Congratulations L.A. Banks- Essence Storyteller of the Year

Disilgold was there to witness the crowining of L. A Banks as Storyteller of the Year. A photo of L.A. Banks with Essence guests all around L.A. is loading on this week. Not only is Disilgold proud of Literary Diva L.A. Banks, but we are ecstatic to have in our possession the actual winning envelope left on the podium announcing the winner from several top nominees. Don’t take this lightly. This is major!


 L.A. knows all about it. We also, have other items casually left behind from other events and folks who just forget things. Disilgold is the most honest entity on the planet. You want to make sure we find your left behind treasures and not media. It’s all safe with Disilgold. So far we have items from Roberta Flack, Camille Yarbrough, Leslie Banks and Ruby Dee and the list goes on. Nothing major, just hairpins, lipstick, prompt cards and notes.

 We even have the 14kt catch from Terrie McMillan earrings that broke while she was at the Essence Awards and she threw on the floor. We asked if she wanted Ms. Disilgold’s pair of earrings bought at the last minute and Terrie respectfully declined with that classic smirk. We have that picture, too.  Such a diva. I didn’t even blast Terrie, but I am blasting L.A. for not demanding we give her the envelope back with her big win that night.

 All I can say is when someone lets media walk away with their winning envelope they are doing very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another top author unleashed. Don’t say we didn’t tell you that L.A. is a star. Writer’s Legacy sent us this news with a fab photo of L.A. In the meanwhile,  we are predicting Oprah will invite L.A. Banks on her show soon. And of course, we’ll be there to hold on to any other lost items. 

One big name author dropped a hundred dollar bill on the ground and we caught up with that superstar to give it back. But, the biggest shout out on honesty goes to Wendy William’s camp. I left an expensive camera with her crew and they not only found me, but gave me my camera. We even borrowed a rare autographed book signed by Wilt Chamberlain from the one and only Cal Ramsey, NBA spokesperson, and he trusted me and my brither to give it back. It took a few months, but we did bring the book back to Mr. Ramsey who has an awesome stereo system, but was interested in upgrading until my brother showed him that his system was actually top of the line. Now that is honest. Any other stereo specialist would have said, you need   a new system, but sometimes our folks don’t know how to turn amps on.

 It’s always been Disilgold tradition to catch rare photos and hold on to things we sometimes think are left  in our possession on purpose as historians more so than media, but it is getting tough to catch those glam shots with media all around these days at major events.

 In fact, we caught a bad attitude and will only provide media as exclusive media or as one of a few media invited. I never want to have to wait to snap a photo of anyone or ask more than once. I am not playing that celebrity nonsense these days.  It doesn’t make me feel good to be snubbed like the paparazzi when I am a historian whose photos speak volumes for icons in every industry.  It’s not like I wear credentials on my fine clothing. I have been snubbed by even some celebs who thought I was from Media Take and I was insulted, highly insulted.  These folks who never apologized have been dismissed. And- I am still upset over Tameka asking me for my credentials when I was inside a $1000 dollar a plate event.  It’s okay Usher. I still supported your latest album. If I was Tameka and I came along,  I would stop me too. Very Understandable!

 I am  also, disappointed that media wasn’t given front row for the Essence Literary Awards. T. D.  Jakes, Dr. Ian Smith, Victoria Rowell and Lynn Whitfield had those honors which is good for the celebs in all respect, but this does not help media get those front top shots. I spoke to Lynn and Victoria after the event and they sympathized with me as media. I am so upset I did not get that one and only photo of L.A. receiving her award.

My camera memory card was full and I had to keep back tracking and deleting photos that didn’t come out as well as I expected due to distance to snap good historical shots.  Nevermind me. This habit of getting first shots happened when the media swagger-jacked me to the side by having all media step 1 foot backwards to assume their spots.

Of course, dumb me feel for the prank with E-Entertainment, BET, VH1 and MTV camera crews and I lost my spot at an event, but of course, someone hooked me up to stand in another spot and promised I would get the first shot of this celeb, and the mission was accomplished and historic because that was Beyonce’s world televised B-Day Bash Celebration. 

Well, I am too happy that Writer’s Legacy got a glam shot of L.A. Banks because now I can announce with great honor the crowning of L.A. Banks as the  Essence Storyteller of the Year! History has thus been made on this day and I can’t think of a nicer person who is more deserving.  This photo shows the inner character and just over all support L.A. Banks has unselfishly given to others.

Of course, we added a controversial article preceeding so you won’t forget L.A. BANKS. If you haven’t checked a book by L.A. Banks, well with all of this name toting paying homage to fab writer, then maybe you should make it your business to put a book by the author on your shopping list or give a L.A. Banks book as a gift for Mother’s Day.  When you do, have your mom write a mesage here about how wonderful L.A. Banks books are so the entire Disilgold community can see it!  We’ll be back to edit this all down and list websites to connect to L.A. Banks. We do know one site is

Writer's Legacy



 Writer’s Legacy salutes author, writer, storyteller, speaker, mom, friend, phenom, one of the baddest chicks around, the infamous L.A. Banks, aka Leslie Banks, aka Leslie Esdaile aka Leslie E. Banks aka well you get the picture. Who can write under so many names and genres? Only Philly’s finest- The Vamp Legend herself. Keep doing your thing. Michigan is proud of you and wishes you continued success! *You can check her out on page 45 of the new issue of Essence Magazine.


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