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For Immediate Release: Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine announces “CALL FOR YGA AWARDS 2008 NOMINATIONS” online at www.Disilgold.com.

The 5th YGA Awards, the 1st and largest African-American Literary Award Show Online Spectacular in history and former live gala bringing out the stars, returns at www.Disilgold.com to scout, induct, honor, celebrate and award the best of the best in multi-industries and in the literary industry.

Nominees arrive by September 1st and ongoing in over 250 YGA Award categories with winners decided by the mysterious Disilgold Top Advisory Review Board of volunteers. Top YGA Award Categories such as BOOK, AUTHOR, MEDIA, BUSINESS, HUMANITARIAN, POET & ENTERTAINER of the Year however, are decided by the people online on the official YGA Poll Voting Center at www.HeatherCovington.net beginning December 1st traditionally until December 31st.

By 12 midnight, visitors of www.Disilgold.com can expect to see the winners in TOP YGA AWARD CATEGORIES and winners in 250 YGA Award categories or as applicable celebrated on the LITERARY LEGENDS BALL ONLINE since 2003.

YGA Award members have gone on to astronomical success gaining media coverage by top preferred media resources referrred by the YGA and which often leads to a landslide of supporters once the YGA and Disilgold Literary Network Association visitors of www.Disilgold.com hear word of featured YGA members.

Noteworthy reviews, awards, interviews, endorsements and press releases for the most part have been instrumental toward the success and advancement of YGA artists and why Disilgold Soul Magazine is leading the forefront as a resource for all of these commodities well received by the community, void of any obstacles, withstanding and built to draw quality eyes to www.disilgold.com when  many trends of promotion have passed.   There is something about print journalism that seems to withstand the test of time as the best tool and measurment of promoting success anhd gravitating consumers. Welcome to the YGA Awards. To request an application before all major categories are filled, email Disilgold@aol.com.


HEATLIST COUNTDOWN # 19-  For Immediate Release: Author Mychal Simonz New Book, Maybe Tomorrow: Surviving Against the Odds Delivers a Poignant Auto-biography About  Acquiring Success Despite a Life of Pain and Struggle as a Youth

Title: Maybe Tomorrow: Surviving Against All Odds

Author: Mychal Simonz

Publisher: Faithnote Press

ISBN: 978-1-4243-3968

Price: $20.00

Where does a man turn who has been faced with many adversities from drug and alcohol abuse to homelessness and a childhood full of sexual abuse?

Maybe Tomorrow takes an inside look at the life and times of Mychal Simonz, a very successful musician and songwriter who has written a novel that encomapasses truths along with a heartwarming story that delivers and will keep you turning each page to find out just how much Mychal has endured. Brace yourself, Maybe Tomorrow is no joyride and as humorous as it may seem as Mychal shares the story of promiscuous situations, not every young man is enlightened by sexual advances before they are ready and many traumatized.

 Usually women are the subject of being abused in modern day tales, but in Maybe Tomorrow, readers get to see how men feel about abuse the other way around.  A well-written and fast paced page turner, Mychal has a promising career as a writer. His work reads like a modern day tale, but embedded is truth that will shock readers.

Disilgold Soul Magazine highly recommends this book for both male and female readers. It is available through the author’s website at www.mychalsimonz.com. And yes, he has worked with all top groups and artists in the music industry, but his one book may surpass his success as a musician for readers are intrigued to read personal memoirs of accomplished artists and what it took to get them there. I regret to admit that it took pain and struggle, but hopefully Mychal is in a better place because his book receives 5 stars from Disilgold Soul Literary Review across the board. HONEST. POIGNANT, MASTERFULLY WRITTEN!

Mychal Simonz is represented by Ms. Noelle Sewell of Faith & Knowledge in Action, Inc. Email faithknowledgeaction@gmail.com or call 1.215.635.2207

*****5 STARS- Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine YOUnity Reviewers

Reflection from founder: I would like to see this artist gain voice throughout radio networks and encourage more artists who have been abused to come forward and share their stories.


HEATLIST COUNTDOWN # 18- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The 5th Annual African- American Pavilion at Book Expo Kicks off with All Star Celebrity Events Beginning at 9am.

Book Expo America 2008 returns to L.A. Convention Center May 29th to June 1st and is dubbed as “Where the World gathers to get a great READ on the Industry.” Sponsored by AAP ( Association of American Publishers), ABA (American Booksellers Association), and produced by Reed Exhibitions, many heavy anticipated show highlights include festivities celebrated within the African American Pavilion on opening day. This year, May 30th will bring out all star celebrity guests as soon as doors open. If you arrive early, you’ll get to witness the first reading by Omar Tyree of his new children’s book 12 Brown Boys, published by Just Us Books, the largest African-American Children’s Book Publishers founded by Cheryl and Wade Hudson, bestselling authors of the book heavily featured in schools nationwide entitled AFROBETS. World renown actor Hill Harper will read excerpts from his critically acclaimed book, Letters to a Young Brother which enjoyed a NAACP Image Award nomination. Hill Harper has been featured in numerous movies and most recently CSI. Omar Tyree has catapulted the literary industry with innovative and New York Times Bestselling works like The Do Right Man and The Last Street Novel. Proceeding the readings will be a worldwide exclusive Humanitarian Award honored to Pras Michael, original founding member of the FUGEES with members Wyclef and Lauren Hill.  Pras has produced a new movie documentary entitled SKID ROW which will premiere at the Los Angeles theater from 11:30am to 12:00pm.  At 1:00pm the celebration begins with the commeration of the world renown and HARLEM BOOK FAIR which returns to Harlem for its 10th year this July. (Visit www.qbr.com to acquire an exhibitor’s booth before they run out. Max Rodriguez, founder of Harlem Book Fair will be honored with the Sonia Sanchez Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding support of the African-American Literary community.  A press conference will be held simiultaneously with all events proceeding the African American Pavilion Recpetion which begins at 2pm. See details in next HEATLIST COUNTDOWN! This is one huge event bringing out tons of publishing industry professionals and will be filmed so please be patient as we add the full itinerary for the program and next day actual African American Pavilion Awards Show featuring guest appearances by Magic Johnson, Tavis Smiley , Denise Nichols and more as featured on www.Disilgold.com and 2008. 2007 and 2006 BEA photos provided courtesy of Disilgold Media.  

