The HEATLIST at reviews Wil Smith’s New Movie, HANCOCK! Was it a Summer Blockbuster? Bonus: DisilgoldSOUL Magazine July 16th News

 DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Top Story: Wil Smith’s New Movie, HANCOCK! Was it a Summer Blockbuster?

Reviewed by Author & Entertainment Journalist Heather Covington

Directed by Peter Berg who has directed films like The Last Kingdom and has a long list of acting credits in movies like Smokin’ Aces and Lions for Lambs, Berg’s latest production, Hancock, starring Wil Smith, tops the Summer Box Office as the NO.1 movie in America grossing an impressive 164 million.

Wil Smith, the former tv actor, respected Hip-Hop Icon who symbolizes (Smooth Rap) and better known as the Fresh Prince by die-hard fans and has stage credits may be America’s Golden Boy.

Hancock( 2008) stars an allstar cast with Wil Smith as (Hancock) and Charline Therez as (Mrs. Embrey). Wil Smith (Hancock) plays a fallen Super Hero whose discontented with his life and a depressed alcoholic because his city of Los Angeles where he resides does not respect his efforts to catch dangerous criminals.

While a good-natured super hero, Wil Smith (Hancock) is clumsy and destroys landmark buildings and vehicles while doing good deeds which leads to good ‘ole comical elements that chokes up dry humor, but that is the state of mind of movie goers anyways and works well.

Not only does the city have to pay millions for Wil Smith’s (Hancock) attempts to catch criminals leaving the city to wonder if he’s better off not catching criminals, but he’s sort of disgraced until the day he saves a victim’s life named  Ray Embrey played by Jason Bateman. Wil Smith’s life is changed around when the he discovers the thankful victim is a big time public relations executive who maybe able to change people’s perceptions of Wil Smith (Hancock) by helping to reform his clumsy deeds.  Conflict arises as Ray Embrey’s wife (Charlene Theron) just dowsn’t have faith in Wil Smith and fears her husband may get hurt aiding the clumsy Hancock.

Hancock is undoubtedly one of the best family movies of the summer, but the graphics can’t compete with your usual super hero films like The Hulk, Batman and Spiderman. More of a plot builder that thickens as the story builds, there are some pacing problems in the film that steal away from it being a contender as a top action film, but Wil Smith is always a joy to watch by movie goers and can make almost any movie shine. His natural acting ability lends well to light-hearted super-natural films I Am Legend and of course, Men in Black sequels.

I gave this film 3 Stars for originality and an entertaining storyline.

***3 Stars! DisilgoldSOUL Magazine

DisilgoldSOUL Magazine July 16th News

Sports Dish: A Historical Day in Yankee History as National Allstars Come Out!

Bronx, New York’s own Yankee Stadium made history today as national All-Star Game stars came out for the All Star Hall of Famers Pre-Show featuring guests like Yogi Berra.  Sentiment filled the air as Yankee Stadium owner George Steinbrenner arrived. He invested 10 million in the establishment and turned it into a sports landmark empire.  Bronx’s own Derek Jeter received the loudest ovation bringing in the 15th Inning with an All Star Run!


TV Talk Dish: Wendy William’s New TV Show Lights Up Fox 5!

Author Wendy Williams  new “Wendy Williams” Show airs for the second day on FOX TV with a favorable audience of fans and supporters who are given opportunity by the self-professed “Queen of All Media” who has a nationally syndicated radio show on WBLS, to interact with the audience, ask questions of life, love, fashion and bad relationships at the risk of getting a straight forward and no-holds barred answer from the “shock jockette” of radio  who has been light-hearted and upbeat thus far winning over her audience. She wears really big blonde hair that pokes at Tyra and Beyonce’ and shows fascination for audience members sporting her look while not hesitating to ask you if you are wearing a weave. She’s unrehearsed, flips through tacky notes live on air, rarely site with any etiquette as she uncrosses her legs several times in one minute to fix her skirt and sashay about the audience like a “wet behind the ears new jack” afraid of the monster media hype she’s created, a bit cautious, yet trusting of her fans as she sports the kind of fashion duds that make looking like a “HOT MESS”  in style, but the audience loves her. Al Roker, featured guest on secodn day shouts at Wendy giving her a reality check and says, “BE YOU!” and “THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE!”. She’s a real people pleaser when in front of an audience and nothing like that venemous radio personality behind her radio desk.  Are there two sides to Wendy Williams that fall prey to vulnerabilities when exposed or is she just warming up to her new home on national air.  Regardless, there is no stopping the bold talk show host who fancies inviting celebrity friends like Vivica A. Fox and taking frequent trips to the Truth Booth which hides self-confessed folks with issues too embarrassed to show their face and reminiscent of a Catholic church confession. Will the show pass its 6 week trial run is questionable. Folks are drawn to Wendy mainly from the gay/ transgender community and anyone in bad relationships thanks to folks giving pop shots that she’s a drag queen with her familiar “How ya’ doin”  greeting and self-professed happy-go-lucky married life with child. This is all she needs to give her the authority to share advice and you either can grin or bear it or flip the channel, but that will be hard. She’s unpredictable and it seems like she has Carte Blanche to be as raunchy, loud, and obnoxious as she wants to be. Tune in everyday at 10:30 am on FOX TV. The literary arena tunes in to Wendy Williams as well because it’s always fascinating to see a literary artists rise above the ranks in media and still be able to take over the literary world.

Literary Dish: The Re-Education of the Black Female by Dante Moore Takes Over

Hypnotic and very frank, Dante Moore, author of The Re-education of the Female gives a matriculated and intimate course on women’s issues that clearly will stir debate. Open-minded, yet opiniated and brutally honest, he tells black women how to keep a black man and what to do to not lose them. His self-centered talk will make you want to throw rocks at him, but from a black man’s perspective, it’s a worthwhile read. The myth he defies is “Black women can’t find a man or keep them!” There are plenty of good black men out there, but Dante Moore points the finger at the Black female who may be searching for the wrong man. He also, shares why some black men don’t want to be with some black women. His reasons will amaze you.


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