www.Disilgold.com-October 26, 2008- Jet Magazine Current November Issue Exposes over 10 Voting Poll Scandals Voters Should Beware!- IMPORTANT! READ NOW!

If you remember last year when Disilgold founder, Heather Covington,  was told at her local voting center during the Democratic vice presidential elections by a diehard Hillary fan that her name wasn’t registered, and not until upon complaining, making phone calls on the site, taking pictures of volunteers, getting statements from witnesses, garnering a face off with site proctor and immediately proceeding to call the local city council, assemblyman, press and newspapers for a major conference was her name said to be misplaced at another table.  This alarmed the founder to make what could have been an attempt to turn away a black voter a success.

 Disilgold wanted to suggest a responsible publication that actually gives you the 411 on how racist or one-sided voting sites turn black voters away and presumed to be Democratic supporters. JET MAGAZINE, October Issue warns voters in article entitled, VOTER BEWARE to not be intimidated by anyone videotaping you, armed police officers at site, flyers that boast restrictions, fewer voting machines, or any demands for proof that you can’t vote or if your current mortgage has defaulted, ecetera.

Other  claims like you’ll be turned away for wearing buttons, t-shirts and paraphernelia were reported as NOT TRUE giving black voters the go ahead and a false sense of security to wear paraphernelia. This conspiracy was proposed online through a viral marketing scam with leading community people’s names attached  and distributed to niche markets as part of a conspiracy. The idea was to dupe black voters who believed they had  found out that a chain email was indeed bogus as reported by a highly reliable news source reporting wrong news that it was indeed a scam, but quite possibly true. It’s that good ‘ole psychology where you yell a child to not touch a hot stove and so they go ahead and touch it.

However, it is true, some counties have restrictions and label any kind of paraphernelia as electioneering and so it is advised to not get caught in the ” forcible scuff back” by authorities which many local communities are predicting will occur on top of violence and arrests causing a site to be closed down and voters to request absentee ballots.

Other major scams include  DUMB ASS MEDIA BUYING INTO motivational speakers from bureaus as fillers for their shows who seem to represent the Democrats, but are anti Democrats telling folks in media  that they should or should not vote for specific amendments.  Voters should always read the amendment clauses in entirety because their placement in voting booths may differ  and so a YES, meant to represent a NO can superceed a No meant to represent a YES. BE CAREFUL! Don’t get duped by duped media. Remember that most media heads are controlled by someone else at the top level.

New voters can also be denied absentee ballots. This happens when a resident is away at school perhaps and so, their address change is presumed to not be a local one because they do not reside at their home.  Much of this information is regurgitated from commonsense of the people, but it nice to see it verified in a print publication that can be taken into polls to counteract any voting obstacles because the cover f of the November Jet Issue eatures Toni Braxton and no mention of the Obamas on it. SMART INDEED and just in case someone thinks you are stupid at the polls. It is predicted that millions of blacks and Latinos will be challenged at the polls. Don’t be fooled by Latinos reported as siding with the Republicans. Many are voting for Barack Obama and realizing they have been used as lighter skin African American pawns to set their own identity standards against the grade, but indeed when it comes to seeking jobs, Latino brothers and sisters are being denied as well.  It’s a clever decoy of unity!

Finally, if upon trying to park you find out that mirrors or cars within the vicinity of your local voting polls have been tampered with or hear mention of a gang in the neighborhood or all about a false story of a woman claiming that a gang marked her face with the letter B upon wearing an Obama shirt, call your local precinct for protection. By right, a patrol car is supposed to monitor local polling centers within a certain radius immediately when complaints are rendered.


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