Wendy got Omarosa on Botox injections, but Omarosa got Wendy with a Wig comment! Who won? DING! DING! DING! And the TKO goes to…

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by Heather Covington “The Literay HEAT”

The Most Respected Critic!



Shock jock self-professed “Queen of All Media” had a short stint on VH1 with the Wendy Williams Experience, but nevertheless made her way to a major cable channel before landing it big on FOX TV. We predicted she would acquire her own show and had wondered why Oprah had never invited her on her show. I think this is all Wendy ever wanted so her radio show would take off.

Her home base WBLS radio network lost syndication at one time due to the New Orlean’s Hurricane Katrina travesty, but then gained Cali syndication and more syndication in top cities with her precise delivery of talk radio which is always upbeat, humorous and keeps radio listeners attentive.

 Radio stations just aren’t that lucrative. You’re lucky if you have your own side gigs. Pretty much advertising rates keep the station in business, but radio jocks just don’t command high salaries unless they are controversial and can rake in advertising dollars. Wendy’s natural endorsement for products, events and even surgery enhancement is all the rage with fans of the show who can’t believe how candid she is and unpredictable. It’s a style all her own and of course, many D.j’s have tried to adopt and many have failed. There is clearly only one Wendy. We’ve witnessed her meteoric rise to success as a very interactive person who isn’t afraid to show her face and get in folks faces. She isn’t the most attractive woman in the industry, but if you take off all of the gook and make-up on many figures from models and actresses, Wendy actually has a more natural look without all of the make-up which she doesn’t need. In fact, it’s not what the literary world is use to seeing when she comes out to events, but her isistence to look overdone is of course making her a star these days so she’s going to keep that up. New Yorkers and hip-hoppers are saying, “Go Wendy!”

Just when radio waves went flat with several hosts leaving their radio networks and tv becoming a playing ground for dismal reality tv  shows making watchers ask, “Is there anything more to life than watching tv, along comes Wendy Williams, the lady who worked her ass off before she made it and is still caught between stardom and a topsy turvey career where projects always seem  temporary or experimental.

Hopefully, Fox TV is her home for years so she won’t have to put on a front too much longer.  Her fans route for her through it all because many are addicted to gossip and anything to break up their routine lives. Gossip is the spice of life.  Wendy provides that buffer zone, but just as many people don’t listen to her radio show and are repulsed by gossip. She’s pulling teeth to win over a bigger audience, and so there can be no disrespect on her show.

 Like TMZ, she knows that people want gossip about celebs, so they sometimes become her victims on her radio show. Now that she has a tv show on Fox TV, the ball game changes because she’s now live in front of guests and anything goes. The last thing you want to do is offend your audience and if a guest gets out of hand, you have to sort of resist attacking them because folks often place themselves in the shoes of the underdog and can turn on you.

 Her celebrity gossip victims on her radio show had all wished her bad of course in the past, and sure enough the VH1 show was cancelled. Just as one door closed, word buzzed about a movie deal centered around her life and a tell-all “fiction” book which started the wave of gossip books. I actually got to hear from Wendy’s own mouth at a QBR Kick off party that she was writing a book called, Is the Bitch Dead. Folks looked crossed-eyed and said, “Who, YOU?”

This was obviously one of those self-memoirs disguised as a fiction book. I was actually the first person to interview Wendy in a full 30 minute interview before her huge booksigning at the Book Expo that went around the corner and got word that the car and model on her cover was indeed her. We both ended the segment with one request by me and that was could be both for the record just say her favorite slogan to viewers of the Literary Living TV show at the time on the Black Family Channel. I know you can guess it, “How You Doin!”  I saw a side to Wendy that was all business and she actually mentored me on the spot on speaking nationally on air.  The voice is trained and the lady makes her job on radio look easy. Nevertheless, to ace the interview without distractions while hundreds of people stood online and without any mistakes was phenomenal. I hadn’t had a clear interview guest like that since Hill Harper.

