acquired/licensed paperback rights from:  Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Hyperion Books for publishing and distribution by ACGI.  He has also successfully negotiated numerous worldwide partnerships and licensing deals for ACGI in the United States, South Africa, Europe, and Asia.    Tony Rose was born in Roxbury (Boston) Massachusetts, raised by his mother in the Whittier Street Housing Projects, was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force after serving in the Vietnam War, attended the University of Massachusetts and the University of California in Los Angeles, graduating with a B.A. in Journalism and English Literature. He was employed as a production assistant at the Burbank Studios (Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures), in the accounting and sales division at Warner/Electra/Atlantic Records (WEA) and as an A & R representative at RCA Records, Los Angeles, California. Rose returned to Boston and along with record producer Maurice Starr became the primary architects of that, which in the late 70’s and early 80’s would be called “The Boston Music Scene” a movement that ultimately led to the discovery of the international blockbusters New Edition and New Kids on the Block.   In 1979 he formed Solid Platinum Records and Productions and in 1982 he was named one of the “Top Ten Record Producers in the World”. 

Rose was a successful Record Producer, Record Company Owner, Personal manager, Music Publisher, Recording Studio Owner, Recording Engineer, Song Writer and Composer for more than fifteen years.  His Solid Platinum Productions was the first African American production company to have a production deal with Virgin Records and he later held production deals with Atlantic Records and CBS (SONY) Records.  In 1983, albums produced by Rose shared the charts with Michael Jackson’s Thriller for six consecutive months in the number one, two and three positions throughout the world and his legendary “Prince Charles and the City Beat Band” albums and singles have accounted for more than four million in sales worldwide.  Rose’s many music awards include “Gold” and “Platinum” Albums and “Ampex Golden Reel” Awards for recording and engineering New Kids on the Block.  In 1995, Rose sold his music business to Unidisc Productions in Montreal and EMI Music Publishing in the United Kingdom and invested a portion of his earnings to launch Amber Books Publishing, later Amber Communications Group, Inc.  In 1996 Rose, along with his wife Yvonne Rose, began writing, and published in 1998 Amber Books first National Best-Selling title, Is Modeling For You? The Handbook and Guide for the Young Aspiring Black Model. As a leading book publisher, and mentor to hundreds of authors and publishers, Tony Rose has become one of the most forceful voices in the African American Book Publishing community.  In 2004 he co-founded the African American Pavilion at Book Expo America, bringing together as exhibitors a community of thousands of African American book publishers and book publishing industry professionals, a feat that had been unprecedented in the 109-year history of BookExpo America.  In 2005 Rose founded the Katrina Literary Collective, which has been responsible for collecting and donating over 90,000 books for the Hurricane Katrina Survivors and he serves as a founding Director of the Harlem Book Fair National and The Harlem Book Fair/Roxbury, Mass.  He is the founding “Coordinator” for the Community of Color Pavilion / African American Exhibitors at the American Library Association Annual Conference, a Member of the Black Caucus of the American Library Association. (BCALA) and the Creator and Executive Producer of Literary Living, a unique television show formerly aired on The Black Family Channel and aimed exclusively at the African American book buying market, featuring African American book publishing professionals / personalities and celebrities.     Rose is the recipient of several awards including: The Chicago Black Book Fair and Conference Independent Publisher/Press Award; The BlackBoard Bestseller’s African-American Publisher of the Year Award; The American Library Association “Reluctant Reader” Award; The 1st YOUnity Book Reviewers, Disilgold Soul Magazine Publisher of the Millennium Award, and The Cape Verdean News “Millennium Award” for Book Publishing Excellence. 

Tony Rose, an in-demand moderator, panelist and speaker, was the first African American book publisher to have participated as a speaker and panelist at the Boston Globe Book Festival.  He has also has been featured as a moderator/panelist for numerous events such as: The Harlem Book Fair; The Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyers Association Conference (BESLA);  The Aspicomm Media Self-Publishing Symposium and Smith College.

For Further Information Go To WWW.AMBERBOOKS.COM  OR  WWW.GOOGLE.COM  and Google Search – Tony Rose and The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America  or  Tony Rose and Amber Communications Group, Inc. or  The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America  or  Amber Communications Group, Inc.  Thank you.


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