Was Usher’s performance on Dancing With the Stars his prime time return to super-stardom beyond number one record sales for his latest album? DLNA Pollers speak out!


 MAY 23, 2008- With only a few days of announcement regarding Usher’s guest performance on Dancing With the Stars by major networks, hysteria heated up chat rooms and message boards with heavy anticipation.

A child prodigy, Usher exploded onto the music industry with controlled poise and charisma along with chart topping album-after-album  sales that had music lovers not only comparing his dance moves to other artists, but placing this modern day Fred Astaire of R& B artist as a top contender among all dance artists present and in the past. Just check out the artist’s past albums. You won’t be able to stop listening to every album from beginning to end.

The only difference is this boy wonder icon is now a full grown man with stronger vocals, more effortless and lethal dance moves, a teasing beard over a forever young face, and the kind of confidence in his voice that gravitates listeners and even if his lyrics to his latest hit are taboo!

His number one song topping BillBoard Charts is “Love in this Club,” and while a bold and forbidden  notion in any modern day family household, you can expect for grandma, mother, daughter and her newborn to be singing Usher’s catchy and contagious lyrics.

Viewers of Dancing With the Stars held their breath wondering if Usher would as folks say in media say, “Do the darn thing!” Well, not only did Usher do his thing, but he won over new fans. In fact, folks who were convinced that Kristi Yamaguchi would take over the  show’s season finale, actually flipped the channel after Usher performed because on that night, Usher was the winner of “Dancing With the Stars!”

Most of his fans will just have to get use to the pounds and muscle Usher has put on lately because to do Usher’s moves, you have to be a heavyweight on the dance floor. The new move hands down is Usher’s “Piano Keys” Wave dance. You have to have strong legs first of all, keep your balance, and confidence to pull off that move.

Right now, the only artist that can possibly compete at Usher’s level with comparable dance moves is Chris Brown, but Usher certainly has more grace as a seasoned artist, and I am sure Chris Brown will agree. 

Friendly competition is what the music industry needs right now in the R& B arena, and if the two contenders look like Usher and Chris, why not? This is where the Females of the R& B industry went wrong.

No one really stepped up their game to independently perfect their own craft, but instead tried to copy Beyonce’s moves which just did not work. What I like about Usher and Chris is their own style all around.

Both real performers and real singers with real talent. With triple threat talent no one can take anything from artists like Usher. There’s no doubt in my mind that Usher is ready to take over and is officially back.  It’s time for media to start focusing on a modern day king of R& B.


2 comments on “Was Usher’s performance on Dancing With the Stars his prime time return to super-stardom beyond number one record sales for his latest album? DLNA Pollers speak out!

  1. Thank you! I see all of the media is now paying props, but just a few weeks ago were hating on Usher. I think this is why many artists become arrogant, and so all is forgiven with my brief encounter with Usher although I think all could have been avoided if Usher had mentioned he did not want to take media photos upon completing his meal at an awards show. I would have never bothered to acquire a photo of him and me for my young student fans of his for Black History month. He took photos with white children and folks at the dinner awards show so I really didn’t think there would be a problem, but someone from his camp actually asked me for my credentials as far as media and didn’t know that I was official media invited for the event. I never put pinhole tags on my clothes or wear VIP passes unless I have to. I really feel that his entourage stereotyped me as some groupie which is understandable. I don’t look like some old media hag trolling around a camera because in my opinion, once you’re old, you’re old, but for his entourage to disrespect me like that when Usher said he wanted to take a picture with me earlier really helped me as a young woman to stop taking photos of celebs period unless at a reputable event. Really, my mission was more historical based as a journalist and historian. If I wanted to I could load on interviews with every celeb, but it’s not my style. I’m like, do you have a book, film or album I can support? Now, folks join the YGA and send me a picture because I really don’t need the negativity I have experienced as media. I have this thing for taking the first photo at major events, but I am finally over that pride and joy. Folks tend to think you are doing media a favor by taking a photo, but it’s really the other way around. As much as media is hated, they tend to help artists sell more albums. There are folks mocking me as an educator, reviewer, poet and political figure because they are afraid I am going to knock their hustle, but I have to reiterate that my quest is to seek and report the best of the best. I am not here to focus on the negative, and if I add a little spunk here once in a while than so be it and by any means necessary to bring attention to the African-American literary community, but certainly not by stepping on others. I didn’t have to do that to get to where I am and won’t even start that. However, if you are wearing outrageous painted makeup that looks unnatural, putting other folks down and you’re a fake from head to toe or simply arrogant and rude, I have the right to express myself. if you can’t take my HEAT than get out of here, that’s all. I try to predict the next DisilgoldSOUL at http://www.disilgold.com and stay on course because I care about my work and the YGA artists, but dealing with egos really gets me down, so I have to avoid these incidences and protect my momentum in this business although I am one of the best damn photographers and journalists out there banking my own payroll and not bothering a darn soul. Unless I am at a literary event, you can expect me to just arrive as a guest enjoying the event like everyone else. Some celebs don’t know quality when it stares at them in the face. I don’t even like taking photos with folks because that is not really my style either. Celebs can sell 5 million records and make 50cent a record but are no more happier than a teacher in New York City earning a modest six figure salary and regardless, the world places celebs on a pedastal, but the most blessed celeb is respectful of others, leaves an everlasting impression to everyone one meets and never puts folks in a box. I have learned you never know who you are meeting on the way to the top. These artists sell minimally 500,000 units tops per album or less so every person counts and deserve to sell more. Especially those folks with a massive network. I am a forgiving soul and so I gave Usher his props and wish him well. He is a talented singer, but I will always think of him as a disrespectful person to me! I think of the village of kids I have taught whose momentum to read began with my support and warm smiles each day and so I won’t let any “BITCH, BASTARD OR SON OF A BITCH” intentionally disrespect me these days with the amount of work I have done to support youth, and not to say that my comments apply to Usher. He could very well be a nice person, but I will never know. When I arrived at the music store to purchase his album, the only reason why I didn’t put it back is due to the fact that I like his music. If it was someone else singing his music, I would enjoy it as well with no regard to the fact that it is a song by Usher. I hope I am making myself clear. From what I saw, he seemed to be handsome, but with the impression I was left with, I can’t really picture his face at all when I am listening to his album. In fact, I envision another guy I know so I don’t have to think about him or I might return it. I guess that really does mean that Usher has a very hot album. It’s not often that I detach an artist from his album and stil enjoy it!

  2. Good article and insights…Thats why Usher is one of my inspiratons…althought I am new to the music game I am trying to bring the same excitment of music and dancing
    to my material
    check out my music videos at

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