ASK HEATHER: Did Barack Obama Deliver the Most Effective or Boring Speech of His Career ?

Barack Obama clearly defined his agenda for America tonight with a short and sweet speech minus the fire and  rock star appeal he’s been condemed for by Republicans, and left nayasayers with nothing to say but recognize, honor and respect the clear front runner for the presidential bid in less than 9 weeks. 

 A good man, he even recognized his opponent,  Senator John McCain. It takes a man with substance to acknowledge their opponent! His efforts earned an applause for McCain. You can expect for McCain to deliver boos from his crowd during the Republican presidential convention and out early congratulatory remarks wishing Barack Obama well to offset the damage he is about to do!  Stand by and realize that this is expected!

 Sure the media will say tomorrow Barack Obama was boring and has no idea what he’s in for when McCain takes to the mic his turn around, but there was one pivotal moment when Barack Obama stepped into character and mentioned, we all have served and died for the blue, red and white for this country, but  bleed the same! WIth no mention on race at all this evening, he had made his point  for what may be the most  powerful speech of  his career that even a smear campaign in last minute desperation by the Republicans won’t be able to tarnish. Why? Keep reading!

 Barack Obama could have continued with this energizing charge, but something in the next president of the United States clicked off and immediately switched on to presidential mode. America got a chance to see the real inner fire of Obama as a family man, representative of all working Americans and even the homeless with anything but  rockstar appeal.

I am not quite sure if people noticed Barack Obama step into the shoes of his job disregarding the race card at all. Barack Obama was the President of the United States tonight. He had nothing to prove this time around and got right to business. Folks had been waiting for this moment and were in shock when Barack Obama got out of his own way as Oprah has said is a good tip we all should follow, and delivered the most definitive speech of his campaign.

 Instead of bringing the fire, fear and intimidation McCain has fueled on national airwaves with Barack Obama’s own words twisted and miconstrued in ads, he exposed the Bush Era as  over 28 years of  the same agenda  with  an approach I call “oponent rhetoric role calling.”  It’s the most dangerous method of campaigning where you mention your opponent’s agenda, but those words are taken as your own.

It didn’t seem that Barack Obama cared if  his words were  pulled out of context  this time for McCain’s next batch of ads as he simmered his powerful speaking ability  in Denver, Colorado’s Football stadium where the substance of a man superceded style.

On this evening, he defined his plans so that even a little child listening could understand and like a teacher which are qualities I saw evident in Michelle who deserves more credit than given. Over 85,000 people stood up on their feet on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech. Visit to see entire speech!

Barack also, didn’t soak up the crowd’s applause. He said thank you over 20 times at the beginning of his speech to begin speaking about his agenda, and instead of that quiet self-serving scaffolding of the room as celebrities do at concerts to absorb their greatness.

  Barack Obama  was polite and never told the crowd to sit down although time ticked. You only have a few seconds to capture reluctant listeners and as well as supporters best attention. Barack Obama didn’t break a sweat. He was calm, collected and methodical, but with this sincerity you could tell  was going to deliver  as he got ready to announce his agenda as well as Vice Presidential candidate Biden. Folks in the crowd held their breath as well as listenres at home. This was it!

 You could see Barack Obama’s character reveal itself from his patience, humility, controlled poise to stay focused and most of all begin his speech with the kind of gratitude  that was evident when he thanked Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton first in knowing that their respect of him as a candidate led folks to take Barack Obama more seriously.

They say you’re only as great as the people you honor as being instrumental in your journey to success. It takes giving up one’s ego to admit, but this ego wasn’t evident as Barack Obama spoke. American took snap shots in slow saccading motion in their minds clearly visualizing  Barack Obama in the oval office. Some tears streamed down white and black faces in the crowd because  millions of people had faith that there would be a great man like Barack Obama one day to lead the country for the sake of  youth in dire need of role models and many joining gangs and crime, violence and despair with consequences getting closer and deadly in surburbia’s  back yard. One person’s problem affects 1 million more. 

 While Barack did not emphasive inner cities break down with gangs running rampant, he clearly had a platform to speak  face-to- face to America, the country he says he loves  and by all means will protect with this Barack Agenda, one of the most detailed in over 20 years from a presidential candidate.

So what did Barack propose for change. I caught five, but maybe you caught more. I clearly heard Barack say he would give tax breaks to working class citizens. I heard Barack Obama say he would bring over 500,000 new jobs in America. I heard Barack Obama say he would stop having Americans send money to fuel jobs overseas that should fuel jobs right here in America. I heard Barack Obama clearly state that he would begin  global privatization of new energy resources in America to better the future of youth. I heard Barack Obama say he would focus on shelter for the homeless and health care. I heard Barack Obama say he would provide more money to schools to properly teach youth.

In my opinion, these are the main initiatives in America’s back yard and when a country gets their business together, no hate outside of the country can shut it down when it’s leading as a role model for all countries to gain better inner security within.

 If we don’t care about ourselves than why should foreign countries care about us? It’s called pride and extends beyond color and hate. Barack Obama made a believer out of me and for months I had not announced my  full support for any candidate. I needed to hear Barack’s agenda which included me as a woman with ancestral history and pride who would not be taken for granted because we breed the same skin color.

 Too many people of the same skin color knock each other down when put to the test at the most crucial times and show their jealousy, hate, insecurities and competitive mode when times are rough, one is depressed, angry and thinks you are well off regardless that you struggled to acquire your piece of the American Pie too.

 I’m not quick to lean on the shoulder of my sister or brother because of race issues we’ve all experienced. I know what a dagger feels like in my back when a sister or brother is at one’s lowest point in life so they try to bring you down with them if you aren’t strong. Tonight I shed a few tears for Barack Obama and not because he’s black. I felt his pain he buried to be a better person and step into the shoes of his selfless greatness and moment which has been for the betterment of others.

I questioned why his disciples stabbed him one by one, and many great people in their own right, but inflicted with envy and a need to shine in Barack’s light and steal his glory with negativity. However, I am reminded that when Barack Obama takes office, he will have all of those negative forces to thank as well that fueled his passion and desire even more to defy all obstacles he would face on this journey to being the first African-American president.

 Written by author Heather Covington, Syndicated columnist of the Daily Literary Dish (


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