www.disilgold.com- Heather Covington’s Review of McCain’s Acceptance Speech of Defeat

McCain’s acceptance speech of defeat adequately expressed his sincere support of Barack Obama despite differences and evoked a deep profound respect that wasn’t expected like Barack Obama’s win. He gave praise to Barack Obama’s grandmother who died the day before the election. His speech seemed to quell a fiery race with dignity and integrity to be respected. He acknowledged the struggle of African American’s and his legacy will be remembered. Plain seemed to disappear with gale force minus a voice, but you could see tear-filled eyes behind the classic frames she made a stylish trend. There was a sad overtone, but I don’t doubt that he will be back to run again in 2012 as a fighter who won’t quit. His key emphasis on Barack Obama’s passing grandmother, the plight of Black Americans and the fact that Joe Biden was his fomer friend could be taken  many ways, but for the most part, John McCain will go down in history as a winner for evoking and encouraging Americans to get up and vote.


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