Is Mariah Carey Married to Nick Cannon?


by Heather Covington

Daily Literary Dish Editor



According to Disilgold SOUL Literary Review Magazine Online insiders at, Mariah Carey (38 is not officially married and currently is wearing a friendship ring from Nick Cannon (28). Both make an excellent couple. He’s fun, humorous and seems to be a rising actor on the up and up and of course, Mariah Carey has 18 number one hits. There seems to be balance in this relationship and besides, Nick needs a mature woman who knows how to handle the wet-behind the ears-actor who was once out of control and now found by someone who can match his greatness. He’s looking fine lately since he met Mariah. This is the best celebrity relationship news all week.


Here are Top 25 HEATLIST BOOKS with the Literary HEAT!


1.  Jealousy by Marsha D. Jenkins- Sanders
2.  Sistah for Sale by Miasha
3.  Succulent by Zane
4.  Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey
5.  25 Things That Really matter by Gary A. Johnson
6.  How Strong Women Pray by Bonnie St. John
7.  The Women Who Raised by Victoria Rowell
8.  There’s Always a Reason by William Frederick Cooper
9.  Derelict by Relentless Aaron
10. The Afrocentric Bride by Therez Fleetwood
11. My Best Friend and My Man by Cydney Rax
12. Come and Get Some by Nane Quartay
13. The Collection: A new Definition of Erotica: Volume 1 by Terry B.
14. Cut Throat by K. Roland Williams
15. The Streetlife Series by Kevin M. Weeks
16. Paiges Web by Shelia Goss
17. Saving the Race by Anthony Asadullah
18. Chalk Outline Confessions by David L.
19. Triumph of my Soul  Compiled by Elissa Gabrielle
20. EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage by Suzetta Perkins
21. Don’t Call Me N!gga by Zekita (Children’s Book)
22. The African-American Scholarship Guide by Dante Lee
23. No More Drama by Sil Lai Abrams
24. The Enemy Between My Legs by Stephanie L. Jones
25. Loading soon!




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