Get ready to make history with 4 renown Literary Dons before the AA Pavilion Reception.

Image Hosting

Image Hosting 

HEATLIST COUNTDOWN #17- For Immediate Rekease: Kevin M. Weeks Hits the Big Time with an Exclusive Article in Colorlines Magazine Pinpointing the Heavy Hitters in Urban Literature

Urban literature exploded onto the literary scene in the early 2000’s reviving the aftermath of Donald Goines novel works, but with more high-end street appeal mixed with bling, a revolution in HIP HOP and political fire hidden in books. Call it a conspiracy that America can’t seem to keep up with  as fast as new novels roll in, those in the game of publishing of urban books understand the concept of supply and demand as mostly young adults flock to stores to for a quick reading fix making urban books something of a phenomenon no one ever saw coming. Enter Kevin M. Weeks, based out in Atlanta who delivers quality literature straight from his jail cell, but with a team of professionals who believe in his work to the full degree that he may very well be the most successful inhouse lit aritst to arrive.  A candid article by Colorline Magazine gets under the mind of Kevin M. Weeks, and folks are saying a HIP HOP SHAKESPEARE OF PEN has not only arrived, but is sweeping the urban arena with the kind of class people just don’t expect from urban authors where the rule is divide and conquer and friendly fire is to be taken literally in this highly competitive arena where only the CLASSY will reach the top. Kevin name drops the kings and queens of urban lit that reads like a must read article you’ve been waiting for and now its here. Disilgold Soul gives the article 5 stars for its in depth overview of what’s really going down in the urban arena. Check it out here! And by the way, Kevin M. Weeks now has 2 books directly in competition with one another on his online store at www.thestreetlifeseries.com.


HEATLIST COUNTDOWN # 16- For Immediate Release: Actor Brad James stars in new movie CHAMPION ROAD- JULY 2008 RELEASE


An American MASTERPIECE with HIGH ENERGY and an EXPLOSIVE ALL-STAR CAST ready to sweep the country is born…

Champion Road is what HOLLYWOOD BOX OFFICE HITS are made of….a true American MASTERPIECE with EXPLOSIVE ENERGY and an IMPECCABLE ALL-STAR CAST filled with TRIUMPHANT VICTORY against all odds that will BLOW YOU AWAY from the very beginning to the very last second.

BRAD JAMES, the lead actor in the film, delivers a stellar performance that is MAGNETIC, IMPECCABLE, and POWERFULLY ALLURING in his debut leading role.

Brad James character finds out his mother has treatable cancer, but at a cost of over 20,000. Living in a moderate income home with a sub-serving father who can’t seem to get up enough money for initial treatments to begin, he becomes a violent and prized-street fighter to earn fast money.

In optimal shape, carved, chisled and lean like a modern day Bruce Lee, he’s vulnerable and intent on saving his bi- mother’s life. From a bi-racial family, his quest is authentically driven, compassionate and INTENSE. Brad James leading character role is fine-tuned and seasoned with precision and in a class all by himself.

The movie, CHAMPION ROAD, leaves watchers craving for a TRIUMPHANT VICTORY against all odds in search of SURVIVAL of a loved one… and even if it means GIVING UP one’s soul as the last resort!

“How far will a man go to save a loved one” is the question pounding from movie previews, but Champion Road delivers the answer with full force and HEART-POUNDING action. You are in for a powerful thrill-ride.

BRAD JAMES has sculpted himself into a MODERN DAY action hero in just one movie and will undoubtedly become the No.1 grossing actor of this era poised with CONFIDENCE,FOCUS and the kind of roving acting ability not witnessed since Al Pacino’s performance in Scarface heralding him as “THE ACTOR” without contest.

PRAISE for the MOVIE OF THE YEAR! Champion Road has the kind of CUTTING EDGE DRAMA that will leave you holding on to the edge of your seat. However, it’s uncertain if Brad’s lead character will make it to the end. You will feel each body blow he takes in total empathy for his plight that every human being can relate to.

CHAMPION ROAD is a TRIUMPHANT VICTORY against all odds in search of SURVIVAL of a loved one… and even if it means GIVING UP one’s soul as the last resort! Find out just how far you can travel down CHAMPION ROAD… one of the MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF THE YEAR! Brad James has what it takes to bring CHAMPION ROAD to NO. 1!


(A top success predicted movie to DVD film and cinema screen hit)



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