Disilgold.com Top 10 Best Dressed Women of 2008

Glamour and fashion are back full swing this Fall and 10 stars of today exude natural beauty, class and style simply stated with charm, poise and etiquette that have earned them a spot on my TOP TEN BEST DRESSED WOMEN OF 2008 from politics and music to business and the literary world. These ladies are trend setters who not only have style, but a warm and likeable personality to match which is my emphasis for compiling this list. It’s the year of exuding beauty from the inside out. See who’s got the beauty within and turning heads Fall 2008.

Elise Finch (CBS Weather Broadcaster)-  Upon guest appearing as a feature poet along with Elise Finch who was the featured keynote speaker and host of the AKA Founder’s Centennial Celebration, I noticed the health and shine of Elise’s natural hair from the roots to the tips which is a plus for any style.  Fab hair begins with great health and condition. A young weather broadcaster who represents your healthier sister, her A line jacket was stylish, classy and a perfect must have accessory for the Fall in all colors and make-up subtle and sheer, but on point. Don’t get caught without an A-line jacket this season, natural soft hue powder foundation and a close-to-skin tone lipstick for that barely wearing make-up look. Elise knows how to enhance her already natural beauty and has the best voice on television, period. You’ll want to listen to the weather everyday on CBS.

Oprah Winfrey (Queen of Talk Shows)- Oprah has been one of my favorite best styled  ladies of fasion for years. The lady has shoes, shoes and more shoes. One thing, Oprah’s shoes never overpower her outfit. Her weight has shifted throughout  the years, but to be honest, Oprah looks great thin, mid-size and as a heavier diva. She has mastered the art of wearing specific textures, understated accessories and fashions that compliment her figure. She also, has the best legs on tv, period. No one really gives Oprah props for that because she doesn’t flaunt them. Her hair is to die for and all hers. Her hairdressers add hair for fullness on the sides for the talk show diva look, but for the most part, Oprah is blessed with naturally thick and healthy locks  people always admired.  Oprah admits his eyeliner is pretty thick, but a classic trademark. What I like about Oprah is how she takes off all the make-up when out on the field covering humanitarian efforts and as if to say, take me as I am, I am Oprah dammit, and indeed… there will never be another Oprah. She defines fashion on a global level. It’s O’s world and I am just loving the new content on O! Magazine.

Kimora Lee Simmons (Baby Phat Owner/Fabulosity Author and TV Show Host)- A pioneer in fashion, hair style, make-up and the run way from day one, this Asian African-American princess is one of the most understated beauties. Kimora always looks on point and has a great tv personality attitude to match that is sassy and just Kimora. Her hair is to die for and every style compliments the shape of her face. She is the sister with legs that never end so she works with shoes, glam hoisery  and earrings which even out a complete look that is chic, hip and representative of the fly young chicas to sexy and grown folks. Kimora knows style and this is why her clothing empire has grown beyond belief. Everyone owns some Baby Phat gear. Kimora knows what women like  to wear and lounge in. She’s not afraid to add bling and some pizzazz to her high fashion couture.  Kimora is responsible for bringing sexy back with FABULOSITY.

Jada Pinkett- (Actress/ Producer/Rock Singer/ Bestselling Children’s Book Author)-  We’ve seen Jada grow from a cute young diva starring on A Different World with fashions and style all her own and very unique, into a blossoming actress in Jason’s Lyric and the Inkwell, to a full featured Hollywood star in the Matrix. Her hair was always the focus. Jada once cut it all off with a short crop blonde do exposing a long neckline like model Iman that set the world on a frenzy to book the pint-sized diva  for fashion magazine covers and hip movies produced by the Wayan brothers. Jada brought back the hotness, but soon humbled her career to sideline with her hubby Wil Smith and for a while, people wondered what happened to Jada. A mature and beautiful sister with kids today and  never ending beauty, plus a stint as a experimental rock band artist to just express herself to a stunning children’s book author, she’s back with her hair all grown out, all hers and could care less if you think she’s a beauty. Jada has weathered the storm and is to be commended for holding it all down with style. Jada is the hippest fashion sister.

Holly Robinson Peete (Actress/ Humanitarian)- Holly appeared on the television scene as America’s number one African-American actress in 21 Jump Street. Donning jeans and casual wear for the show, her style still emanated through airwaves as one of the first sisters to don light brown ringlets  on air starting the trend. An exercise guru, she landed her own tv show later on and nabbed herself a football player. With several beautiful  kids later on and after losing her father to complications of Parkison’s disease, she spearheaded a foundation to support treatment and counseling for the disease. Later on, she found out her child was diagnosed with autism that with love, care and proper treatment can improve. When a radio commentator made a comment about autistic children, Holly spoke out for millions of kids with the condition. The world got a chance to see that the starlet is back, still representing as a pilates guru and locks still flowing and healthy. Holly represents the Super Mom Beauty.

