HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- WEEK OF JUNE 9th- Lil Wayne, Barack Obama, Karrine Steffans, Dr. Ian Smith, Flavor Flav, Venehsa, George C. Fraser, Dennis Bell, Brad James, Solange, Dr. Alduann Tartt, Wendy Williams, Carol Simmons, Michael Strahan, Vivica A. Fox, Indiana Jones, African-American Pavilion, Literary Dish.com,



20- Lil Wayne sells over 450,000 cd’s. An impressive debut for week one. He should thank Karrine Steffans for putting him on the map  controversy wise and Quincy Jones for asking for his help on the next Music Awards Show. Other than that, he should thank himself for a precise image, raw talent, ridiculous presence that commands attention, a unique personality and those tats. He may outsell Kanye!

19- Barack Obama is the next Democratic candidate of the United States, but his camp recently leaked his VP list which doesn’t seem to welcome Hillary Clinton as his running mate. This may be a safe choice considering her backlash, but her supporters may vote for McCain in retaliation if she is not selected as a VP hopeful. Regardless, Barack needs to be careful. Scarlett Johansson leaked that she got a very friendly email from Obama. A sister wouldn’t do that. Obama was probably impressed with this actresses talent, but she just had to make it seem like there was a spark of interest. Michelle is not going to like this once she hears the news.

18- Karrine Steffans new Sex Manual may not do as well as anticipated due to American’s rejection of sex, period. Everyone’s abstaining lately, all pent up and in an effort to make it through their lifetime disease free.  It’s already been stated that 1 out of 4 New Yorkers have Herpes and unlike city workers who usually sign away for their medical records to be made public for basic healthcare coverage and bi-annual physicals, most folks in New York have self-employed jobs so we’ll never know. Karrine may need to  include STD prevention, but just in… condums don’t stop AIDS or HERPES and folks who have not been tested may be carriers. Ooops! Now what? Looks like a new chapter will be needed and if so, the girl has aced herself a great book. Just giving my MILLION DOLLAR SENSE!!!!

17- Dr. Ian Smith graces cover of JET MAGAZINE this month with my girl, Patti LaBelle. The doctor is moving up and he may reach his 50 million pound challenge for America sooner than he expected. Exercise and physical fitness are in the air this summer for most folks. I’m doing Pilates and I feel great, but sorry Dr. Ian Smith, I won’t give up my icecream binges.

JUST IN: We just got the 411 from Dr. Ian Smith himself and will stop eating junk food today, but you netter not say one word or I will never speak to you again. Word has it, he is not only in Jet, but in Ebony Magazine with a  new article everyone conscious about their health must read.

 Dr. Ian says he’s written an article that features 5 individuals/families who we are following over the next 6 months to track their weight loss journeys.  He’s helping people make important behavioral changes in their efforts to regain control of their health. I joined his free www.50millionpounds.com and I am thinking of starting my own team at my job since folks always ask me how I stay in shape. I simply follow the advice of Dr. Ian Smith’s book, The Fat Smash Diet.  I recently gained about ten pounds for a fashion show I am in this summer, but I will follow the doc’s advice nd take those pounds off.

Dr. Ian Smith to date already has over  520,000 registered Challengers and more than 10,000 teams. His efforts are  changing and saving lives! Go there and start getting fit now. We predict Dr. Ian will have 1,000,000 registered folks by the end of  2010 and maybe sooner. I trust his advice! It works. Plain and simple!

16- Flavor Flav is one lucky man to turn his Public Enemy days into an empire. He’s like the great comeback kid. Now I need to re-watch his show. If I am not mistaken, someone with a hit book on the show is playing a trani, but the only problem is that she really looks like one. It took me a while to figure out that was indeed Kenya Moore. What happened to her? Someone tell me that I am not seeing things. I don’t like this role at all for her. That lady was a beauty. This role she’s playing is going to stigmatize her acting career and it’s only begun. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I guess any career is better than no career in acting.

