www.disilgold.com- If Barack Obama wins presidency did you know Oprah could become an ambassador?

WatchOprah very carefully these days. She just kicked off Gayle from her Friday line up because Gayle has sounds like a carbon copy of Oprah which doesn’t work for me and Oprah knows I feel this way. Nothing good about seeing two friends carrying on with the same voice and mannerisms. I think Gayle would be best for her own talkshow , but not as a sidekick of Oprah. I love her work in O! Magazine. The lady is brilliant, but Gayle is not complimenting Oprah by being a regular on the show. THis is severe competition. Now if Oprah becomes the Ambassador of the United Nations or something, I would recommend Gayle as an understudy host, but she’s going to have to return to that fire Oprah had when she started. These shows are predictable with Dr. Oz, Suzie Orman and the Friday Roundtable. Too commercialized and not enough down to earth interaction. You know it was the producer of WBLS who renqmed Disilgold SOUL, Disilgold SOUL Interactive and I still don’t get it. I am just too lazy to load on the script for comments for every post right now because all is well and I am contolling folks trying to dodge the celebs on board. Not having it! It’s rude and unprofessional to let folks comment anyway they want.  This blog is interactive and I am changing the settings soon so more folks can post with Avatars and link to their websites. Oprah needs to add more interactivity, stop giving away so much because someone has to stay the richest in the black community as a role model and of course, Oprah should load up more self-published author’s works in her Kendall book device that stores 3000 manuscripts and be the God to the self-publishing  world as she is to mainstream published books.


One comment on “www.disilgold.com- If Barack Obama wins presidency did you know Oprah could become an ambassador?

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