www.Disilgold.com- THE HEATLIST COUNTDOWN – March 30- Elissa Gabrielle’s Triumph of My Soul hits number one!, Monsta Mag, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Deirdre M. Capone,Remy Ma,Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Hillary Clinton, Corinne Bailey Rae Husband Found Dead, Tyler Perry, Meet the Browns


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#10- Elissa Gabrielle- NEW POST- TRIUMPH OF MY SOUL EDITED BY ELISSA GABRIELLE is a bonafide winner. Congratulations to all featured authors. A magnificient work has arrived!

#9- Robert G. Lopez, owner of MONSTA NEWS sends a Cease and Desist Letter to Monsta Mag to shut down the magazine for trademark infringement.  Dave Mays and Benzino who launched Monsta Magazine with The Game on the first cover could be sued for millions and risk losing much more after a former successful sexual harrassment lawsuit. Reportedly, karrine Steffans was supposed to be a columnist for the publication.

#8- Black Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is charged with perjury. He was Detroit’s youngest elected leader, but now disgraced with many counts of an affair with TOP AIDE Christine Betty. Perjury is punishable by 10 to 15 years in prison. All came to light when a security unit claimed they covered up extramarital affairs of the married mayor with two children. Kilpatrick is confident he will be vindicated of all charges and refuses to leave office. From Clinton to Spitzer and Patterson to Kilpatrick. WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!  Politics is heading for a TKO! Who will be 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.  Human’s are out of control.

#7 Al Capone’s daughter, Deirdre  M. Capone, writes tell all book about Uncle Alphonse Capone in new book, Untouchable, a must read account on the life of a young girl born to the mob.

#6-Uh oh! Remember when we asked who is Remy Ma since we haven’t seen her around lately? Well, the young hip hop princess has been fighting for her life in courts for supposedly loading and pulling the trigger and firing at Makeda Barnes claimed to have attempted to steal her money for a bag. The Hip Hop community has not even stepped up to save their princess. TRAITORS! Everyone has been solemn instead of raiding the courts in protest to prevent this creative and talented women’s rise and fall from fame to self-desruction. With record companies hoarding artists with fake credit, and not real money which artists realize they have to work beyond talent to survice before the royalties kick in, it is evident that artists fight, cuss, and risk their life for chump change because they don’t have much until they get over that hump. It’s obvious or blame the mentality of the HIP HOP COMMUNITY which many believe fuels violence. Everything moves fast like lightning. Most artists break because their egos get blown up. Now she may have to face the slammer and really had a bright future. The song, I’m Conceited, was like an underground cult classic just for the ladies of hip hop. Money is the root of all HIP HOP evil.

 #5- Reverend Jeremiah Wright stole 15 minutes of fame from Obama and is now more famous than any other pastor right now by default. The message I learned from his speech was, put a stake in your brother’s heart and win. There are going to be heavy reprecussions for this profoun d mistake. Already God has made the biggest glacier cap in Antartica break off 15 years before predicted. The last sin is when a black man betrays another black man. I’m just speaking the conscious of the people. Everyone loves Pastor Wright and is at home still laughing and in disbelief because if Obama was able to handle that than he can handle CAIN, who folks are saying is living vicariously as a scorned P.O.W. who may be the prez to puch the button. Folks have to stop thinking that because someone is experienced, they are smarter, someone is richer, they will give to the poor and because someone has gone to war, they are going to avoid war. Like credentials, breed like catastrophes, You’ve been in a war, you’re going to bring on war. You’ve been around peace, you’re going to bring peace. Obama has to be strong and not let NEGATIVITY destroy his shine! It’s time for a new generation to come along and fight for a new tomorrow.

#4- Hillary Rodham Clinton was a courageous woman to run for presidency of the United States. The Black community does admire her strength and tenacity to endure all she has been through, but her extensive campaigning from city to city has put a toll on her physically, mentally, socially and cognitively.  We all know she’s a smart woman, caring and probably could bear the humanity side of politics by giving a caring hand where America needs it most and that is a strong bolster in the educational system, but she has made too many mistakes and today, she reached the last mistake by refusing to give up her bid  prolonging a dragging a Democratic feud while Cain now polishes his image with old war stories evoking fear among Americans.  If a Democrat doesn’t win the November primaries, America loses, period. Folks haven’t been doing their homework. They have been focusing on issues that don’t matter. If America’s budget isn’t fixed, recession is here like a silent plague no one ever saw coming  because if the poor aren’t nurtured, crime takes over right in wealthy folk’s back yards.  Thse urban youth want change and jobs now. Crime is increasing and getting out of hand in urban cities. Yoiu can’t lock up all troubled youth and throw away the key, or maybe America can since life sentences for youth are now in effect for committing serious crimes in some states. I am afraid the Democrats won’t have much time to address any issues before the November primaries and may forfit a bid at all for the White House.

#3- You saw Corinne Bailey Rae on Oprah a while back as a potential Grammy winner. Well, Jason Rae was found dead in England. It is still unclear how he died or whether he may have been issued a lethal dose of drugs from a drug dealer.

#2- Tyler Perry’s new hit, MEET THE BROWNS scores big at Number 2 with over 20 million loyal movie goers, but did the cast deliver? Angela Bassett stole points and always does. Rick Fox , a basketball coach is your save-all wanna-be hero designed to help Brenda’s son, Michael (Played by Lance Gross) get a lucrative career, and all while she fighting her ex. There’s comedy on overload with Tyler’s clever antics such as a surprise appearance by MADEA and you just know the movie, MADEA GOES TO JAIL is coming soon. Tyler is the bomb, in charge of Hollywood and not slowing down. You can always count on a light-hearted giddy movie from the mysterious producer that makes you smile, and while not as fanciful produced as his prior movies, MEET THE BROWNS delivers just enough to get folks who haven’t seen the hit, to come out and find out just who THE BROWNS are. Model Eva Pigford was thrown in for eye candy this time  following a trend in Tyler’s movies to grab beautiful talent. Hmmm, looks like he’s shopping for a leading lady! No one’s mad. It’s the best way to find out who you want. Next thing you know there will be a CAST A MATE reality show where actresses are casted by producers who are really searching for a wife. 

#1- What news will make No. 1 on this day?

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