www.Disilgold.com-THE HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Hillary Clinton Purposely Bows Out of Bid for President with Slip Up It Seems

There is no way in heaven Hillary could have believed her own lie of attending the middle east and ducking low to dodge fire. It is obvious now, that she has been on the Democratic bid to diffuse votes away from Barack Obama. She had to know the press from her attendance to the middle east would creep back to bite her in her leg amd just to keep things g-rated here. If this isn’t self sabotage than I don’t know what is. The republicans are obviously working with Hillary’s side and it really doesn’t matter which side wins just as long as Barack doesn’t win. Just look at how many turn coats have now joined Obama suddenly or are they friendly supporters? It’s hard to tell. Obama shouldn’t trust anyone affiliated with anyone political to put it bluntly. He may want to join forces with an anchor woman who kn ows news and place her in the bid for vice presidency in my opnion. Most newscasters are trustworthy and honest. Their jobs would be on the line. All in all,  when a political leader turns away from his original party affiliate to side with a black man, that must a decoy trying to infiltrate the Obama base. I’m not saying Richardson is a turn coat. He seems like a nice man, but he was a Clinton supporter. Hmmmm as Arsenio Hall would say when a toddler. LOL.  Desperation is growing because no one ever thought Barack would get this far and beat the electorate system.  Darn it, the HILL with a BUSH on it were part of the same scenery all along? And is America the butt of a political joke.  How do you make up a story about ducking from arms way and no weapons were ever present in the town Hillary visited and not only pleasant, but there was a follw-up music performance and welcome ceremony? Let me throw on  a 50 Cent song right and just let this on e go.  I think Hillary might as well be a movie star. She’s becoming a rock star right before America’s eyes. And Pastor Wrights comments were takin g all out of context. He was taking in third person like most preacher’s do and reflecting on the collective conscious, but it sure did sound bad to those who don’t get it.


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