Wendy’s sudden rise as a tv show host  brought attention to film producers this past year who cast Robin Givens to play her for a movie about her life. Robin Givens  has been virtually MIA, but she’s the lady who sued Mike Tyson for rape years ago, was cast a villain in the eyes of America because Mike was America’s golden boy at the time before eating Evander Holyfield’s ear ina fight and spitting it out, had a short tv show run, but it was cancelled. No one ever thought that would happen. Now she may make a comeback as an actress by starring as Wendy Williams in the movie about her life which shows Wendy has got the heat when it comes to reviving celebrities careers and she can destroy them, too.

Just as  Wendy claimed her fame as an author of gossip lit, Karrine Steffans came along with the tell-all book of all tell -all books, some fancy air-brushed model pics filtered all over the internet and a leak of a sex video tape all leading folks to believe that she is not only a business woman, but shrewdly getting to the top at everyone’s expense and using her child abuse as a buffer to reach young girls while perpetuating sex. Her formula works nevertheless on her end.

 What a coincidence when Wendy booked who should be her literary pen rival on her  radio show. The result reciprocated itself with Wendy’s radio ratings soaring and Karrine taking over the bestsellers list with sex and gossip. Now enter Wendy, the supposed “wanna-be” sexy 40 something  talk show host who is all mouth and more mouth with a lot of gossip on her very own Wendy Williams tv show on Fox TV. The men are wondering if the world has been duped into thinking she looks drag as rampant on blogs. One radio listener blatantly said, “Wendy  is the finest thing on television and I just don’t get the drag thing at all. Did I miss something?” Regardless, Wendy has to choke up all insults, be strong and get out there and just be Wendy because if she wasn’t Wendy, she wouldn’t have millions tuning in so something has to be right.

The tv show is quite different from her radio show get up aired on her former VH1 TV Show. Her antics for the  radio-tv show on VH1 included a powder pink over-indulged radio studio,  hot pink chatter box lip logo, big hair and her side-kick Charlemane . Now she has the TRUTH BOOTH on her FOX TV SHOW! Just the other day she was asked, “Which talk show host do you like better, Oprah or Tyra!” and Wendy said Oprah because she’s older and her show is more informative. Well, of course, Tyra is a young old soul, but nevertheless bringing her audience a voice for the yuppie woman into high couture and self-maintenance. Tv can use a little Wendy at 10am, Oprah at 4pm and Tyra at 5pm. Why not, and if Robin Givens happens to get a show and Vivica Fox, then bring it on.

The more black starlets the better.You’ve got Whoopie on the View too who is just fabulous. The array of black starlets is a beautiful thing. Tv never looked or sounded better and although I really like Rachel Ray’s Show and even Ellen Degeneres,  there is nothing like turning on the tube which I  like so many black women have been MIA and online running businesses, and seeing a reflection of yourself from all black perspectives. I love the new judges on air as well and more Latin figures doing their thing. The glass ceiling approach to bringing news and gossip has changed and may the best lady win. It’s about time.

It all happened so quickly for the radio jock and as a hater-free journalist, I wanted to place my bid in early as I did with Barack Obama and many other figures who get “slack for being black.” Of course, I am not always favorable of things said here and there and will be honest, but it is amazing and historical that Wendy Williams was approached in October about the show which everyone knows the process of getting one’s tv show takes up to two years and by July, she was on the air. If the world is not trying to give her kudos, it doesn’t matter.  She makes every attempt on her radio show to give herself kudos and is a very self-serving host, but if she didn’t tell folks about the show, no one would be as interested. 

Her base and weapon is radio and she’s on a mission to make her show work so folks can toggle her on tv, but she’s got a strong base on radio. Talk about payback being a bitch if she want’s to be. And  she even airs clips of Whitney Houston telling her off diva to diva with the classic line, “You don’t know me… you don’t live with me… watch what you say!” No one ever saw that side of Whitney Houston. I may have catched that diva tude while standing about 5 feet away from her back stage at Radio City Music Hall and hanging with her mother CeCe Houston, Gloria Estafan and Bebe Winans. Don’t aske me how I got there and why I was there. Just know that if you saw the Bodyguard, that was a time when Whitney was at ther best and of course newly married to Bobby Brown. Just the things I observed back stage would make any law abiding journalist TALK and that is what journalists do, TALK. If I had spoken up about what I observed years ago, I may have been the journalist to intervene and get Whitney and Bobby help relationship wise, but that’s another story. Again, don’t ask me how I got carteblanche to hang out during a Radio City Music Hall concert and watch Whitney sing, “I Will Always Love You!” It;s these moment in journalism that give voices like Wendy, Oprah, Tyra and Whoopie the authority to talk. I have to say Fox 5 promotes the hell out of the show with tv pop ups, something like online marketing  techniques taking over the tube.  You’ll soon see bus ads and bill board ads of Wendy Williams.

