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Press Release For Immediate Release
Courtland Press Announces Release of “25 Things That Really Matter In Life,” by Gary A. Johnsonhttp://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=l7ew8kcab.0.0.rmrmjkbab.0&p=http://www.courtlandpress.com/&id=previewTemple Hills, MD – March 22, 2008 25 Things That Really Matter In Life is designed to get you started living a better life within the next fifteen minutes. Moreover, here’s the best thing: You can read this book in an hour and it will still be relevant five years from now. The book changes with you.

If you’re looking for a book written by a highly credentialed author, with letters after his name to help you find out who you are, and what happened in your life that made you the way you are, this is not the book for you.  If you want a book to help you begin to change your life right now, then keep reading, because this is the book for you.Click here to visit the “25 Things…Blog” 

About The Authorhttp://www.courtlandpress.com/ Gary Johnson is the owner of Gary A. Johnson Company, a management training and consulting firm.  The company also houses a variety of Internet and digital media enterprises including Black Men In America.com, one of the most popular web sites on the Internet for African Americans and Homework Help Page.com. At the age of 23, Gary was assigned to The White House where he worked for three Assistants to the President for National Security Affairs. Throughout his 30-year professional working career, Gary worked 18-years for the federal government as a Mail Clerk, Intelligence Watch Analyst, Security Officer, Special Agent/Investigator, Supervisor, Program Manager and Management Training Instructor. “Changing certain aspects of your life is not easy.  Looking at your life and the choices you’ve made in an open and honest way can be an emotional and gut-wrenching experience.  As you rewind your mental tapes, you are likely to see a pattern of decision-making that is self-defeating or sabotaging.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  When you read the words in this book, know that I am not speaking from an exalted position.  This is what I’ve experienced and know to be true.” 25 Things That Really Matter In Life will show you how to start living your best life–today!
About Courtland Press.comCourtland Press is a privately owned publishing company.  We are in the business of telling stories.  Often times, the best stories come from the most unlikely storytellers.  Our goal is to find unique storytellers and publish material that will motivate, educate and inspire people to be the best that they can be. ATTENTION CORPORATIONS, UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES, AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS:  Gary Johnson is available to speak to your group.  To learn more click here or contact Jessica Tilles at jtilles@aol.com. 
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