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Remember when you went to Toys r’ Us with your parents to select a Barbie Doll , but there were more than ten varieties to choose from, but you wanted them all since each doll had its own style that you couldn’t wait to pretend you were producing run way fashion shows?
Well, maybe those days are long over gone, but not for music listeners who tend to be more picky when selecting female artists to support. Heavily anticipated artists on the way are rap iconees MC LYTE with her Almost September Album, Christina Milians album, and Cassie’s new Bad Boy produced album along with Missy Elliot’s return to R& B Diva hood who recently made a cameo on another artists debut whom I have to hear more tracks before I do the honors here. All of the ladies know all about staying in shape and staying fit.
As long as you fit the typical Barbie Doll image, you are bound to sell copies of your record regardless if you don’t have top vocals like Aretha, Tina, Chaka, Roberta, Dionne, Dianah, Donna, Minnie and Diana who topped music charts with style and vocals to match.
So what is the image music listeners nowadays are seeking since vocals don’t really count? Well, if you’ve got a colorful personality, and eccentric groundbreaking style, ultra-fabulous  dance moves and hair, hair and more hair to start, you could very well be the next hit sensation. The ladies look for songs that speak on their behalf and why Mary J. Blige aced the Bill Board charts. Music has to have a story nowadays and some relevance to your average girl.
So the question is if Solange is really the next big hit sensation or are listeners going through withdrawal from singers like Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Janet, Ashanti, Brandy, Monica, Mya and Amerie with sometimes overproduced productions with hooks that get annoying, but we ladies are buying it anyway. I mean do we have a choice, and then there is  Beyonce’, her big sis who for a moment put out records back to back. It didn’t seem like Beyonce’ would ever stop until a particular website began mocking her and singers like Janet on weight issues for a pound gained here and lost there that would make any singer in the public eye  run for cover. One week of food indulgence can end a star’s career.  Even Jennifer Hudson took a surgically enhanced photo that features her waistline more trimmed that her real size or maybe she did lose weight, who knows. Expensive graphic artists can do just about anything leaving fans to cry no fair when artists tug their fat asses on stage. That is a violation and folks are unforgiving. You’re an artist and so you have to be the ideal image these little girls want to be and look like or what good are you? As harsh as this may seem, even the music artists which everyone kn ows are natural beauties or they would have never gotten a music deal to begin with, can agree.
It’s as if once these singers fall off for too long, they can never really make a big comeback. Sad but true, there is usually no point of return unless an artist has made a drastic change in appearance from weight loss to hair length and fashion to collaborations with other artists.
You simply are self-centered if you can’t lend a voice to a fellow artist’s track. Aaliyah putr everyone on and look at the results. Beyonce’s is dueting with Usher and look at the respect Usher is getting well after the realease of his In Da Club remix. Endurance is all about looking good and taking over. Lil Kim is a master of it.
 You’re either going to come into the music hood strong and take over or be a one hit wonder and soon forgotten like some top girl groups such as TLC, Vanessa L. Williams, SVW, EnVogue, changing Faces, Total, and Salt & Pepa who no one thought would ever disappear as the main attraction leaving to question, should artists pack up their careers by 27 and move on to the business arena and even if they still have millions of fans who remember their greatness?
After all, J. Lo, Rihanna, and Christina Aguilera have cornered many markets with trademarks in clothing, perfume and accessories and don’t have to work another day in their lives. Meanwhile, groups like Salt & Pepa can be seen singing lead hooks for Srabbula that was clearly an infringed form of Scrabble owned by Hasbro and Mattel.
 Then there is Vanessa who really  has made way as the evil Cruella character in Ugly Betty, but somehow signed a contract to promote an acne medication. It’s like a ticking time bomb countdown before seeing another black female artist do info commercials for a living until jobs come along.
Solange enters the arena as a fresh face with 2 prior albums that didn’t do as hot as Destiny’s Child which she was supposed to be a lead singer for the group, but like her song, I Decided, had a baby at age 18 which was smart although not the norm for most woman, because now she can focus on her career and have her little trooper along to keep her company and perhaps, raise to be a star.
She’s got a funky 60’s meets the 80’s age and for the most part, her sound has been consistent and intoxicating. I still am not yet tired of the song. It sounds fresh and upbeat and truly stands out from all other artists who weren’t really thinking of that vibe with a cross of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse and Diana Ross and a raspy sultry voice that belts from  the gut and is kind of nasal, but works. 
 She appears to be much bigger on television but is soooo tiny she is barely a size one which is a requirement to be a pop star, but then folks easily start poking fun once they see ribs in outfits which is not too attractive and if you age, that little girl look begins to look crackish and old. You’re down if you have weight and you’re darned if you are a skinny minnie.
The lighter you are, the more you fit the Barbie Doll image and that is just how it is. Now to see if Solange can keep up. So far, there isn’t anything stylish wise with  swagger jacking just yet, but I just found some neon eye shadow makeup in a cosmetic store, tried it on and kind of like it. Solange gets props for the eyeshadow… and silky long wig that she really doesn’t need and would probably fair better with her own  hair in all respect. She’s a black sister and everyone knows a black sisters hair with proper maintenance has more body, moves in the wind, smells great and gives more peformance character. Over all, the idea of being a star is to wear fashions, clothes and makeup that the average person wouldn’t be caught wearing dead in public.
Since Solange is a mix-matched fashionista who has worn mix matched tights, shoes and jewelry in public, she had better stick to the formula, keep belting out more 60’s meet 80’s hit and she might just reach super stardom. I am not sure if its’ because her sister is MIA right now that the world is just accepting  Solange as a fill in. She clearly has competition in the wings awaiting a comeback, but folks forgot one thing, talent tends to run in families. It is evident that Solange would watch big sis Beyonce’ and get a crash course on becoming a star. Even  Jay Z has stepped  up his game as Beyonce’s newlywed and not to say Jay Z wasn’t the man before, but his concerts have been something like a phenomenon.
 It would be grand to see Destiny’s Child, former members with their new hits, Jay Z, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Solange’ as part of the group for a few songs just all kick it with one grand concert along with Mary J who has been touring with Jay Z. I guess I see the whole picture ahead of time, but I will say folks had better  watch Solange.
She isn’t one of the singers who ignores what media says about her and is quite normal, so that means she has what it takes to get better.  There is no rise to the top without criticism and the hard knocks of success. All stars have to get through that tumultuous zone and it gets worse and more harsh. Solange is already giving folks something to talk about and meanwhile heading to the top, but you may disagree. If so, let us know and we’ll blast yoru post on! Oh, I guess not!


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