www.disilgold.com- October 26,2008- NBA Consultant Isiah Thomas Found Commatose on Overdose

NBA Consultant Isiah Thomas, former Knicks player and NBA Knick’s coach, now demoted to advisor after a failing season and 11.3 million lawsuit fulfilled due to verbal  sexual harrasment charges was reported earlier as a victim of drug overdose. He was admitted to the hospital, but released on the same day.

 Apparently, he took 4 or more prescribed sleeping pills too many and possibly didn’t adhere to the dosage recommendation. It is not apparent at this point if he purposely  took an over dosage to committ suicide or the overdosage of sleeping pills was simply a mistake. 

The media is being sympathetic to the former Knick’s manager who was jeered off the courts  as the person responsible for successive losses for the team prior to his dismissal.  His arrogant statement on air denying any wrong doing to the lady he referred to as “That lady” immediately lost sympathy  and compassion from most  African-American women beyond repair and for the most part he has remained unlikeable.

 However, no one really wished him bad enough to take his life. No one has forgotten how instrumental he was as a player on the Knicks Team representing petite players. He broke barriers and showed that height really didn’t matter. However, his insecurities may have cost him his stellar manager career built on top of what is perceived as arrogance. Add a sexual harrassment charge and even a good king is brought down.

Even if he did the unthinkable, most women’s reflections about his character would not change and therefore, to do so would just garner him the attention only as another added celebrity to the obituary statistic files who took his life in disgrace and so he might as well live his life and try to just continue to do good things from the heart. Success doesn’t always have to mean you are liked.

In fact,  no one cares about cop outs and if he did attempt the unthinkable, he is  not a role model to be respected on any NBA level.  Kids hearing about this will get the wrong message if indeed Isiah did attempt suicide. A statement to the public is owed and asap!


JUST IN: Isiah Thomas has been reported mentioning that the person was not him, but he did have a family problem. Bizarre indeed. How do you get 2 men submitted to hospital for same drug overdose report and both 47 years old. If Isiah wants to run with this recent controversy he is bound to make millions granting a story to the top bidder, but who’s buying?


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