Why is Janet Jackson still the Queen of RnB

Who could forget Janet Jackson on Good Times as the youngest starlet to enter the Hollywood scene from the Janet Jackson family with charm, grace and the kind of powerful attitude that was surely a role model for  young ladies all grown up today? 

There were others to follow like Rudy Huxtable’s charcter on the Bill Cosby show and today there’s  Raven Simone as her elf, who clearly has taken over with  That’s so Raven. Thus far, the 600,000 million dollar girl that we named Raven and you see on so many media resources without credit to DIsilgold.com, has enough endorsement deals to last a lifetime.

 However, Janet Jackson is just a notch above the young idols of yesteryear and today even at age 40 because she still sings, dances, produces and tours with the same clout that brings audiences to their feet like her brother, Michael. Her last few albums have not equated to her worth due to this transitioning phase in Janet’s career. There were weight issues, movie deals, love and romance nuances, and painful divorce bygones, plus stress dealing with her brother’s issues, but Janet still rises to the top.

Her album which naysayers wrote off is steadily climbing in sales because , janet has stepped out of her own way. She went on a crash diet with proper nutirition and exercise to show off her goods in almost every top magazine. It pays the bills, but folks said she was showing too much, but if not now than never. Janet clearly has the best body in  the business when she focuses, so who should complain?

Nevertheless, she won over new fans from the younger audiences which is critical to stay in this game and won back loyal fans. So there is only one thing for Janet to do as Madonna has proven as a timeless and ageless superstar like Tina Turner and Diana Ross, and that’s produce the album of all albums with her fiance’ that isn’t rushed, fully brings back the style Janet owns and reveals her classic vocals that separate trend setting divas from classic divas.

Without a doubt, I put on my old Janet Jackson albums and was able to listen from beginning to ending without fail. The next diva who was able to command my ears to listen to a cd for its entirety was Whitney Houston, but Janet will always be the Queen of RnB.

Don ‘t ever forget how Janet delivered all  music listener’ expectations with a fab CONTROL album introducing the synchopated rhythmic dance routines widely imitated and dressed all in black. Now you have Lil Mama and Chris Brown doing their thing, but haven’t you seen that number in Janet and Michael’s duet together for the SCREAM album?  Even these two icons know who they are imitating, although they have talent all their own. Music listeners are very unloyal though.

The next thing we’ll here is that Lil’ Mama is the Queen of RnB which is fine with me, but only if Lil Mama gives props to Janet.  Every starlet has to have a mentor or the continuity of respect in the music industry is diminished and as it stands, there will never be another MOTOWN.

 Queens need to recognize Queens Do you hear that Aretha? What’s wrong with you and Tina Turner both being queens? Just ending it all with my muse to gear up some trouble. It would be fascinating for all of these divas to do a show together with respect among all of the ladies, but Janet should be hailed as the Queen. When folks go way back, they will understand. Janet made it possible for the black female artist to cross over with universal appeal.

See photo of Ms. Janet at www.Disilgold.com right now.


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