Did Remy Ma Deserve an 8 Year Sentence for Shooting Her Friend in the Stomach?

Remy ma was handcuffed after being sentenced to 8 years in jail. Unfortunately, no political right wing activists were at hand, nor Reverend Sharpton to protest her surprising lock-up that stripped the femme’ fatale rapper of her reign as a top heavyweight  Hip Hop contender in the industry with no major prior arrest record.

Her lyrical vocals were solid, image reflective of a Hip-Hop artist on the rise and style as gritty as it gets with long blonde streaks and bangs symbolizing her efforts to connect mainly with the young crowd,  but for those of us who know Remy, she could give your top model a run for her money with a little maintenance. At her current age, it will be the Coldest Winter Ever in homage to Sister Souljah, before she rises to the top again. Many say her rap career really never took off, but street sales wise on the underground market, Remy Ma rules.

Early media photos before her trial indicated a cheerful Remy ma dressed in urban gear like this was all going to pass over. Several radio hosts sent prayers to her live on air. Maybe she thought that her case would fair better than rapper Foxy Brown since her gun went off by accident. Any inexperienced person handling a gun would make one go off in a fit of rage after having one’s money ripped off, and especially an artist thqt may not be banking yet cash wise.

So what went wrong and why? Today’s juror tens to place themselves in the shoes of its victims nowadays, and it is clear that the lady Foxy accidentally shot could have been your mother, daughter, sister, grandmother  or friend. The lady was lucky to survive, but could have been killed.  

What got Remy put behind bars were the words she woofed off in the processs that may not have been her inward intentions, but when her physical actions replaced her mental thoughts, she became a murderer in the eyes of those jurors.

Is the rap industry responsible? Of course! Remy would not have ever been in that predicament had she acquired professional management. When these artists sign for deals, they should have a team in place to ensure artists aren’t put in harms way or even in their own way! 

We’ll never know the potential of Remy Ma the artist, but it looks like she has a loyal following beginning with Papoose who risked being thrown in the slammer for bringing a key to unlock her handcuffs while in jail. This was supposed to be their marriage day.

Rapper Papoose never got to tie the knot and he won’t be able to visit Remy Ma for the next six months for pulling that very sentimental gesture that is worthy of a modern day remake of Romeo and Juliet. The last song left to remember Remy ma until the Hip Hop Princess gets her early release date out of jail with a completed book sure to earn a 1/2 million dollar bookdeal is the song, “I’m Conceited” with the words, “I got a reason.” If you haven’t heard that song by Remy Ma than maybe you should buy it since the tune right now is “I’m locked up!” and “I know the reason.”  See Remy ma’s photo on www.Disilgold.com on May 16th, 2008.

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