Media Advisory Hot Topics from Disilgold on the HEATLIST COUNTDOWN- AUGUST 4th



The anthology everyone is routing for to take home an African American Literary Award Show Award  is Triumph of My Soul compiled by ELISSA GABRIELLE. Visit to place your vote.  Visit to meet Elissa, a new publisher on the rise.


The event everyone is going to check out in ATL is the premiere screening of Champion Road starring Hollywood actor on the rise,  BRAD JAMES. The event is hosted by Shadow Motion Pictures. Here is the information.

Check out this event: [CHAMPION ROAD] Premiere

Hosted By: Shadow Motion Pictures
When: Sunday Aug 10, 2008
at 6:00 PM
Where: Seasons Upscale Bistro Lounge
2077 Northlake Pkwy
Tucker, GA 30084
United States
Shadow Motion Pictures

Tune in to Brad James new movie preview at





I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY debuts at 9pm on VH1 tonight and the buzz is, the show will top the ratings of American Idol. Tune in! Don’t miss it! Diddy is a phenomenon.



Artist RYAN LESLIE Album is heavily anticipated and scheduled for release in less than 80 days. It is a phenomenon for his audience who watched him grow from presenting videos of his home studio performances to Sony Recording Studio success. It is a given that this artist will sell 1 million albums and become one of the fastest rising international artists of this era in history with the status of Michael Jackson during his era. Google the genius on YOUTUBE!



AMBERBOOKS.COM, the largest African American Publisher of Self-Help Books, Celebrity Bios and Career Guides launches a Self-Publishing Directory on the site to enable ordering inquiries by bookstores. is offering discounted promotional membership with nomination and a Platinum interview showcase when self-published artists sign up. just email when you do sign up. Support Amber Books at



STACY-DEANNE releases new mega-hit from Strebor entitled Melody and predicted as the next bestseller. Her books is now available on bookstore shelves. Support Stacy-Deanne at



Essence Bestselling Author MIASHA releases new stage play Secret Society which sells out all 4 debut shows and gains rave reviews. Miasha informs Disilgold she is planning on taking the play on the road.  Support Miasha and her brand new author website at



Tha Remedy from QUEENCITYBEATS.COM launches a very professional Music & Beats business that delivers hypnotic beats suitable for recording sessions, albums, demos and promos. The company is professional, provides sampling of beats on its site, delivers cd copies with multiple play sessions, offers exclusive or non-exclusive rights and is a all day, all night mega promotional force online. Visit



Queen of All Media WENDY WILLIAMS  who Disilgold is the only entity granted an all access 30 MINUTE INTERVIEW to the jealosu demise of MEDIA TAKEOUT (HI FIVE FRED) surpasses expectations of watchers with a successful debut of the Wendy Williams Tv Show on Fox 5



BRUCE GEORGE co-founder of Def Poetry Jam, launches release of new anthology The Bandana Republic which garners large speaking  appearances for the controversial content and goal. Already, Bruce George is in demand for at least 2 or more speaking engagements every other day. The Bandana Republic is available now and folks are buzzing, one of the greatest contributions to the hood since his hit book, BUM RUSH THE PAGE!




The HARLEM BOOK FAIR celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary with praise among top celebrated award recipients like Tony Rose, Haki Madhubuti, Cheryl and Wade Hudson. The Harlem Book Fair is the standard event of the industry to debut and sell one’s book to a major outdoor crowd in New York City. We thank Tony Rose for giving Disilgold SOUL Magazine a shout out on C-SPAN. OMG! Support the Harlem Book Fair at next year all over again. It’s  the site that gave a home to the beginning journalism of Disilgold Soul.
Young entrepreneur  TWEETY ELITOU launches her own hip hop and fashion webisode capturing the attention of the young nation on YOUTUBE with innovation and originality. Her next show will air vintage style fashions says Heather Elitou who called Disilgold Headquarters to let us know the good news. Support Tweety at
KESTON KARTER successfully sells over 100,000 calendars as predicted during a 1 hour interview and is expected to quadruple that within the next coming months with a new 2009 calendar. A marketing guru, Keston was worried when his web site caught a virus and didn’t want to loose all of his supporters, but the site is back up and running and he’s a role model for the ladies and guys who can use exercise tips.  Support his calendar at



All the fashion rage goes to Actress  VIVICA A. FOX who has a heavily anticipated show arriving this August called Glam God. OMG! Vivica is sooo fly and rich!!  Google it for correct time and listings. We got first word of the show from her publicity team.



