Announces the Disilgold SOUL Magazine’s 5th YGA Awards

DisilgoldSOUL Magazine
Att: Heather Covington Publicity
P.O. BOX 652
Baychester Station
Bronx, NY 10469


Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine presents The 5th YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America Awards (YGA AWARDS 2008) hosted by the Literary Legends Ball Online on the world renown, a Black owned media entity founded in 2001.

Since its inception, The YGA Awards has been featured in a full page write up in New York’s own Daily News reaching  a millions plus readers, acknowledged and shouted out by Michael Baisden “King of Radio”and host of Baisden After Dark (TV ONE) on his nationally syndicated radio show, honored with a business spotlight on  107.5 WBLS FM website, honored in WBLI Radio general newsletter,  announced via an honorable spotlight on the Barry Maestro Show on 98.7 KissFM, numerous publications, newspapers and media outlets and recognized by top events like the Harlem Book Fair, Circle of Sisters Expo and African American Pavilion at Book Expo as leader in online promotions, publicity and networking.
It’s clear to state that all great YGA Award winners and nominees have shone through the doors of Disilgold, abridged for Diamonds, Silver and Gold which sets the standard in excellence and recognizes the greatest among multi- industries from the start based on the Disilgold 5 Principles of Success Formula which include 1. Professionalism 2. integrity 3. Quality 4. Commitment to one’s mission statement and 5. Sincere service to others and not to just better oneself.

Founded by Heather Covington, Former TV HOST of the Literary Living TV Show reaching 17 million viewers nationwide and the NAACP IMAGE Award nominee, historian, educator and poet declared a TOP 5 Media Mogul nationwide by the Small Press Center Writer’s Roundtable Conference  alongside the producers of GOODDAY, the nation’s number one morning show, the YGA Awards is now globally renown and recognized as a leader in scouting, recognizing, honoring, awarding and celebrating award members of excellence via, the No. 1 African-American Literary & Multi-Media  Review & Awards Network Worldwide for the variety of award categories Disilgold represents and honors with the prestige of renown award organizations like the Pulitzer Prizes, NAACP IMAGE AWARDS and QBR: Philis Wheatley Awards, award organizations of distinction and not just  driven on celebrity and bestselling status.

Applications are currently being accepted for nomination in over 250 YGA Award categories to be judged by the prestigious and mysterious  Disilgold Advisory Review Board of panelist volunteers and reading specialists from multi-industry domains based on “comprehensive reviews” and referrals as noted by founder and president Heather Covington since 2001 since inception, and clearly documented in the self-publishing novel, The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher.
Criteria is to be judged on over all content, interest ,  presentation, and marketability of works. Winners go live via one click on the Literary Legends Ball banner on the headline page of

Not only are winners of specific award categories to be featured, but a photo show tribute and a major press release to  the growing Disilgold community via the PRESSRELEASEBLASTER e-newsletter . All YGA Award winners are archived on

Disilgold also, joins the ning community with its own Social network launching January 1st,  called so authors can share excerpts and pitch reviews to one another, and so needed as more books enter the market in need of cultural criticism to gain acceptance on the main stream among literary peers.

YGA Voting Polls also, open for select TOP 7 YGA AWARD CATEGORIES on December 1st traditionally and  to be decided by the people, Disilgold Literary Network Association Members (Since 1999), past and current YGA Award recipients and the general public on Registered  YGA AWARD winners receive a mailed plaque.
TOP 7 YGA AWARD CATEGORIES include, Book of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, Author of the Year, Poet of the Year, Media of the Year, Business of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.  Referral Polls for nominees go live on September 1, 2008.

With over 7000 applicants in 2008 and over 80,000 voters in 2007, the YGA Voting Polls are expected to draw more voters from diversified communities thanks impart to the marketing and networking  efforts by foot from the team of Heather Covington Publicity in support  of the “Heather Covington 20 City National  Book Tour team,” “Disilgold SOUL Magazine’s  Adopt- A- Literary  Legend Tour” and the re-launch of the Literary Divas Book Tour Fall 2008, H.O.L.L.E.R (Heather On Literary Lives of Excellence Revisited: Poetry of a Decade Project in pursuit of the TOP 100 POETS NATIONWIDE  SEARCH and  the return of the “Self-Publishing & Marketing  Pizzazz Empowerment & Enlightenment Weekly Workshop Series.” Disilgold is also spearheading Disilgold Soul Magazine 1st Children’s Talent Award Show replacing the Fall Back in Love With School Jamboree and bringing back the DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Literary Runway Walk for Literacy Fashion Show.

Disilgold media event campaigns will be broadcast on public radio, local tv outlets, newsletters, newspapers, magazines and media outlets in an effort to emerge more interest in African-American literacy through informational and historical events targeted to meet the needs of registrants from supporting youth future careers, future authors, rising poets, humanitarians and business CEO’s.

