ASK HEATHER: Is Wendy Williams Bald-Headed? You’re in the industry and should know?

This is the stupidest question I have received in my life. Who cares if someone is bald-headed. What matters is the inner beauty and hair ain’t everything. I have cut my hair as short as an inch and I have to say the guys love ya more with shorter hair and way too intimidated by the long hair sisters, but to set the record straight, Wendy’s natural length hair is longer than my naturally long hair and you won’t believe this, but extends beyond the bra-strap from what I have heard from insiders of her studio. In fact, her real hair is long. What she did was over-processed it to death and this thinned out her hairline a little bit, but it can be treated and styled. With the demands of having to hustle so many gigs, she wigged it,but everyone knows wigs thin out your natural hair in due time.  She don’t care what people think. Her natural au la natural pics are on You can’t have it all in life, but at least she has a tv show, her own movie coming out and several bestselling titles along with a top radio station, and she let ya Literary Diva interview her for her 1st full 30 minute interview ever about her books. Everyone hates when she tells the truth, but if you’re on top of your game, she doesn’t really talk about you badly and even if you’re on top, she helps you stay there by talking about you badly. Bald-headed or full of hair with a wig, the lady is on her way to taking over daytime television. At least she isn’t some snobby little bitch in media who has forgotten her roots and no pun intended.


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