HOT OFF THE PRESS SURPRISE HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE DESK OF HEATHER COVINGTON featuring the Harlem Book Fair,Tweety Elitou, Stacy-Deanne,Dennis Bell, Denise Campbell, Venesha, Brad James, Vanguard Media

Here are some HOT OFF THE PRESS Surprises from the YGA community we know you’ll love fam:

The Harlem Book Fair turned out another successful year, lots of authors, publishers and families indulging in books, books, books. C-Span televised the event with sheer class as millions who could not make it onto the back opal streets of Harlem tuned in from home. The Harlem Book Fair is now a staple of African-American literature united annually and you haven’t seen anything yet. This year the HBF, founded by Max Rodriguez celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary. The QBR: Phillis Wheatley Award donned well-deserved recognition for some of our favorite literary figures like Tony Rose, Haki Madhubuti, Cheryl and Wade Hudson and more renown guests paying tribute to those who are paving the way for African-American publishers of excellence and literature that has reached millions of readers throughout the continent and beyond. In speciual tribute to the Harlem Book Fair, Disilgold Soul Magazine is launching a photo medley of HBF 2003-2008  donning are participation as a long time supporter and entity inspired since day one by the magnificence of an event that is made possible with unity anong black people bound by literature. Readers at the event can never get enough literature. Where would African-Americans be today without the literary works of great authors who have transcended time and helped improve literacy among youth? The Harlem Book Fair deserves its star on the WALK OF FAME.  Who knew a gathering in front of the Countee Cullen Library would grow from 1 table and a few books to 2 blocks and millions of books sold on the streets of Harlem throughout the year. Urban authors have also, found a home among contemporary authors like Ghetto Hickson and Dashawn Taylor to name a few. These emergence is creating a literary culture that together is powerful and represents the black buying dollar almost 100%. Let the literary revolution live on. To find out more about the Harlem Book Fair, visit


Heather & Aalim Elitou, parents of “Tweety” Elitou want you to tune in to Tweety’s new webisode at Check it out. The show is adorable and I got first look at her new book coming soon called Girl Power for young girls who need to know all about growing up and girlie girl things as told from a 13 year old’s perspective. She is on her way to being a  starlet on the rise.

Author Stacy-Deanne, just released a new hot smoking novel called Melody and now available on bookstore shelves. Why not pick up a copy today? She is giving away free autographed copies when you participate in her contest over at



MELODY is a thriller unlike any other… Producer Dennis Bell scores a hit rap cd that is carrying over well on the mainstream and is sure to make its way on late night talk shows and your most popular day time shows. It’s called the YUPPIE RAP and it’s just the kind of product at Disilgold that produces another million dollar success story. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Actually the song is being called, “The Stoopid, The Sublime, The most Ridiculous Hip-Hop Record of the Year”- Get your copy of “THE YUPPIE RAP” – DR D, Sugar Dee & The Yuppie Boyz.

I am connecting you with a real music producer. That looped stuff you hear has got nothing on this Dennis Bell. Everyone in the industry knows this. If he’s coming this close to Hip-Hop there is no telling if he will actually take it on since this what the market craves. If so, then Hip- Hop will make a major comeback with real instrumentation bringing back the talent of groups like The Roots. (Digital Distributors),
Dennis Bell Is A Yamaha Influential Artist
Recording and Performing On Yamaha Keyboards and Systems Denise Campbell is back with possible movie prospects and book deals. Check it out from one of the most prolific poets of the era. We have a rare marriage photo of her and new hubby, but you’ll have to pay us big time media for the pics! 🙂 

The Shoot Em Up Film Media’s newsletter is designed to highlight important developments in this ever-changing film, broadcast, and digital media industry.













Prolific author, Denise Campbell, a long time friend of Shoot Em Up Film Media’s CEO, Chepell Chase, recently visited New York, and participated in the 10th Annual Harlem Book Fair.  She also had time to visit our office and discuss her partnership with Write II Films.  Write II Films is a collaboration between Chepell and Denise; the pair are currently working on bringing her books to the big screen.

Her latest book, A Woman’s Wrath is available under the publisher Qboro Books.  Denise’s dramatic romances are lengthy explorations of situations people universally face: wrath, passion, doubt, betrayal, and of course, love.  Another wonderful book from Denise is Love Thy Sister, Watch Thy Back.  Denise explained that this was her second book, after Spanish Eyes, and she really wanted to challenge herself.  Denise wanted to see if she could really get into the minds of the characters, truly feel them and hate them all at once. 

For more info keep informed about Denise Campbell at and






Melody Cruz is certain her sister’s new boyfriend, the wealthy, charming and handsome Keith Taylor, has a dark past that he will do anything to hide. Wanting to protect her sister, Melody works to uncover Keith’s secrets, not realizing that in doing so, she is sacrificing her own safety—because Keith will go to any lengths, dangerous or violent, to keep himself in control.
At the same time, a man named the “Albany Predator” has been brutally raping black women throughout the city, and Melody is convinced that her best friend is the rapist’s next target. Detectives Brianna Morris and Steven Kemp are placed on the case, determined to bring the sadistic felon to justice. But when things couldn’t get anymore complicated, all evidence is turned around to reveal a surprising suspect.
Full of forbidden desire and unwavering strength in the face of danger, Melody is a chilling tale that will leave readers breathless as they navigate all the plot twists and turns. Struggling to survive until the end, the diverse cast of characters will be left questioning their loyalties, their passions and how far they might be willing to go to protect the ones they love.

Coming June 2008 (Simon and Schuster)





Author Venesha is back with a new novel on the way called Notorious, but just as it hits bookstands, get ready for Urban Barbie Doll. Check out Venesha’s website at Smokin’ new blog.


Well, you heard us predict major success for Hollywood Actor Brad James new film from day one here at Disilgold. You saw the responses and the feedback. In less than 1 week, Champion Road’s premiere video received thousands of hits. It looks like Champion Road is creating a huge buzz and it’s all going down big time. Here are the exclusives so you won’t miss the launch date fam. Media will be in the house and photographers which we plan to syndicate a few pics so dress your best ladies and gents. The information is direct from the producer. We are not responsible for the outcome of the event. For example, if the ladies go crazy and rip off Brad’s attire or start screaming and yelling and going crazy. May the best lady win. We hear Brad  James is constantly mobbed by women on the streets. It still has not hit him yet that he can’t walk around normally, but you can catch him at Seasons Upscale Bistro Lounge. Please paparazzi, don’t start any trouble. The guy  is a karate expert.

R.L. – the producer of Champion Road says….



We’d like to welcome a new sponsor to the DisilgoldSOUL family. It’s the one and only Vanguard Media who brings you all of the hottest DVDs. Visit the site at Screening some hot flicks right now on the Disilgold SOUL Magazine projector tv like Journey to Lasta, SOULSTICE, and CAMJACKERS… yeah the kind of movie titles that are hard to remember, but you won’t forget when you watch them. Looks like Disilgold will be watching movies all summer long. Stay tuned. Visit



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