OMAR TYREE  will release 3 books in one month, including a children’s book, 12 Brown Boys, a  heavily anticipated novel entitled Pecking Order and a business handbook sure to become a model for young entrepreneurial success. Support Omar Tyree at





JAZMINE SULLIVAN  is being dubbed as the new Lauren Hill with sultry sounds rivaling the RnB sounds of other top artists like Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole. Her new hit, I NEED YOU is expected to hit number one soon! It features Missy Elliot who folks have been waiting to return with a new album as well.
Disilgold predicted the number one song 2 weeks ago with a preview on  entitles Put On with Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West. Who knew….Some folks said it couldn’t surpass lil Wayne, but Kanye swagger jacked Lil Wayne with some synthesized singing and winged it! We wonder how Lil Wayne feels about that.

Congratulations to  SUZANNE DEPASSE. Her HELL DATE production on BET is a bona fide hit that garners the attention of such a wide audience, it’s definitely one of the shows that has staying power on Essence Magazine.


Disilgold recognizes that the most seasoned writer and best writer is the writer who has many well traveled  experiences. If you are a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey’s books like millions of readers who just can’t buy enough EJD books, you’ll want to visit his website at and connect to his MYSPACE page. 




“The Authoress” Venesha who adopted this title form a Disilgold review and we are truly honored by this talented writer, is back with upcoming release of URBAN BARBIE DOLL and a matching  website that will make you want to place an order soon if you haven’t already. Support Venesha at
Congratulations to HILL HARPER  who penned a beautiful sequel to his Letters to a Young Brother, but this time Letters to a Young Sister. Hill Harper is such an inspiration to all artists. He is not only an actor and author, but over all, top motivational speaker with stamina and grace that just makes you want to support all of his projects  that simply rise to number one. 




The top most underrated mega hit of the summer is LL COOL J’s I’m Your Baby. There is something about the hook of the song that is contagious and  LL COOL J just gets better and better looking. We saw him years ago when he began his career at a step show in Jacob Javitz.
This man has done movies, written a book that has got guys looking buffed and so put Uncle LL in your cd and make your head snap back.

Disilgold has a follow my lead approach when writing pre-stories for media. They definitely get ideas from MYSPACE entries. In this world, no one loves a winner, so we jumped on the bandwagon and gave direct consultation to Solange. We may have hurt her feelings, but we sensed she was going in the wrong direction when she released a FREE MASON crunk  version of I Decided.

Thank goodness she returned to the original upbeat tempo because I kid you not, the song got to number one! When an artist can take constructive criticism and get better, that is a sign of a superstar. Folks need to watch this music starra quickly feel her sisters shoes, but careful Solange, Beyonce’ may just reassemble Destiny’s Child and that will be some serious competition. Don’t write big sis off. It won’t be that easy. A little sisterly competition  is sure to sell millions more records. Michelle Williams album has been pushed back so everyone is tested now!



Big props to a woman who no one thought could rise to the top and become a national success. Miss New York is a riot, but she’s a hit too and taking over airwaves.  Folks are talking bad about her because she doesn’t fit society’s bone thin stereotypical image and all the reason why young girls respect her game. She has the guts to defy negativity, embrace her God given beauty and make bank! Who knew!
The song I encourage every successful kind of soul to pop in their car cd player sometime is MARVIN SAPP’S Never Would Have Made It. I discovered this song while visiting TV HOST Tonya Blount’s Myspace page and who is the winner of the Disilgold Platinum Summer Profile Showcase sampler for guests that is something like a print magazine spread DisilgoldSOUL style. 
Support Marvin Sapps single in stores now and visit Tonya Blount over at




RUMOR MILL: A top producer and director at has partnered with a freshly modeled movie studio and production team in California what is going to grant author’s their wish to pilot their manuscript scenes and gain real book to movie production. However, we can’t say a word yet! Stay tuned!

DisilgoldSOUL Magazine declares August as Book Marathon and Writing Marathon Month, so we’re not disturbing Kings and Queens at work, and are off to reading and writing too. If you don’t contact us, we’re not contacting you because we don’t want to be responsible for artist’s losing their concentration, but yes, we’re still Disilgold and care about all our members. Never doubt. Just working on major projects and earning a quality audience over at




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