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The Literary Dish by Heather Covington
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For Immediate Release: DisilgoldSOUL Literary Review Pays Tribute to Top Literary Authors of Excellence Making Waves in 2006

Cydney Rax, author of “My Husband’s Girlfriend” received nationwide attention for her new book scheduled for release in this month’s issue of Essence Magazine. Get your copy. Many fans of Cydney Rax’s new prior novel, My Daughter’s Boyfriend, agree that the author’s writing style is contagious and enjoyable. Visit her website at http://www.cyndeyrax.com/. Elissa Gabrielle, author of “Good to the Last Drop,” has created buzz waves for new novel, and YOUnity Reviewers agree that her book is the surprise hit of the year. Visit Elisse Gabrielle’s site at http://www.elissegabrielle.com/. Everyone is talking about Zane’s new anthology, “Caramel Flava,” the first anthology edited by the “Queen of Erotica.” She writes a monthly advice column on love and romance in Essence Magazine. Zane has received international acclaim for her award winning works, and returns in 2007 with a series of new anticipated films with Ms. DePasse. Visit Zane’s new site at http://www.planetzane.com/. Best selling author, Wendy Williams, pens her own talk show, The Wendy Williams Experience on VH1 every Friday at 11:30pm. She also, writes a entertainment Hip Hop Weekly column and Side Dish Column for Life & Style Magazine. She continues to excel in multi-media industries and support authors with her own Bookclub. Visit her site at http://www.thewendywilliamsexperience.com/. Bea Joyner, a talented motivational speaker, and the originator of the humorous book, Don’t Need No Dish, My Life is Soap Enough,” returns with new motivational album, “A Sign of Things to Come” for the mature woman and man. The recording is professionally crafted, enjoyable and Bea Joyner shares her words of wisdom with light- heartedness, you’ll enjoy. Visit her site at http://www.beajoyner.com/. Ms. Donna Hill, has several new books available this holiday. Visit http://www.donnahill.com/ often for updates. Terrie William’s Stay Strong Foundation is on tour nationwide with Mentoring Program. Do visit the author of upcoming book, Black Pain, over at http://www.terriewilliams.com/ and to stay informed of her latest projects and tour. Darshell DuBose Smith’s “African American Guide to Music Instruction” is available at http://www.amberbooks.com/ and is an excellent gift for those interested in step-by-step instructions on how to play the piano. New poet on the rise, Karen Ligon’s new website is http://www.karenligonpoetry.com/. Another talented poet with the flair of Amiri Baraka has arrived by the name of Tichaona Chinyelu. Check out her new poetry book over at http://www.inthewhirlwind.com/. Electa Rome Parks new book, Ladies Night Out, is another winner and just a joy to read! WOW! Visit http://www.electaromeparks.com/. She’s done it again. Find out more about the Literary Diva who appeared at the debut signing of the Literary Divas Book Tour at Hueman and Barnes & Noble. Cherlyn Michaels new book First Friday’s brings fun back to a drama-engaged story plot. You’re in for an intense ride. Visit her site at http://www.cherlynmichaels.com/. Dorothy Goins book, “A Woman Scorn’d” has had an amazing year. Visit the author at http://www.dorothygoins.com/. A very controversial book unleashes theories on how birds got the flu. This is an amazing work by Dr. David S. Udom entitled “One Nation Under Smoke: Decoding the Bible. Powerful! The Trifling Times of Nathan Jones as told by Moses Miller receives much controversy, but read the book in its entirety first. Her work is built for motivational speaking success and delivers. Dena Silver’s new book, “Not Young and Dumb: Just God’s Work in Progress” is a powerful book for teenagers from JonHod Publishing. Highly Recommended. Kim Robinson, author of Food for the Soul, will make a debut appearance on the Tonya Blount Show, Dec. 5th. Delores Thornton, “C& B Queen of Promotion” lands a book deal with Amber Books for new book, “How to Self-Publish that Book Without Going Crazy.” Visit Delores at http://www.margueritepress.com/. Denise Campbell, who appeared in the Daily News, will release new book, A Woman’s Wrath from Q-Boro Books. She hosts a new holiday contest where book lovers who pre-order the book could win a gift basket of luxurious goodies. Visit her site at http://www.universalwrite.com/. Margie Gosa Shivers new book, “Once is Not Enough” has earned her over 12 nominations from numerous award entities. Her website can be visited at http://www.margiegosashivers.com/. Marva Allen and Rita Ewing, owners of Hueman Bookstore in New York feature top top events this holiday. Do visit http://www.huemanbookstore.com/ calendar to attend all events. Hollywood actress, GRACE Garland, pens new book, “Loneliness Makes You Stupid.” She is also an accomplished singer. Visit her website at http://www.gracegarland.com/. Joy Farrington releases new award winners for Nubian Sisters Bookclub. Visit http://www.nubianliterarynetwork.com/ for winners. Beverly Johnson, compiler of Gumbo for the Soul: The African American Recipe for Literacy receives rave reviews for new anthology by Tavis Smiley, author of “What I Know For Sure.” Visit her site at http://www.gumboforthesoul.com/. Award winning author, Bertha Davis, pens new inspirational book, “Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season.” Her site, http://www.maedavis.net/ is currently under construction, but her book is available everywhere. Congratulations to QBR: Black Book Review for all new website at www.QBR.com promoting authors of excellence, and Neshee Publication who has a new online magazine entitled Infinite Mag. Visit the publication at http://www.infinitemag.net/. We also suggest that everyone in the literary community order, Mosaic magazine and Black Issues Book Review. Visit http://www.mosaicbooks.com/ and http://www.bibookreview.com/ to order. A producer, actor, and director to visit is, Joe James over at http://www.joejamesjr.com/ who debuts new book entitled Soul Baby in 2007. And do stay connected to Rel Dowdell, director of critically acclaimed movie, Train Ride, and starring Woody Harris of The Wire. A great radio show to tune into weekly is Denise Turney’s “Off the Shelf” program on http://www.blakeradio,.com/ or visit her site at http://www.chistell.com/. Disilgold looks forward to all upcoming guest speakers and guests of the YGA 2007 Awards show. Visit guest speakers like editor, Carla Dean over at http://www.ucanmarkmyword.com/ and William Frederick Cooper, author of 6 Days in January at http://www.williamfrederickcooper.com/. Stay tuned for highlights of Disilgold Men like Vincent Alexandria, Marc Lacy, Keith Lee Johnson, Jonathan Luckett and more. Our music pick this holiday is Camille Yarbrough’s “Ancestor House.” Visit http://www.ancestorhouse.net/. Congratulations to Gary Johnson of http://www.blackmeninamerica.com/ upon winning Best website of the year, and James Lisbon, owner of AMAG, for a successful event featuring guest speaker, Hill Harper, and many continued blessings to the http://www.amberbooks.com/ family for making it possible for the literary community to shine with a new television show, Literary Living. Tune in every Tuesday at 8pm. Until then, keep the faith, stay disciplined and be sure to request a free copy of GOD’s 24 HOUR MAKE-OVER: THE EMERGENCY REPAIR CONTRACT TO JOY by your host of the Literary Dish. Just request a free e-book copy by Dec. 25th with your membership to the YOUnity Guild of America. Visit http://www.disilgold.com/.


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