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27 February 2007
Augusta Renaissance
The Butterfly Effect
Augusta, GA. On Thursday April 10th at 7pm Augusta Renaissance and Clear Channel’s Kiss 96.3 FM w/ Minnesota Fatz and Cher Best will host The Butterfly Effect at the Julian Smith Casino located at 2200 Broad Street in downtown Augusta on Lake Olmstead. The Butterfly Effect was created to be a cultural networking event for the season. With more than 30 performers from across the area, a fashion stroll, panel discussions, motivational speakers, special guests and of course a power meet and greet with Greater Augusta’s spirit-led, forward-thinking, creative minded professionals.
The efforts of many individuals, small businesses and non-profit enterprises are quickly changing the spiritual, cultural and economic dynamic of the CSRA and have given birth to this Renaissance thereby creating a virtual butterfly effect across the area. To create an environment best suited for a diverse palate of activities, the Julian Smith Casino will be subdivided into café areas where visitors can gravitate towards the activities that interest them most.
There will be a book-signing area including 10 local writers who will have discussions of their works throughout the evening. Writers include John Daryl Blouin, Karlton Clay, Carol Spencer, Rev JoJo Williams, Takisha Perry, The Mastel, Carlyn G. Morris, Donna Brown, Wanda Seals and Cecelia Johnson.
Local and regional playwrights will be performing vignettes from past and upcoming productions. Rev JoJo Williams will be presenting scenes from his successful traveling production “Daddy Who.” Arlean Edwards of the Talking it up Show will facilitate a topical panel discussion following an original play titled “Relationships” written by Kinyada Jackson. There will be a special sneak peek performance of a play called “A Breath, A Beat and a Hey!!” about the life of The Godfather of Soul written by Maxine Barnett who played the witch doctor in the movie “Skeleton Key.”
Mary Brooks, owner of Barely New Boutique, will sponsor a fashion stroll featuring some of the most well known names in women’s attire. Local choreographer, Chazitear Martin will orchestrate the Fashion Stroll and demonstrate her skills with a group of dynamic dancers. Also “Jammin Jeanne” will be doing an interpretive dance to contemporary R&B and Soul music.
Visual artists, Michael Dawson and Bruce A Ingram, will be painting onsite to let the public observe their creative process. Sheila Maynard-Logan, of Trim America Down, and Melissa Hudson, a Reiki Master, will be speaking about wellness and doing exercises designed to improve the quality of life.
Everybody loves music, so we will have musical performances by Jubba, The Krist Austin Project, Il-Hwa Bowman, Nikia Star, Bles Sed, The Gospel Originals; Taranda Renee’, Adrianne Marcia, Sweet Melody, Funmilayo Harmon and Tahnee Latrell and straight from the ATL, Neo Soul Singer: Honey Bone.
Visitors may also be inspired by the experiences of Betty Ambrose Brown as she presents excerpts of her one woman show titled “How I Got Over.” Dana Wideman-Howard and Tommy Ingram will present a few motivational moments with their special brand of testimonial commentary.
We will also feature the talents of spoken word artists Amyr Heard (Co-Founder of National Spoken Word Week); Purple Heart Recipient – – Most Elevated Deepness; Reginald Sweet of the Groove Speak Poets from Albany, GA and John Daryl Blouin will tell us “How to Stay out of Jail in Georgia.” Also the Atlanta hawk himself Hawk the Poet will grace the stage.
Dreambuilders of America’s Youth will be our honored organization. We will use this occasion to raise funds in support of their work to empower youth all over the CSRA through their Student Ambassador Program. To support their efforts we will hold a special raffle.
While you mix and mingle, enjoy our special feature performance Medipeo who will have a unique display of Mediterranean dance, acoustical music and drumming featuring Dr Chouaieb Saidi.
Top local graphic designers are working on an Augusta Renaissance logo. The designs from Black Kard, David & Akachi Omni Media Group, T.I.M.S. by Patrick Mills and Vision Multimedia Studios will be unveiled that evening and visitors will get to decide which logo will become the marker for Augusta Renaissance. There will also be vendors of a great variety and Chef Red will be cooking up the best Bar B Que in town.
This is by no means all of the activity that you can expect at this event. We have more on the horizon leading up to this Augusta Renaissance experience. We are working diligently to create a unique cultural and empowering event; designed to help people connect in a meaningful way with others who share their passions, and understand their visions. 
We also recognize that these people need to meet you, as many of our journeys are parallel. One of the key objectives is for more of us to become involved in the spiritual, economic and creative success of our community. So bring your friends, bring your family, bring your out of town guests, but more importantly bring your vision…it may be the very vision this city has long waited for. Come enjoy great entertainment by some of the areas best, make a meaningful connection and move towards your next level.
What you don’t expect is the “Secret.” The truest spirit of Augusta Renaissance, our Butterfly Effect, can only be experienced not explained. Those who know; KNOW. There is a Renaissance in Augusta. On April 10th Opportunity meets Preparedness. Come experience the Augusta Renaissance. Then the evidence will be clear!!
The Butterfly Effect April 10th 7pm at the Julian Smith Casino.
Vendors are Welcome (Vending Fee $50)
What is Augusta Renaissance?
Yea, Yea, the community has been buzzing about this thing called the Augusta Renaissance. Is it an email thing, some idea about people helping people, or maybe some pie in the sky economic development idea that has no real merit? The truth is….
We are an action-oriented collective of businesses and individuals who are motivated spiritually around the “idea” (Augusta Renaissance) of excellence for each individual and the group. We are a collaborative of creative-minded, forward thinking and spirit-led professionals. Many of us are engaged in the various arts industries, small business and community development organizations. There is no president, no dues or fees. You become a member by believing. Do you believe?
We are thinking, planning and executing our visions, individually and with others, to promote the spiritual, economic and cultural health of our community. We believe in many different ways that this is a period of unprecedented renewal (a renaissance) that is limited only by our thinking, our beliefs and our efforts. There is a Renaissance in the greater Augusta area.
Faith without works is dead!


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