Special Article by Heather Covington: How to Maximize Your Book Sales in One Week!

I met several new writers this past week who have chap books, p.o.d. books and published books, but trouble selling their books  so I devised 6 tips to help authors sell more books.

1. Create a power ad in a local newspaper promoting your book. Newspaper ads are down across the nation, but yet, it’s one  of the most effective ways to reach consumers who read a daily publication without fail.  I did a power ad to increase sales at my new bookstore at www.Disilgoldbooks.com.

2. Learn to create effective press releases and syndicate them on sites where your press release won’t get lost, can appear at the very top of a busy site. As soon as I placed an ad on the top of one of my popular blogs, I got phonecalls for order purchases of my latest novel, Tekila Nika.

3. Calling Post.org enables authors to call close friends and family to remind them of debut release dates. Nearly 100% of my closest friends and fans of my work represented on day of my novel release placing it among the top 100,000 bestsellers.

4. I crreated a unique catalog page that stands out instead of an regular ad, and many writers gave me support because I am showing others how to market their books with more effective presentation.

5. Do promote your books on www.Disilgold.com. There is something about that site that attracts a lot of quality buyers and not just spectators looking for information.

Hope these tips help.


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