15- Venesha is working on a classic follow-up to Mistress Me entitled NOTORIOUS!

14- George C. Fraser is America’s undisputed number one African American Networking Guru, but he’s in the lead for the number one motivational speaker next to Les Brown. I see severe competition. I would like to see these two in a ring match at the world’s largest seminar ever and battle it out because I am telling you, they could give each other a run for each other’s money. Les Brown has his way of letting you know that you are stuck on stupid with all humor, but folks look at him cross-eyed because he is always right. Then here comes George who just jolts you from sheer stupidity and you have no choice but to be a smart person. I am giggling away and getting smarter each day tuning into these motivational and networking gurus.

13-  Dennis Bell graces our Disilgold SOUL Magazine Spotlight this week and you want to know why? He’s a titan of music and can produce all genres of music which makes him Disilgold. He gave the muic world his take on music today and was very sincere. He tried to put himself int he box of a senior citizen, but I edited all of that out because once you’re old, you’re old. This guys music puts these modern day tracks with  loops and samples to shame. Plus, he does music scores and soundtracks, has a few platinum albums which is mighty impressive, is a real instrumentalist, teaches music and I think he can teach young cats about production and even team up with some artists for a movie soundtrack. Talent like Dennis Bell’s never goes out of style. Any day now he’s going to nab that partnership with a younger music mogul and don’t say I didn’t tell ya. Alrighty!

12-  Brad James- There is this  very focused actor just casually hanging out on MYSPACE and the ladies and even the guys buzzing about him as a role model in the acting biz  agree, Brad is the next Hollywood star on the rise. Besides awesome looks, he has real acting talent. We got an interiew with Brad James, but wait until we tell you about his new movie on DVD coming out this August called Champion Road. It’s like the movie of the year you have been waiting for. Is Brad James the next Black Bruce Lee? We think you already know the answer, but the fam at Disilgold is routing for him. He’s a real nice guy too. Ladies show Brad some love on his site. We think he’s on MYSPACE around the evenings, but then he’s off to film for weeks or months, so give him a shout out. The hours actors put in are tedious. We are putting up his profile pic for a week closer to the release of Champion Road.

11-  Solange- The same day I released my candid review of Solange’s new remake of her hit, I Decided, her management took it down which means that good folks listen well. It was just ridiculosu for right now and will fair well later, but the original with the 60’s feel sounds more original and professional, so I’m endorsing it. Now this is going to shock you, but if Solange can stay consistent with the over all feel of the album, chances are it might out sell Lil Wayne when it debuts because her sound is more universal. I feel bad I had to insult her, but I am not getting paid as a coach, so when I have a hunch someone is going the wrong way I am just going to sock it to them. And this too shall pass. I wouldn’t release a negative review unless I really knew someone with a flop had great potential hidden under poor writing, production or imagery. Now we have to work on her look, and so once I throw on my gear, all of the lady celebs will have to grab my styles quick. It’s a given that I’m on point. Former Fashon designer and fashion show producer fam! HOLLER!


10-Dr. Alduann Tartt (Motivational Speaker)- We found him fam, the next Dr. Phil. Oprah’s going to grab him fam if she’s smart This is just the man to counsel women with his new book, The Ring Factor. I should have asked Dr. Tartt, if a man gives you a 6000 ring on Christmas Day as a gift, can he later say it was an engagement ring when you break up and demand it back. HEHEHEHEHEHEEH! Falling over like drunk bride.


9- Wendy Williams- Okay, the news is official, but we heard it first. Wendy Williams is being sued for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill her husband. According to folks close to the camp, IT’ S FALSE NEWS and you are to disregard any media playing into these false rumors. Wendy Williams would never hire a hitman, she would kill Kevin herself. Read her book, Is the Bitch Dead! Giggles, leave Wendy alone folks. Don’t stop the queen from rising.