Nevertheless, we simply could not take sides on the Wendy Williams vs Omarosa issue when Media Takeout made it look like Omarosa was the culprit for coming on the show  and talking about Wendy’s hair or pulling that diva “Bitch Switch!” Omarosa was clearly in defense mode which shows she is well aware of the real Wendy on air and antics on the VH1 that embarrased quite a few stars.

 I clearly remember Rain Pryor coming on and laughing away like a duck, and Wendy laughing uncontrollably with her to only deadstop her laugh and mock Rain Pryor who looked ridiculous. I don’t think her books sold 5 copies and if it did it would be all journalists buying copies to find out about the late  Richard Pryor’s life through his living daughters eyes. She’s also asked Vivica live on air if she was smoking anythign and why was her nose sweating? Vivica looked dumbfounded with that question. Self-conscious guests like Ciars had to stand and let the camera watch her walking away with a camera angle on her butt which sent a direct message to more guests to get their butts in shape. However, she spares political figures like Wyclef who teaches his listeners something everytime he gets on air and shuts down any ignorant questions. That was one interview I clearly found entertaining. The Karrine Steffans interview was shaky because you never know when she is goingto get up and just leave an interview, but Wendy was able to keep Karrine on the set.

Her audience clearly was not happy with Omarosa trashing Wendy, but it may have helped Wendy a lot. It’s called REVERSE ORDER HATE. Guests come on shows all of the time and create controversy at the risk of losing their base, but for Omarosa, a business woman, her book is going to sell millions regardless of the incident on the show that everyone of course, tended to side with Wendy. Most folks who know Omarosa know she isn’t a bitch at all. In fact, she is the nicest person you could ever want to meet who knows the stacks have always been stacked against her as a black woman, period.

However, it’s Wendy’s  show and those were her guests she chose.  While here are folks who don’t like the celebrity bashing by Wendy and were all on Omarosa’s side from news we have received, there were folks who enjoyed her beefing with the Queen of Radio.   So okay, Wendy received a left jab. It will be a telling -tale to see who fairs out on top. Omarosa has a new book entitled, The Bitch Switch scheduled for October release and Wendy’s got her new tv show airing for 6 weeks. So who will make it to one million status first? Will her tv audience be loyal and help keep Wendy on the air? Will she catch up with Oprah and the day will arrive when they both meet and on whose show first? Both women have egos. We all know this, but it will be even more menacing if Omarosa gets her own classy tv show.

 We’ll have to find out later.  It’s on record that there is a nasty feud and feuds only get uglier, but with journalism like this at Disilgold.com where every major media source is reading because they can’t believe how on point the Literary Diva is, I think I have just penned the article of all articles predicting the rise of the next official media mogul who now I will give the title in stone as the “QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA!”

I still think she owns and runs MEDIATAKEOUT.COM and Fred is her intern and Charlemane’s relative.  Whatever Wendy Does, this entity sucks up. That’s not Disilgold. If anythign goes wrong on Wendy’s Show we don’t like, We will state it! Disilgold is watching!

 There is no easy sailing to the top! I need to see some humanitarian effort take effect immediately on the show. Like invite some talented youth on the show  and make them stars! Make a difference in a young person’s life! Wendy now have that power and can definitely give a non-celebrity author a break on each show. I suggest that Wendy  become one of the most powerful  media resources that not only brings on those who are already at the top, but isn’t afraid to seek new artists and talent on her show and turn them into  stars.  The show doens’t have to be about all grown folk topics.   There are those who make stars and those who make them shine.  I’ll be waiting!


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