www.disilgold.com- America mourns the loss of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew, Julian King!

With much anticipation of Julian King’s safe return, tons of letters pouring out in sympathy and sincere condolences to Jennifer Hudson on MYSPACE from supporters, even Jennifer Hudson’s desperate plea with a 100,000 reward wasn’t enough for the assailants to return the articulate 7 year old who certaintly would have been able to name or describe his assailants.

The heartless  and armed criminals killed Jennifer Hudson’s mother and nephew. For hours neighbors had not reported the shootings because they are so use to random gunfire in the city plagued as the murder capital city of America with over 500 murders to date.

By the next day, everyone’s fears were confirmed when the remains of a  7 year child in a white truck without a note, reason or any sign of extortion was indeed the lifeless body of Julian King.  Unanswered questions leave Chicagoans perplexed, but media has linked the possible perpetrators  to a domestic dispute. It’s unfortunate Jennifer had not been able to  remove her entire family from the elements.  Shes just evolving. Her willingness to give up more money than your average Hollywood star in support of their family shows her heart. People downloaded her songs from her website in record numbers and to a tune of almost 1 million if these figures have not already surpassed this rate.

People think their homes are safe with locked doors and now the world sees that any door can be busted down and infiltrated by murderers with intent to kill. People now realize how tough Chicago (The Windy City) is and the town Barack Obama tiredlessly risked his life to be a community organizer.

This incident could have been prevented with noticeable camera survelliance neighborhood watch and neighborhood network emergency buttons linked to emergency police support. Why not have citizens of Chicago set of a neighborhood alarm so all eyes can be on patrol when intruders enter with intent to murder, rob and commit crimes.
Community crime is beginning a nationwide epidemic an dhitting everyone’s home. Who’s next. Jennifer Hudson reached out the world with her rendition of the Star Bangled Banner and now she is this countries literal SPOTLIGHT on how real crime is. Her travesty is evoking empathy for the struggle of people in inner ciities which is not just a cities problem, but everyone’s problem.  Had Jennifer been in that household during the murders she could have been killed and we would have lost another angel. Visit Jennifer Hudson’s spotlight on the www.disilgold.com for her candid interview before this travesty. One thing is for sure, Jennifer Hudson is supported by many and is here for a reason through all pain and suffering and sadness. Her journey is not over and just begun.


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