Michelle Obama -Presidential First Lady Candidate)- Never in history have young children seen a black woman internationally represent herself so well in the political arena. The soon to be first lady doesn’t put on a front and is just herself and why folks are saying she’s the best candidate as 1st Lady of America. Instead of all smiles, she represents style with manicured suits that exemplify the ultimate woman ready and fit to lead. Her hair compliments her boldness, confidence and high-self-esteem. She shows the true spirit and beauty of today’s black woman with effortless style, over all fitness and intelligence. Michelle shows that intelligence is beautiful and sexy. Everyone once said Michelle was a lucky woman to have Obama as her hubby, but now folks are saying Obama is a lucky man to have Michelle as a wife who is handling her induction as the soon to be first lady very well. Obama is a phenomenal woman of style who doesn’t let fashion wear her, but she wears the fashion. 

Susan Taylor- (Former Model/ The Former Editor & Face of Essence/ Humanitarian)- Susan Taylor epitomized black beauty for years as the face of Essence Magazine. She rose up the ranks from personal failure and became the Editor- In-Chief.  People were amazed with her honesty, candor as one of the first to reveal  her triumph over pain and struggle with beauty and grace. Her trademark braids gave rise to the natural sister. Her profile alone became the image of black beauty. She made black sisters proud to own full lips. Believe it or not, Susan is blamed for why collagen injections became the craze of white sisters who admit they want Susan’s ample lips, but  there is only one Susan. Sexy, brilliant and classy  at 50 something, she retired as Editor- in-Chief of Essence Magazine, but her image and legacy lives on as she takes on the greatest challenge of her life as a devout humanitarian committed to giving back to young girls with outreach programs. Upon sitting side-by-side with Susan  Taylor at a major event, I observed her pant suit. Susan doesn’t just wear a pant suit. She makes you want to ask where did you get that outfit and go out and buy it. She doesn’t over do accessories, but if she wears an accessory it’s something befitting for a queen. Susan knows her textures and has never been caught with anything less than regal, sophisticated  and above the standard of fashion couture. Susan is my pick for the most beautiful woman in the world.

Star Jones- (Author of Shine/ Talk Show Host)- The former tv show host of The View who brought millions of viewers to the show who marveled her ability to acquire a fully sponsored wedding for the event of her life and boldly revealed to the world that yes she did enhance her beauty with lipo-suction procedures after suffering debilitating body changes and mood changes, she defied sabotage of her career with all of the fight back energy she had left and has come out a winner. Everyone knows Star has a strong personality, but you either love her or hate her. She’s a smart, intelligent woman whose beauty emanates from her ability to speak up and not let anyone run over her. To go from almost 300 pounds down to a slim figure, Star is shining these days just like her similar titled book SHINE,  with a shoulder length do brightened with a bold new hair color and shine you can see for miles. She’s working with lighter eyebrows that compliment her face and give her a radiant and fresh-faced look that al sisters should strive for.

Kelly Rowland- (Singer/ Destiny’s Child Band Member)- Kelly Rowland has exuded style, grace, beauty and a spiritual personality since day one and hasn’t changed. Blessed with a beautiful voice, natural dark toned looks that make brown sisters proud, and a style all her own, Kelly’s weapon is her sincere smile and comments in interviews that reveal her true personality which is warm spirited and like the girl next door. Not trying to be anyone, but herself Kelly simply owns the best abs in the business and wears her clothes well. Every song on her album is a joy to listen to and not over produced for airwaves, but believe Kelly has plenty of fans and there is more to come. The smile is back and contagious. Wear it as an accessory and you’ll have Kelly Style.

Keri Hilson (New RnB Singer)- Fresh-faced and fairly new on the scene as a budding RnB singer with an album arriving October 7th with one of my favorite songs, ENERGY, Keri is fast on the way to becoming a fashion trendsetter. Donning the classic mushroom hairstyle, a trend of the 1990’s which presents a softer look for artists and can only be accomplished with natural hair, Keri is bringing the glamorous girl back. A hit maker who has written songs for all of your favorite artists from Ne-Yo to Brittany, she now explodes onto  the scene with a hit album expected to sell over 500,000 units week one. Her campaign is visible everywhere and folks are routing for Keri to break in. A sweet disposition and attitude, she’s got what it takes to become the next pop icon. With fashion, beauty and talent, it’s Keri’s World.

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