To emerge and synergize  media syndication via its own vehicles, Disilgold SOUL Magazine launches the DisilgoldSOUL Magazine TV Show with various educational  series and episodes of which will  be announced on a monthly basis and may be subscribed to at

A new Disilgold SOUL Promo Radio Show commences on Sept. 1st on  to be utilized  as a vehicle to  to keep the community abreast of weekly news from the founder and an extended broadcast on  as a YGA AWARDS COUNTDOWN vehicle from December 1st to December  31st to also, include announcement role call of all winners post show. 

Disilgold SOUL Magazine’s Quarterly Catalog also, reemerges featuring new titles from Disilgold Publishing. The publication will gain syndication on, the brother site of featuring new titles from Disilgold Publishing. Disilgold Diamond Membership allots for YGA registered members to submit flyers for free ad insertion in general mailers of publication to bookstores and media.

All promotional media advances by Disilgold are supported by monthly PRESSRELEASEBLASTER e-newsletters with portions syndicated on sister pressroom site, visitors are encouraged to sign on the Disilgold e-newsletter which draws visitors to insightful, educational, motivational and empowering  interviews at DisilgoldSOUL Magazine of today’s most notable and rising stars.

Just some guests Disilgold founder has interviewed past and present via live televised interviews, podcasts and print interviews include: Susan Taylor, Wendy Williams,  max Rodriguez, Hill Harper, George C. Fraser, Bill McCreary, Brad James, Terrie Williams, Amy DuBois Barnett, Sil Lai Abrams, Keston Karter, Elizabeth Nunez, Donna Hill, Tony Rose, Sonshine Anderson, RNB Artist Joe, Joe James, Bob Lee, Rev. Al Sharpton, Hal Jackson, Rosalind McClymont, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Ruby Dee, Rosa Guy,  Cheryl and Wade Hudson and many more celebrated guests.

In the meanwhile, Disilgold Founder Heather Covington is working on several books simultaneously. New books arriving to the mainstream market include: God’s 24 Hour Makeover: The Emergency Repair Contract to Complete Joy,  MILLIONAIRE MARKETING, God Don’t Like Ugly, But He Likes Crocodiles, Why Harold B. Always Listens to His Moms, Dear Mama: I Like Your Style,  the Glamorous Girls Teen Series and Literella: The Official Autobiography of Heather Covington.

Disilgold Publishing is intent on producing  quality titles and gaining sizeable mainstream distribution of all titles along with a make-over of former critically acclaimed P.O.D titles, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Woman, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man, Lil PerSOULnalities: A Children’s Book For Parents and Teachers, and The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher.
Disilgold donates one dollar per book sold to educational charitable programs spearheaded since 1999 under the F.O.S.P. (Fingertips of Success Program for Education of Youth). Each year a new theme is conceived. In 2008, Disilgold spearheads the “1 Million For Bronx Youth Campaign” in conjunction with Lil Charms Daycare Development keeping in mind the mission of Disilgold to bring back a love for African-American literature and dedicated support of youth literacy, creativity and education.

Founder Heather Covington wants to help children gain values, self-respect, avoid monetary and financial problems later on by learning to save and invest one’s money to acquire the American Dream, real estate and proper schooling as well as overcome barriers, obstacles, negativity and closed doors they will face by launching their own businesses. A product of the Bronx’s toughest inner-city environment and a single parent home, Heather Covington overcame all obstacles and is a true example of what hard work, dedication to one’s craft and owning a passion for one’s craft can do.
Dubbed as “The Lady Who Defies Negativity” through her poetry and journalism,  her  latest titles are currently available through direct distribution via and online bookstores. Shockingly, but as expected, the founder’s urban book title, Tekila Nika; The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales by Babe Charisse Worthington is gaining popularity and sales on the mainstream and expected to exceed sales of all Disilgold titles combined of which she is already utilizing to give back.  Recently, The founder of Disilgold cut a rap song, “I’M GIVING BACK” all the craze among young listeners and her fan club is growing as she gets ready to enter the children’s book market with 50 new children’s books.

However, the founder who is busy at work sorting and making final decisions for nominees in various categories along with her committed staff has not left the adult market. A sequel is expected entitled, The Video Diaries: The Forbidden Literary Celebrity Tales. Heather Covington is expected on 2010 and the author wishes to entertain that just because she writes about urban grime, grit, murder, crime and street topics, doesn’t mean she has lived or lives the life of the characters she has created, so as to avoid stereotyping of her writing style which crosses all genres.

For booking of founder for interviews, clarification and media, email or call 1.718.547.0499. For all other requests, write to Heather Covington Publicity, ATT:  Media Management at P.O. BOX 652 Baychester Station, Bronx, NY 20469.



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