e-Daily Literary Dish Celebrity Top 10 Countdown- Google, Actor Brad James to star in play, Singer Mario, Lloyd Hart, Rel Dowdell, Rick Fox, Vivica A. Fox, Thandie Netwon, Cydney Rax,




View Brad James photo on the HEATLISt to read full interview and archived mag spotlight post April 1st at www.Disilgold.com

e-Daily Literary Dish  Top 10 Countdown
by Heather Covington
Columnist & Author of Tekila Nika: The Bronx Video Diary Tales- April 27


10- Oh no! Are Google. Microsoft & Yahoo using people online to target advertising?

 Insight: According to the New York Times, a law is being pushed to ban the practice by Richard L. Brosky. Phorm tracks every single online action based on customer’s Internet Service Provider and may be negotiating deals with AT& T, Verizon and Comacast. This means Big Brother is watching and for you  cyber babies who don’t know who that is, read George Orwell’s classic, 1984 and get educated.  After all, EZPASS and your Blackberry already makes you accessible when Big Brother wants to find you, but don’t be alarmed. If you happen to wind up lost, maybe someone can find you.  I just wonder of Timothy Berners Lee, who created the World Wide Web knew he was creating a monster. Be careful where you travel online and do watch for sites that alllow third party clicks which Phorm can’t decipher and so you look like a direct user who is innocent of just visiting a stupid site with all of those spyware, phishing and automated banners that track you better. Luckily, you are just a number in the system and no, your name and personal info doesn’t pop up, but it’s all just a nuisance like all of those cameras they are installing around New York since the World Trade Center. If you are a cheater, you could get caught up in a high tech probe if street camera footage can be subpoenaed for court hearings.
9. Actor Brad James is finalizing on lead role in play.

INSIGHT: This week marks his final week as the Magazine Award Cover feature attraction for MARCH at www.Disilgold.com. Already, the ladies are in mourning and saying oh no, please leave him on longer, but sorry fam, we have to let this  fine actor go free because he is the NEXT HOLLYWOOD star on the rise and don’t say we didn’t tell you so fam. Expect to see brad in big projects. He’s an over all very nice man who is very serious about his acting. We are going to debut a video to prolong his stay on the headline page by popular demand.
8. Singer Mario wipes his brow with dancing partner’s outfit on Dancing With the Stars.How  Charming!

 INSIGHT: Mario is a natural dancer and did a great job on Dancing With the Stars, but got slack from one of the judges  for being too stocky, but that sleevless tuxedo was a stunner. I almost forgot the kid could sing. Add a charming personality and a star is born. He clearly received the top votes from all of the dancers. My suggestion is that Mario, only 21, seem less anxious and acknowledge the presence of his partner. It was almost as if he was awaiting results on just his dancing. He will need to pay hommage to his dance instructor a bit, and most of all apologize for wiping his brow on her outfit. While charming and quite funny, it may leave an image of  chauvinism. He’s young, so I am sure he didn’t mean it. 21 year old men have the quick and indecisive thinking. Go light with humor media. He’s a kid and a sweety.
7. The literary world morns the  passing of renown Founder of www.theBlackLibrary.com, Lloyd Hart.

 A man who spent his life devouted to promoting books, passed away this past weekend. Please visit the site to see the illustrious work of this man. May Mr. Lloyd Hart’s work live on a legacy born from a dream. RIP LLOYD HART.
6. Director Rel Dowdell of RelDowdell.com is historically acknowledged in biography of the late Esther Rolle of GOOD TIMES.

Insight: You haven’t seen the movie on DVD, TRAIN RIDE yet. You don’t know what you are missing. Okay, after you buy the movie, let’s talk about all of the stars that have risen from this movie!
5. What’s going on with Vivica Fox.? She has a post on her site stating she is not in a play from ImReadyproductions.com, but she’s on the producer’s book, Men, Money & Gold Diggers. 

4. An Exclusive Interview with Actor Rick Fox, America’s new Hearthrob

Okay, S2s has some nice photos, but this photo of Rick on www.Disilgold.com is THE PICTURE!
3. An Exclusive Interview with Thandie Newton.

INSIGHT: Good to see Thandie doing her thing. She is your onlyh actress out there who can play those wretched roles. Did you see her in The Pursuit of Happyness. Go ahead and order your Blue Ray movie and watch it!
2. Cydney Rax delivers another million dollar bestseller,  My Best Friend and My Man and folks are talking. Wait until you see the cover.

 INSIGHT: Not only is Cydney one of the hottest authors on the scene, but she has another winner. Fam, if you don’t read the book, we can’t talk.  
1. Gary A. Johnson releases new book, 25 Things That Really Matter in Life. See new press release before anyone receives it. SEE BLACK AUTHORS LINK!

Disilgold Staff


 This is the event where you will see all African-American Literary Stars at one event. Don’t miss TAVIS SMILEY, LERONE BENNETT, JR. , ZANE AND MORE!



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