www.disilgold.com-Will Barack Obama Win Last Remaining 4 Undecided States?

According to recent exit polls if Senator McCain does not win last 4 key states, Barack Obama could win the candidacy for presidency of the United States. As we are reporting this, Barack Obama just won Ohio.   And it’s official, he just won New York and Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  He  currently has 194 electoral votes. It’s getting closer as I am typing this announcement.  Barack Obama’s votes are over the top. With Virginia, Florida and New Mexico remaining it’s not over yet. There are still big battle ground states left. 270 Electoral votes are needed and even if America is lit up red on the news, It’s all about the electoral votes. If Barack Obama wins, he will appear in Chicago in front of over 1 milllion people with anticipated victory just building and building. Many African-American  leaders like Andrew Young are currently present and filled with tears. History is being made for what was the longest presidential campaign race ever!  It’s a good thing for all people. Hear my live commentary on www.disilgold.com after poll finals. Remember, we don’t know yet if Barack Obama is clearly the winner. Brace yourself! Anything can happen, but folks are already saying if barack Obama wins, they are going to celebrate by being a being a better person. Oh my, New Mexico is BarakaBAMA land. Okay, got to go. Soooo excited. God bless all! Running to see the big win!


One comment on “www.disilgold.com-Will Barack Obama Win Last Remaining 4 Undecided States?

  1. Girl, I’m still celebrating this historical time in our country’s history. To be able to see this unfolding has left me speechless. I thank God I lived to see us have a Black President and to be able to share this moment with my mom and grandmother has made it even more special.

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