Is R. Kelly is going to jail?

You can’t doctor video that well says a digital video technician, but you can alter photos and why the Oscar De La Hoya transvestite photos were dismissed as a fraud! There are too many witnesses coming forward whose stories of time, places and events that match, plus payment allegations for video footage of the underage victims that symbolize the meaning of a video ho as these rapsongs have been alleging. These girls are dancing for these rappers behind closed doors for money. Who knew? We thought they really liked the rappers. A new age of dancers with business savvy are emerging to make a living, but Where R. Kelly may have gone wrong is forgetting to check ID. Folks are arguing that the mental capacity of a young girl isn’t mature enough to understand the consequences of her willingness to engage in sexual behavior, but does this mean that the same 13 year old is not responsible for serving life in jaiil for pulling a trigger to kill your mother, father, son or daughter. In otherwords, where were the child’s parents? If a child is technically a minor, should a law be passed to hold parents accountable for their child’s whearabouts. After all, we are not taking about forced rape. We are talking about a 13 year old who according to the case willingly engaged insexually beahviors.  How can a man know a girl is 13 when their bodies are so mature and actions like an adult? Others say, a man should check references and be held accountable. Here we have quite possibly one of the most creative geniuses of RnB who just lost his crown to baby Usher all grown up and seasoned to take over just like that. I am not sure if R. Kelly belongs in jail, but at the same time, he needs counseling and should pay full monetary damages to the victim so she never has to work a day in her life since if she was confused and is now psychologically damaged, she can go on with her life. R. Kelly won a grammy I think in 1997 for I Believe I can Fly, but lately, one of the greatest songs of all time rings a nasty tune more like I believe I can Get  Away With A Crime. I am trying to be logical here. I don’t know R. Kelly, but there are many black men being locked up for 1 yr deficiency age gaps between their mate during sexual intercourse and even if among 2 consenting adults. This pardons responsiblity of the young lady involved, but I say young women who also partake in sexual actitivities with men as underage minors be accountable with Jail time as well. These promiscuous girls are the number one spreaders of diseases and in denial that they are carriers. They are the one’s courting married men and men in relationships massaging the vixen mistress mentality ruining couples. They think this behavior is fashionable because this is what media glorifies from books, television shows, magazines, radio and more. Even R. Kelly’s song lyrics in some songs incriminate him. If you think he should go to jail, email


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