HEATLIST10- DISILGOLD BOOK REVIEW: Just Too Good to Be True by E. Lynn Harris

A Novel

“Brady Bledsoe and his mom, Carmyn, will remind you of most typical single mother and son relationships. Brady aspires to become a football jock and his dreams become a revelation, but when women swoop at his feet, it becomes questionable if they are really in love with Carmyn’s son or just eyeing for a piece of his cool millions as a Heisman Trophy contender for a spot on on a NFL team. 

There are scenes where Brady encounters AKA’s, and don’t be surprised to find a diary entry of a girl who wants to bed him. He’s sort of your imperfect son as Carmyn finds out, but at the same token, Brady finds out his mother is not perfect either.

A heartwarming and endearing story that focuses on Brady’s young life, Too Good To Be True makes for a top book read, and the same eye-capturing attention to E. Lynn’s writing style in books like ” I Say a Little Prayer,” and ” A Love of My Own.” However, E. Lynn now draws a broader audience with this eventful story that focuses mostly on the young adult life of a black man.

 Lynn has created a masterpiece once again that will catapult and transition his writing career into cinema production. Just to give you an idea of how he draws you into his stories, imagine a man named Zander who pretends to be gay, but is straight and only acts this way to attract and bed more women who trust that he’s one of the girls, but is really  a sex siren awaiting to prey on fine women. There are many more surprises all through our E. Lynn Harris’s book. You can’t put “Too Good to Be True”  down.


*****5 STARS! Disilgold SOUL Literary Review

Reviewed by Heather Covington

President of the YOUnity Reviewers Book Club



HEATLIST9- DISILGOLD BOOK REVIEW: Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships by George C. Fraser


Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships by George C. Fraser reveals ten powerful secrets for building long term networking relationships with  tested and proven principles utilized by “the master teacher and visionary” who is responsible for bringing out the nation’s largest gathering of black professionals at his PowerNetworking Conference.

Revealed by critics and media worldwide as the best networking event for black professionals and business owners, Fraser now reveals how he built his FraserNet enterprise and the results will amaze you.  George challenges you to connect to achieve “value based relationships rather than just network to achieve “superficial rapport built”on goal based objectives. He shows you how to reconnect with your relationships no matter how busy and utilize your voice to “add value, thus validating your sense of purpose and point of view.”

An excellently organized work with pivotal transitions that gravitate the eye of your aspiring CEO and most accomplished business guru,  quotes from prominent figures in networking are inserted to keep you focused on building your brand, loving what you do and serving others. What I particularly liked was his dedication toward giving back to youth. George  Fraser also points out the need for self-evaluation assessment since change starts with you.

My favorite chapter section  is “Truth-5” where Fraser mentions, “Bless them and release them!” When you have shared your values, no matter how far relationships travel apart, those who have connected in the past will reconnect and continue to grow together. However, Fraser reminds readers to not forget to work and play, enjoy the process of success and “make peace, not war, with words during conflicts which come with the territory on one’s journey to success.

 In other words, watch what you say, surround yourself  with positive people to avoid conflicts, and if you are having trouble join affluent organizations to help you get there. If you are ready to release your “authentic voice” read CLICK.

Over all,  Click by George C. Fraser is  one of the most MAGNETIC, POWERFUL, LIFE CHANGING and   IMPORTANT BOOKS OF THE YEAR! If you like books by  Napoleon Hill, Stedman Graham,  Susan L. Taylor and Terrie M. Williams, you’ll love CLICK. Take it with you on the road to learn, grow, prosper and succeed!

*****5 STARS! Disilgold SOUL Literary Review

Reviewed by Heather Covington

President of the YOUnity Reviewers Book Club

HEATLIST8- DISILGOLD BOOK REVIEW: Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting by Terrie M. Williams

It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting

Noted as the top PR maven worldwide who helped catapult many talented stars to success with expert promotions, event planning, press release campaigns and mainstream exposure, Terrie M. Williams candidly and shockingly reveals how her road to success became  debilitating and painful  when she discovered she was suffering from depression, a symptom that afflicts everyone at some point of their life due to many reasons that are all stories unique to each individual, and  what she she attributes as the “game face,” a new definition!