8- Sue Simmons, the news anchorwoman you’ve watched for years has not been fired from her job for saying, “What the f– are you doing?” on national television to the teleprompter guy. We predicted that there would not be a shakedown. In fact, she’s on at 6pm time slot instead with Chuck so she won’t have to drink those energy drinks to stay awake that the media irresponsibly lied and said she was tipsy with booze. Lying bastards.

7- Michael Strahan retired because he wanted to go out a winner, but most of all, football is a contact sport and one bad play could paralyze you for life. His teammates and otthers were very envious because he has personality. He’s only 36 and young so he can now enjoy his life. he gave 15 years and brought joy to the sport. He knew exactly what he was doing and most likely is not that chipper all of the time, but to make your mark, you’ve got to stand out from the crowd, Respect due to the guy with a gap in his mouth he made look fashionable. I hear some guys who had their gaps filled actually had the filling removed because Michael showed you could make it even with an irregular smile. Let me stop folks. I am really just kidding here, but one of his teammates needs a A-whooping for calling him a clown on television. You get asked a question about your peer on national television and you disgrace him like that. That shows jealousy and competition. People like that are not worth the shit on their friend’s shoes. Sorry about that Michael. You didn’t deserve that. Your retirement should have been glorious.

6- Vivica A. Fox– We hear from Turney Entertainment that this talented starlet has a reality show on the way where stylists have a shot at making her over the best for 100,000. Sounds like a winner, but I think there is already a show that debuted with the same theme. Regardless, why doesn’t Vivica have her own talk show? I even hear Robin Givens is coming back with a talk show, but she’s too proper and fragile. Hosting is tv show is not for lightweights. She was good inthe Vagina Monologues play though.

5- All Access Granted for Sex In The City here at Disilgold, so we’ll start by saying that Sarah Jessica Parker will win an Oscar for Best Leading Actress Role as Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Catthrall as Samantha Jones may win best supporting actress role  for the Sushi scene alone, but Jennifer Hudson as Louise could nab this honor as wlel or be a contender for Best supporting role. The chemistry was top notch between all of the actresses and I think the e-mail glitch foul up was very sentimental. Someone did their research and found a love letter by every renown writer. Hey, there is even one by Tekila Nika Jones, Jr. in the book, Tekila Nika by Babe Charisse Worthington.   BRILLIANT MOVIE THAT MADE ME WANT TO GO SHOPPING!



Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a magnificent come back for actor Harrison Ford who returns as Indian Jones in the classic movie  series produced by no other than, George Lucas who brought you the Star Wars Series.

A dusty road race fascinates movie goers with culminating fear as some teenagers joyride through the desert of Nevada side-by-side with what appears to be American military soldiers returning to their base. You anticipate that the grim-faced soldiers are dangerous, and even though they decide to rev up their gas and race with the happy-go-lucky kids in their hot shot jeep.

Just as soon as the thrill ride is over and the teenagers disappear down a different road, the American soldiers are denied access at their own base. An unexpected exhange of fire erupts  while simultaneously sending the naval base men down.  Harrison Ford appears with his dusty hat and name calls, “Russians!”

The question is now, “Why are the Russians here and what do they want?”  Harrison gets knocked around before finding out that  Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko is in search of some kind of skull that holds the truth about the future and could be utilized to control the world. Her demeanor is rigid, uptight and like a female commando who just won’t quit until she finds this  Crystal Skull.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones is a professor and expert archeologist who seems to know the missing truths as he convinces all of the Dr. Irina’s soldiers to somehow empty their gun powder to find the skull in some old cargos on a naval post confiscated from its ancient resting place in  Peru. 

The magic begins as gun powder swoops through the air like a homemade whirlwind compass with the ability to find this skull with a strong magnetic force. Not only does Harrison as Indiana Jones, Jr. locate the skull, but reunites with his mistress from years ago who has a full grown son who you’ll never guess by who and is brought to the base as bait if Indiana doesn’t deliver.

