www.disilgold.com- October 26,2008- Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson Mother and Brother Presumably Found Murdered

At 3:00pm in Chicago’s southside the mother and brother of  Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, best known for supporting actress role in movie Dreamgirls and who currently has been receiving meteoric attention for her current “Spotlight” single,  were both found dead in a home said to be owned by parental victim due to gun shot wounds to the head and body.

Due to uncertainty of identity and the reports of a missing 7 year child, the actress who received word of the travesty immediately took route to return to her mother’s home.  The music industry, fans and media are in shock over circumstances which look to be the result of possible domestic violence, but already people are speculating that there may be foul play evolving around recent anticipated success of Jennifer Hudson’s new self-entitled album and what appeared to be an abrupt dimissal of a relationship followed by a new relationship and proposed engagement to a candidate seen on New York named Punk, but this is insane.

Others speculate possible monetary disputes.  It is too soon to speculate, but a notion must come to light  immediately  so that  anyone who knows anything can help find a missing child who’s life may be in jeopardy.  

JUST IN: A suspect has been found, but the child who’s name is Julian King is still missing.

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