Some disorders she discovered through her personal assessment were symptoms like “overeating and workaholism,” but she also, identifies these disorders in other people with symptoms such as “shopping, gambling,  sex addiciton, crime, alcohol abuse and violence.”

Her purpose for writing Black Pain seems to not only reveal her own struggles and how she acquired mental and better health solutions, but her willingness to help others with heartfelt quotes and stories from career oriented people from all walks of life and several hundred celebrities. One of the most poignant sections of her book are “Twenty Signs That You Might Be Depressed” on page 26. If any of these signs sound like you or someone you know, the prescription antidote may be a thorough reading of Black Pain.

Over all, Terrie M. Williams’ message resounds loud and clear with three simple statements, “Depression kills,” “Black people are dying!” and “We don’t have to live in pain!” so the first step is acknowledging you’re in pain, reading about the struggles of others to know you are not alone and breaking your own silence by sharing your story. It may set you free and make you richer. Black Pain is now the number one book in America and I can’t think of an author more deserving of this honor. Terrie M. Williams has touched so many lives. If you’ve read The Personal Touch, also by  Terrie M. Williams, you’ll love Black Pain.

Black Pain offers readers “healing in one’s own time” and validates that folks aren’t “going crazy” as mentioned in this phenomenal book, but just hurting. Prepare to renew your spirits.  BLACK PAIN IS AN EMPOWERING, WELL-CRAFTED, INSPIRING AND POWERFUL JOURNEY!  TERRIE M. WILLIAMS HAS DONE IT AGAIN!

*****5 STARS! Disilgold SOUL Literary Review

Reviewed by Heather Covington

President of the YOUnity Reviewers Book Club

HEATLIST7- DISILGOLD BOOK REVIEW: The Ring Formula:  How to Marry Mr. Right by Alduan Tartt, PhD.

How To Marry Mr. Right

Topped with the quote, “This book is for women who refuse to settle for less than what they deserve in relationships!” The Ring Formula: How to Marry Mr. Right by Alduann Tartt, PhD., delivers by revealing powerful secrets for all women looking forward to attracting the mate of their dreams and bonding with marriage.

Offering a competitive advantage, Dr. Alduann Tartt, shows you how to change your attitude, “WOW” him, please him, attract his family, love him, gain his trust, friendship and respect for life.

The Ring Factor simply shows women how to “PUT YOU TOGETHER” and be on your way to a long lasting relationship that will make him say “I Do!”

One factor that will ring in most readers minds is that “selfishness has no place in a marriage!” In other words, women today have to be wiling to give the man  in their lives anything they want and sacrifice their dreams because at the end, you’ll dream together and be better as one!”

INCREDIBLE, INTENSE AND DEBATABLE, but a THRILLRIDE WORTH TAKING TO BE A BETTER YOU!  The Ring Factor is for those seriously considering marriage!

*****5 STARS! Disilgold SOUL Literary Review

Reviewed by Heather Covington

President of the YOUnity Reviewers Book Club

HEATLIST COUNTDOWN #6-  Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO, Amber Communications Group, Inc. and other top Black Book Publishers to receive The Wheatley Book Award at the 2008 10th Anniversary of The Harlem Book Fair, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, July 18, Harlem, New York. (SEE FULL PRESS RELEASE ABOVE)

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HEATLIST COUNTDOWN # 4– Mychal Simonz- Not Just another Top Celeb with a Hit Book! If you haven’t read Maybe Tomorrow than you should read it

HEATLIST COUNTDOWN # 3– Mychal Simonz- Not Just another Top Celeb with a Hit Book! If you haven’t read Maybe Tomorrow than you should read it



Maybe Today! A prolific and controversial memoir is born! Read the review!(VISIT WWW.DISILGOLD.COM)

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