Indiana doesn’t hestitate to steal the skull which leads to a golden ancient treasure and split it with his friend, but of course. money becomes the root of all evil when they are all caught while fleeing. There is a powerful scene where Indiana and his friend turn guns on the soldiers, but at the last moment you hear a click behind his head and it’s his deceptive friend who has set him up and joined forces with the evil doers.

Indiana and the other victims make a dash again and I must say,  Indiana Jones does not disappoint. The dash into a car and through the window on a motorcycle is why you buy Indiana Jones on DVD. The music soundtrack has highs and lows that rivet the theater with acoustic force. Your going to go mad insane while watching this movie with endless creativity that climax to ovation.

The beauty of the movie catapults when the skull is returned to its origination among some other intellectual forces like it making up a 13 ring pact of literal hot heads on a mission from outerspace, who came, saw, conquered and want to get as far away from planet earth as possbile. These terrestrial creatures disppappear somewhere between time, but leave a lot ot wonder about human life still searching for truth about outerspace. After viewing Indiana Jones, you may wish you had minded your business.

Harrison Ford looks damn good s 20 years senior his lead role.  Marian Ravenwood, played by Karen Allen possesses that magic smile that is why she had to return the role although a bit more mature looking then Harrison Ford due to make-up. You’ll discover a secret she kept from the robust Indiana Jones for years that was quite heartwarming up to the very end as  Harrison Ford’s classic hat flung through a door.

I have always been a fan of all George Lucas Films and why you see me as Babe Charisse Worthington with my Indiana Jones, Jr. Hat, but this time where in a new land called the ghetto with plenty of action and this new kid on the block called Tekila Nika Jones, Jr. Now will George Lucas direct his first urban film and go out a hero of HOLLYWOOD producers of all producers on the team giving direction? My mind thinks like George. It took a mastermind to make this film. George deserves all props for an overall, excellent film I recommend for the entire family.

Excellent plot, flow of story, visual and sound effects, props, change of pace, casting and direction. Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a winner! 


*****5 STARS-DisilgoldSOUL Magzine


3- Did you hear about the African American Pavilion at Book Expo. The event was a huge success. We released THE BEA STORY 2008 on www.disilgold.com on the same day we arrived back from L.A. as well as tagged all of our photos for the first time in the history of Disilgold to solidify our role as media. Our tag is going to get some design, but for the most part, now folks who syndicate our photos can help Disilgold get some visitation back to the site. We’re growing fast.

We encourage more people to request to syndicate our photos and get the word out that Disilgold not only takes quality photos at major events, but can execute lead stories and syndicate them on a major media site that has reached close to 200,000 unique visitors since inception unlike sites with force hits from small base of 10,000 visitors who frequent a site enhanced with Google ads.


We block phishers, spam and spyware from Disilgold.com site to protect our visitors. You never have to worry about bad links unless someone had a prior link they deleted and is now owned by another site holder.  In that case, you could look at your browser sandbar and see the exact link name. We don’t even use old fashioned hyperlinks that can be tricky, too.

Visit the BEA STORY 2008 LINK for the fulls story and over 150 photos

2- Literary Dish.com- is the official HEATLIST COUNTDOWN as accessible by visiting www.disilgold.com featuring YGA press releases, news, events, articles and more from sponsors. While I could be a press release lady who awaits press to syndicate every minute, it’s all labor and so Disilgold is releasing new ad rates for syndication by June 15th. he site will be run by an editor who overseas that all clients press as requested and registered is published. In the meanwhile, I get to syndicate my one HEATLIST on myspace once a month with my top 20 picks. My goal here is to bring commentary on real current issues. Visit www.Disilgold.com to request  press services on the official HEATLIST COUNTDOWN along with interviews, award nomination and non-guaranteed review! IT’S CALLED THE DISILGOLD YGA PLATINUM SHOWCASE! Email Disilgold@aol.com. I’m on standby.

1- Here is where I will load some new books I recommend. Developing….



Visit www.Disilgold.com


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