Senator Biden vs Palin- Who won the Vice Presidential Debate

Senator Biden won the Vice Presidential Debate 3 fold tonight by 1. backing Barack Obama with clear concise facts that were much clearer than both Presidential candidates 2. connecting with the middle class very effectively and 3. remaining sensitive to his opponent’s personal struggles by reflecting on his own struggles as a once single parent upon his former wife and child being killed in a car accident.  All points were well received by Americans as sincere, factual and supportive of America.

Biden further emphasized that he did not rise to the top with a silver spoon in his mouth. Biden acquired a loan to acquire education and a modest home. He was humbled by his past and admitted he is now  well off, but he has walked in middle class America’s shoes. This was a very important reflection as well as his mention of efforts to pass bills that would place more cops on streets and not just joy riding in their cars with doughnuts and coffee, no disrespect, but crime does not happen in police cars. It happens in the streets.

Furthermore, Biden didn’t mock the Americans by purposely talking at them with that “GOOD SPEECH” mode.  He talked with Americans. He addressed the moderator by her name. Palin addressed the moderator as a “HER” which wasn’t very sisterly, nor respectful to quality media and my opinion racially charged. She didn’t even mention Biden’s name when addressing him and all of her comments were very sinical, mean-spirited and sarcastic. She seemed bitter and angry under the exterior and lacked grace, honesty, trust and dignity. You can’t take her face as a sincere and honest resource. Every remark was undercutting and below the belt.

Biden avoided terminologies like “Maverick” which divide people and mock patriotism. Something is wring if a member of a party is against its own party and you have to ask why? Is Senator McCain playing role of the underdog making a comeback. Does McCain have unfinished business and disdain for getting caught and wounded in war to the point he talks about wounds that should be sacred and thus, never mentioned if you really went to war to serve your country? This rule applies to any civilian on a job. What happens at the job is supposed to stay on the job, but McCain uses his wounds like a trophy and very much how Palin kills God’s creatures for sport to exercise her right to bear arms and play war games on innocent animals called God’s creatures. Her ideals are overshadowed and influenced by her meat butcher packing husband instead of her own. Palin is against abortion, but yet pro killing God’s innocent creatures, and so why did Michael Vick go to jail for destroying wounded pet pit bulls who obviously would suffer more after a game fight. It seems like immorality superceds morality.

 Unlike Palin’s Pop Shot, Biden did not “Surrender America’s white flag” by emphasizing Palin’s points that are interest based and funded by the wealthy with vested image in controlling countries over seas and evoking fear in America waged against wars the average 5th grader does not even understand as trillions of dollars go out to various interests every day overseas.

Palin stresses that we should not pull out of countries that may be able to make nuclear weapons when these countries have already made nuclear weapons being that their land has been evaded. It makes sense as any other country like America that also, has nuclear weapons. Are we too say that other countries are less qualified to bear arms to protect their country and keep thieves out like the Native Americans who only had bows and arrows and if they had nuclear weapons America would not be here? Who is right? Who is wrong? Who’s war is it? What are we protecting? And Why?  All people around the world are people, but yet Palin wants to instill the same fear mode of addressing people from other countries as the enemy.  Are their kids any less substantial than American kids. Why the double standard and hypocrisy? Are we repeating man’s same mistakes and history spelled out in wars among people in the story of the bible.

 Palin took a rod and speared Barack without his presence by using words like “baramoter” which have connotations of Baracks’ name . This method of ideology would get anyone to spew forth harsh words, but each time Palin spoke, Biden moved on which shows he isn’t petty and interrogative. He focuses on facts and is a great listener. He smiles with sincerity.

On the otherhand, Palin used her family as a security blanket to effortlessy appeal to parents who may not realize there is a huge difference and moral responsibility from taking care of a child with Down Syndrome from dealing with terrorists overseas and possibly in our country.


 She looked detached from her own child and not once did she look at her child. She patted her child’s back very hard. She was cold and almost like an animal hunter who shoots innocent animals in vain and for sport and doesn’t apologize to put it graphically. There was clearly no love bond. It’s almost as if she is prepared to put her child’ life in the hands of family and her unemployed husband who fails to represent a strong man as he goes around on  a ferris wheel for “Sport” and cameras with no baby seat. That was dangerous and God knows how haphazardly Palin will handle America’s problems. What woan would put the presidency of the United States before efficiently taking care of her child with special needs who was exposed to loud noise, an overwhelming volume of voices and traumatized to complete stillness she had to be subjected to by the hands of her selfish mom. Some things are just uncalled for. There is nothing like a mother’s love, and especially for a child with Down’s syndrome.

 Palin is selfish for neglecting her child to run for Vice Presidency. Is it the job she’s interested in or the money? She wasn’t even a hopeful until days before John McCain stated his vice-presidential candidate. McCain new that by exploiting an attractive woman he could win over gullible folks. Palin repeated the same things,  added a lot of rhetoric and talked too much about herself and fear. Do we want America’s children to be introduced into their generation with fear? And who really took advantage of Americans tonight? It is clear that anyone who tells lies is on a bridge to no where. Using one’s status as a mother with  a child with special needs who plays hockey and shoots animals for sport and believes in stealing women’s moral rights in this country called  AMERICA  and utilizes bad grammar with words like doggonit is really taking advantage of every woman’s intelligence who refuse to be represented by a sinical woman so she seems,  but remember, like attracts like and it will be a test for America to reveal its true ignorance at the polls.  Palin isn’t patriotic. Palin wants to be a rock star and make more money! Ask her would she take on the job without a paycheck and I guarantee you that she would not be able to tell her husband to go back to being a meat butcher.


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