Worldwide Exclusive- Just minutes ago, Sue Simmons on 4HDTV was Set Up to Say an Explicative on Air and We Caught It

Nationally renown anchor woman Sue Simmons was reporting news as usual, and the person behind the teleprompter messed up her lines and she slipped and said, “What the F- are you doing?” The pre-recorded information was accidentally slipped on air. Millions of people thought they were hearing things, but it is confirmed that the explicative comment was aired. You’re not dreaming. It;s not uncommon for on air personalities to curse out everyone due to daily stress. Without the teleprompter, false news can be reported and cost anchor women and men their license and permanently.  Already, Dan Rather, a popular on air tv personality is having difficulty finding prime spots. It’s that competitive. It is obvious that the set has been messing with Sue Simmons and she was clearly fed up with the sabotage of her commentary. It is our opinion that the FCC pardon Sue because no one can bring the news with simplicity. All of these anchor women can be phony and concerned all about their looks, how they are sitting and their hair. Sue is a natural. If they want Sue to retire than give her an offer she can’t refuse. Don’t sabotage her on air presence. That’s like a conniving producer giving you the same thing to say for each show when you are more creative than they make you look, and so you’ll  sound like you don’t have it together. Next thing, they are replacing you with talent who’ll take a lower salary.  I’m glad Sue let everyone know what is going on! This is why advertisers are not advertising on tv anymore and opting to buy their own networks and info commercials with paid broadcasting. Even XM satellite is expanding. Folks are fed up with all of these fickle changes on air.  They need to bring Star Jones, Sue Simmons, Rolanda Watts, Oprah and Whoopie on a prime time Roundtable style Debate Show and let these queens air off on everything, but you didn’t hear that from me!

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