Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine Outstanding YGA AWARD WINNER, Bea Joyner, is a winning workshop participant at the African American Family Conference in Philadelphia also, honoring producer Bill Duke.

AAFC Philadelphia Workshop Presenters


Congratulations to the AAFC 2008 Philadelphia Workshop Presenters!    

“The AAFC (African American Family Conference begins May 10th. Author Bea Joyner (Photographer, poetical activist, and award winning author of “Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life is Soap Enough” has been selected to present a workshop at the two day event. Producer Bill Duke will be honored and several keynote speakers during the opening ceremony of event will discuss the state of Philadelphia.”- Disilgold Soul Magazine
Here are the winning presenters…



Presenter: Dr. Odile Robinson
Workshop Title: Life Skills For Families
Organization: Community Advocates’ Association for Children and Youth (CAACY), Inc.
Program Director, Strengths-based Training And Resources System (STARS)

Presenter:  Paul Grant
Workshop Title: The 100 Principles of Mentoring 
Organization: Helping Our Youth Achieve (H.O.Y.A.)

Presenter:  Franne McNeal
Workshop Title: From Possibility to Profitability:
10 Seeds of Success to Grow Your Business
Organization: Significant Business Results, LLC   

Presenter:  Cheryl Ann Wadlington      
Workshop Title: Positive Self-Image: Honoring and Loving the Skin Your In     
Organization: Evoluer Image Consultants

Presenter: Danielle Parks
Workshop Title: HIV Prevention and Care
Organization: The Health Federation of Philadelphia

Presenter: Tyrone Jessie     
Workshop Title: The How To’s on Healthy Communication with Mom,
Relationships  and Anger Management
Organization: IDAAY

Presenter: Quibila Divine 
Workshop Title: Team Works! How to Develop Effective 
Family, School and Community Partnerships
Organization: The School District of Philadelphia

Presenter: State Representative Tony Payton
Workshop Title: Importance of Advocating for  Families and Communities   
Organization: 179th Legislative District  PA House of Representatives

Presenter: Bea Joyner
Workshop Title: Conflict Management:  How to Survive Your Child
Adolescence with Your Sanity Intact!  
Organization: Busy as a Bea Productions                               

Presenters: Toni Davis/Jason Figueroa                           
Workshop Title: Relationship Education The Truth About Sex!
Organization:  Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center

Presenter:  Jasper Jones                           
Workshop Title: Education, Economic Development
& Environment Advancement
Organization: CROP-Action Team                                                                                                                  

Presenter: Tara Nicole Gaudin              
Workshop Title: Taking Care of You:  Caring for the Care Giver
Organization: Trinity Transformations

Presenter: Monica Wildes
Workshop Title: Be All That You Can Be
(Career Counseling and Career Choices for Youth)
Organization: Next Dimension Career Counseling

Presenters: LaKeisha McClendon/ Antoine Garrett
Workshop Title: The ABC’s of Life: Actions, Behaviors,  Choices
and Decisions have an Effect on your Future
Organization:  The ABC’s of Life Youth Foundation

Presenter: Donna Howell                
Workshop Title: Personal Finance Management 
Organization: South Jersey Financial Group

Presenter: Chris Curtis              
Workshop Title: From Prison to Prosperity
Organization: Web Business Ownership, LLC

Presenter: Joel Austin                          
Workshop Title: Importance of Fatherhood
Organization: Daddy UniverCity

Presenters:  ACORN                                
Workshop Title: Preserving Home Ownership,                    
Know Your Rights with Foreclosures
and High Cost Loans               
Organization: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Presenter: Gro Mambo Angélá Noványón, Idizol                  
Workshop Title: Chrismation Rites of Passage
Organization: LePeristyle Hatian Sanctuary

Presenter: Cathy Bishop                       
Workshop Title: No Romance without the Finance:              
Understanding the Connection
Between Your Emotions and Your Finances.
Organization: www.CathyBishop.com

Presenter: Byron Woodson                   
Workshop Title: Building the Community One Conversation at a Time
Organization: Byron Woodson

Presenter: Everaldo Gallimore             
Workshop Title:  Brand Your Business and Yourself!                                            
Organization:  Go from “Brand Not” to “Brand New” to “Brand Known”

Presenter: Kim Daye                           
Workshop Title: Your Mission is Possible: The Young Men’s Guide for Personal Success
Organization: Kim Daye

Presenter: Jennifer Matthews
Workshop Title: Get Your Money Straight in ’08: How to Create a Financial Foundation That
Ends Financial Stress and Struggles
Organization: Creating Financial Literacy, LLC

Presenter: Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson -Nationally Certified School Psychologist & Orator
Workshop Title: Mind Over Matter: A Discussion on Mental Health
Organization:  www.umarthepsychologist.com


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