Naomi Campbell and MLK correlation- You decide

World renown model, Naomi Campbell was arrested in London Airport after falling into a tantrum upon being notified that one of her expensive luggages was missing. Oh poor, rich girl! Clearly in a state of shock and like a possessive freak who thinks that her luggage is not prone to get lost like normal folks and given time may be found, she reportedly went into a rage demanding that someone find her luggage.

She was so disruptive, staff at the London airport declared her unfit for travelling and may have feared her prolonged outbursts may create an unwanted scene on the plane. With all of the security measures airports have to take against possible terrorists, her situation was minute, and making a scene just wasn’t worth getting arrested. It was clear that she was very nasty and crazed because real cops had to be called upon. However, some news is speculating that the cops abused her because she was a celebrity.

This is when she went into a relapse of her short fun-filled days of community service cleaning up a run down vacant lot for throwing a phone at her maid and to fulfill her sentence in savvy fashionable gear. Her career as a top model was actually revived with multiple headline articles in the media after she tarnished herself by acting snooty to Tyra Banks on her own show. Tyra admitted Naomi seemed competive and mean. It doesn’t help that she’s been seen spotted at the most glitzy clubs like a bonafide party girl. Naomi’s fits are as inclined as rapper Foxy Brown and sure to be a subject for some BET show on RAGING DIVAS. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Naomi’s fans may find little sympathy for the enraged model who stole a few pages from major media this week that should have been allocated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who was gunned down on this day, but if no one acknowledges the severe treatment of a black model over seas in the U.S., than many may be singled out and made an example of with celebrity profiling. The model not only screamed and distracted security over a bag, but she has been reported kicking and spitting on the police like a foolish and spoiled rotten kid. It’s really difficult to side with a woman in rage.

Her fine would have been better off seeking anger management classes and doing some commercials on world safety shared among the nations on avoiding distracting security personnel from their real job and that’ s keeping the skies safe. Naomi gets a big “Hillary Shame on YOU” for causing a scene. Next time, when anything is lost, she should handle it in court or think of it as a calling.

Sometimes things happen in life to test your resilience on the second go round. It is clear that Naomi did not pass this test, but my heart goes out to her because any one would freak out in a foreign country. However, when they toss you in jail, they throw away the key. She is very lucky to just have been handcuffed and kicked out of the airport. She needs to cool down and like Bill Clinton says, “Chill out!” That’s about the only thing he’s said worthwhile and may I add Senator Cains apology for denying a law to enact a holiday on behalf of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday in January.

The holiday goes a long way in uniting people of all colors and I believe was angel sent since so many business owners admit it was on Dr. Martin Luther Kings Birthday that many wrote their business proposals. MLK is an inspiration and everytime I see a black person in the news getting arrested and going out of control, I can’t help but to think of how these folks are disrespecting MLK’s dream by acting a fool. The role models are dwindling down. All the kids know is Oprah, Dr. Maya Angelou and now Obama as far as being scandal free.

Naomi keeps emabarrasing herself and needs to be grateful for her blessings. I have to admit, no one can walk the catwalk like Naomi and she symbolizes black beauty and features 100%. Her style, attitude and modeling experience has made her an international sensation. She can be forigven this time because she was on her way to a funeral, but anything could have happened to her with cops use of excessive force which is always justified. No one wants to see Naomi ever get into trouble like this again so for the entire world seething with anger toward Naoimi, be a better person and give the diva on the count od ten an e-group hug. Now chill out Naomi and save the rage for runway.



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