WWW.DISILGOLD.COM HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, The Pope, Beyonce and Jay Z, Oprah’s Big Give, Brenda from MY9 news Dissed, Omarion Dropped from label! , Chilli, Usher, Bow Wow,

#10- Senator Hillary Clinton uses Barack Obama’s own words against him, but it doesn’t work. Pennsylvanian’s are amused by Barack’s bravado and courage to say they turn to religion and guns when times are hard, because they even know this is true and say this about themselves. Pennsylvanian’s are hard working folks who settled for the good life after down turns in other places they once lived and yes, they pray and comfort themselves with a little gun sport and hunting recreation for empowerment, detachment from America’s ideals and to restoration of a peaceful and safe environment. If anything Pennsylvanian’s are elitists and happy Barack spoke on their behalf putting them ont he maps. As a result, no one will be moving to Pennsylvania. After all, a lot of accused pedaphiles move to Pennsylvania for some reason and so if they can’t show their face in church something is wrong. The folks weed out who’s who in  their community with networking and you have to be down with the family environmentand networking thing or folks talk about you. I visited Pennyslvania several times and they had me dancing to country music. Some folks own time shares there, but see that the town has rigid values. You can’t throw parties and disturb the neighbors or you’ll be reported. Sweet state of people though and good food. Guns are for protection and hunting there. Get over it.  Try walking out of your house in the stark dark with no lights in Pennsylvania and feeling safe. This is a perfect place to write thrillers, indeed. Now don’t be mad at the messenger. I am glad Barack is being bolder and stating his views more so lately, and I certainly appreciate his no meetings law with terrorists. It’s bad enough that after the World Trade Center was bombed, some folks robbed the remains and the vaults of gold and valuables. Hmmm, looks mighty fishy and like an inside job heist to most Americans. After all, the place was bombed prior to this and I just wonder how the hell do three planes get to bomb their targets in AMERICA with precision, but you didn’t hear this from me. All I have to say is the nation’s security is number one and if folks don’t want us medaling in their towns and robbing them of their gold, oil and jewels, than stay out. We can’t control everything. Walk to work!   This is only the collective conscious of the people’s views I have gathered from blogger ville. As far as Barack showing patiotism, you can’t wear fashion couture all of the time on rented suits you have to return. Barack Obama does not own the clothes her wears. He is issued a clothing line as part of his campaign I think. He owns maybe 12 dozen well tailor-made suits. Leave him alone if he doesn’t want pin holes in his clothes. I feel the same way as media having to wear press passes around my neck. This spoils my outfit. He’s also smart and knows how petty unfriendly media can be, so he’s giving folks something to talk about. He is all American and proud. I think he will serve America well. He has never ostracized Hillary the way she has demeaned him. If she can do that to Barack, she’ll do that to her supporters when they say or do something she doesn’t like. I will never forget her words, SHAME ON YOU. Sounds like a teacher I didn’t like when I was caught kissing this boy in the back of my 2nd grade class. Bitch! She was ugly and overwhelmingly wrinkled, not gracefully wrinkled like we all have to get someday.  She’s a turn coat who reacts with her selfish emotions rather than address issues and just defend herself. She always has to sock and punch Obama. She doesn’t respect men and this is why her husband……. GOT TO GO! Just messing with the HILL. she may be the next president, and if not, she;ll be somebody because that woman does not give up.   Visit www.Disilgold.com 

#9- Over 60,000 folks froze to death at Yankee Stadium as winners of lottery tickets to see the Pope. Now that is sacrifice. It was so cold at Yankee Stadium, annointed visitors of the event will never forget this day. I liek the Pope’s smile. He’s genuine, and I am glad he spoke up about bad priests. This is a sin and a shame now that so many folks are coming forward. However, there are good priests and they all shouldn’t be typecasted. Religion and having a church to belong to is a big part of many family’s lives who want more than success, but a spiritual life. Respect spiritual folks. If you are media saying church folks are sinful and not really religious, “Shame on you!” Let folks live and be happy and get yourself in church and you’ll be happy, too!

#8- Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce’ on your private wedding. You did the right thing and it’s a good thing. Look how silly media is trying to make a spectacle of Kelly and Michelle leaking the wedding news to media. If they had inside access they would have done more damage with more lies. That’s why, Beyonce’ is taking off and workign side-by-side wth Jay-Z on his new company worth 150 million. She never got the respect as a singer eventhough she has one  of the best voices in  the industry. They snubbed her for Jennifer Hudson who just hasn’t equated to all of the hoopla, and so fair well to Beyonce’. She will probably do 3 more albums, but with the blatant disrespect of media to not even pay tribute to her and Jay Z on  their wedding day, shows they were more interested in controversial stories. Married couples are, well married. There is nothing interesting about celebs when they are married and in love. However, bidding for baby pics and break ups is the new trend in media. Trust, the media is going to do everything they can to break up Jay Z and Beyonce’. You see how Kanye’s popularity dropped when he fell in love. Success in Celebrity ville means staying single, dating and being available even if you are not!

 #7- We can’t believe the success of this DVD. It’s by Rel Dowdell, director of Train Ride. Still rising to the top. WOW!!!!!!


 #6- Oh my! Brenda from MY9 News just hosted the cathedral celebration for the Pope in New Rochelle and couldn’t even get in to the Pope’s Ceremony at  Yankee Stadium until folks intervened and requested she be admitted. This was very disrespectful Shame on Yankee Stadium for blocking her entrance and mistaking her for the paparazzi.


#5- Oprah’s BIG GIVE show ended with a surprise giveaway of $10,000 to all losers who didn’t expect a thing, and Brad’s ex wife Jennifer Aniston and other celebs matched the donation helping “the losers” earn $30,000. It pays to give. This is undoubtedly one of the best shows on television, but unfortunately all future givers for new shows will think they will be lucky as well so I am not sure if there will be another Big Give. Besides, someone is crying that they thought of the idea for the show and suing Oprah. Now folks are wondering if it pays to give. For one, any ideas you give must be sealed with a disclosure statement of confidentiality or it’s simply tossed in court as hearsay unless you can prove it. People online stand a bigger chance of proving origination of ideas since all pages are timestamped and logged permanently in cyberspace even if you erase or delete them. Creepy to know this!


 #4- Ever since Omarion’s collaboration with BOW WOW things have gone down hill for the talented singer that wooed fans with his groundbreaking hit, ICE BOX. He was a hit maker, but his style clearly showed rebellion for his label until they finally dropped him. It may be a good thing because once in a contract, it’s like do or die, so good luck to Omarion. He’s only 21 and the duo collab with a whining rapper looked punkish. You never talk about your ex-flings with women in the industry or that is a death sentence to your career and everyone affiliated with you. Be a man and move on. Usher did it. Like wise, Chilli should have never talked about her fling with Usher. This has ruined her career and she won’t be making a comeback unless she has some awesome writing on her album.


#3 – Major News- Tavis Smiley will be at the BOOK EXPO IN L.A. this year. Now if Barack shows up, this is going to be something else. SHHHHH! I would like a discussion about their books, that’s all! My new book is called What I know For Sure is the Audacity of Hope in America Begins with Open Discussion Among the Biggest Black African American Role Models Today! Tell me I’m dreaming!

#2-The AFRICAN-AMERICAN PAVILION AT BOOK EXPO is now offering front stage signings during awards reception. Visit www.amberbooks.com

#1- Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales by Babe Charisse Worthington sells out first print run at www.Disilgold.com.

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