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Based on polls and surverys, here are 19 reasons why I beleive Barack Obama won the presidential election.

1.       Barack Obama exercised his right to vote. His vote made a difference like so many African Americans who have not voted for years, but came out to represent over 60 million votes beating McCain’s votes by almost ten million votes.  Every single vote counted!  People didn’t give in to intimidation or negativity.  Some folks died during this election process as victims of hate crime.  Others died hating.


The first thing I did was get down on my knees and pray for humanity to quell their hatred toward the results. I prayed there would be no riots or hate crimes. Then I somehow got my new kindergartens who have never been in school to write letters to Barack Obama for they are the first generation of youth to witness a black president to take office.


Some will argue that if we as Americans are to be agents of change than why not address Barack Obama as just  “president,” but even I know and any blind person can see he is a black man. He was always black. Any man who chants what do we want and are we fired up is a black man who knows his roots.  The only letter missing from Barack’s name to spell out black is “L” for love. The American people added this letter on November 4th.


2.       Barack Obama lead nearly a flawless campaign with advisors who were able to counteract every projected counter punch.  This strategizing has never been seen in the history of elections proving that running an election is no different than a teacher planning her day to teach children. When you plan for success you achieve your mission with flying colors.  It was unfortunate that one of his chief advisors died just a few days before election of a massive heart attack. America felt that heart attack.


3.        Bruce Springsteen’s endorsement made a huge difference in swaying swing voters. Bruce is America. He represents that  “white all American bred boy” who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth. His performance as well as Jennifer Hudson’s for another event, just captured the nation.  Music brings the world together.  There were other artists like the Obama girl, and Christina Aguillera’s  plea for people to get out in vote. Some folks post election campaigning encouraged people to vote just a day or two before, but for Disilgold.com, we’ve had the message CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN on the site since the beginning of the year.

      Many media entities were clearly irresponsible and only showed results in intervals before the election to gain rankings and jump on the bandwagon at the last minute instead of encouraging people to register . I personally got a few dozen people to register and it made a difference in New York.  New York rocked the vote!

4.      Right before the election, America suffered one of the worse stock market crashes in history since the Great Depression. This sense of despair led people to stray away from supporting the Bush era. Failed Bushonomics made folks not see Republican of Democrat, but change. Regardless, Bush will go down in history for inviting Barack Obama to the White House to ease his transition as a first black tenant,  and hand him the keys the day he steps into office.


5.      Barack Obama’s message of “Change We Can Believe In” and “Yes We Can” became a self-fulfilling prophecy as folks at the very last minute decided to go out and vote despite earlier exit polls that clearly showed McCain ahead earlier on. Palin did not help McCain lose the race. She actually got many supporters out that ordinarily would not have come out who simply did not want a black man in office. this is evident by the majority of southern states who voted for McCain. She will be back in 2012.


6.      Being that the race exceeded beyond 22 months, people from all races began to wake up and realize that there is a strong possibility that we may have the first African-American president in history.  The GOP TRUST anti-Obama/Biden ads added a feeling of disgust to voters who felt like those old-fashioned brow-beating techniques were a dirty last minute trick that should not be tolerated. It’s called the “Bamboozle Effect.” America expected an upset the day before, but prayer and people’s spiritual faith unified the country. Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream lived on. His message CARRIED HOME on November 4, 2008. Dr. Martin Luther King said, ” When we get to the promise land!” and Barack Obama said, “I promise you!” The correlation snd torch bearing symbolism are all there.


7.       Barack Obama was by far one of the most eloquent, well dressed and fit presidential candidates since Robert F. Kennedy. He quickly became a Rock star and once a rock star  always a rock star. Rock stars cross color lines and transcend all cultural barriers.  Barack became universal. Even countries over seas were routing for him. His image is something like a phenom. People are obsessed with what goes on behind closed doors with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.  Already, the world is eager to find out all about their first romantic dinner since winning the election as a team. However, I am sure that the Camelot era of the Kennedy’s will not be fabricated to take centerstage for there is much work to do.


8.      Barack Obama laid out his plans for change in front of America’s eyes. This was an important move.  He also, authored works that clearly defined his character such as in Dreams of My Father and The Audacity of Hope.  Some people talk the talk, but others walk the walk. Barack Obama is indeed a top organizer. Those skills will carry over well when he takes office.


9.       The Hip Hop Community was very instrumental in getting young people to Rock the Vote. They made getting involved with the voting process fashionable and hip and while many of those hip hoppers never showed up and several ballots were missing that were not turned in on time from voting drives, the Hip Hop community involvement created the necessary excitement for events and rallies to form to spread the word since rap is a universal form of music all cultures enjoy. Many continued props to Jay Z, Sean Combs, Nas, KRS 1 and even  50 Cent. All of their support toward their own charities and efforts were well noted although many entities failed to report their good deeds.


10.   MYSPACE  and several social networks exposed the importance of this election to future young voters. Many people turned their profiles into Barack Obama profiles which set off the hope factor into action in following pursuit of an old adage, “If you can think it, you can achieve it and if you can believe it, you can win it!” or did I make that one up to? Have to check my published works. It’s the only way to establish and fortify firsts without contest.


11.    The Latino  Black, White, Asian and Black community were unified in voting for Barack Obama. This was a beautiful moment in history and critical toward overturning swing states and even though states like Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia did not Rock the Vote.

12.   Barack led a 49 city to city tour which he poured millions into. Folks refused to let this great man down who invested in his supporters state by state, community by community and neighborhood by neighborhood and still looked great.  You could tell he was ready to lead this country and lose it all for America. A lot of media entities who suffered from set back effects of the writing strike were relieved and renewed.


13.    Barack led a fight against a great opponent. Anyone who serves in war is to be admired for bravery, loyalty to one’s country and endurance. I know he felt like Barack Obama will have plenty time to run again, but isn’t that setting up America for that double standard where circumstances prevail over what’s morally right? Barack Obama clearly led a better campaign.

14.   Oprah was very instrumental in silence through it all, but no one can forget the show she did allow Barack Obama to come before the elections. It helped America see who Barack Obama really was. Other media were very bi-partisan in that they were fair and presented both sides view points like CNN CBS, FOX, ABC news are all to be commended. I saw a lot of good in these stations and some fine journalist like Katie, Keith and even David. Does  anyone consider late night hosts journalists. I do! BET addressed the issue of getting out to vote and registering in time.   Sirrius Radio debates tuned in over 35 million listeners and I am sure were very instrumental.  Micahel Baisden showed a lot of support early on and reaches a nationally syndicated audience.  Saturday Night Live’s parody’s helped America get over the curiousity effect and America realized they were already tired of Palin.  The exploitation factor damaged her reputation. The image of her bobbing her head with hands tossed in the air seemed ill contrived and mocked the Hip Hop community. BARACK REMAINED professional at all times. His children looked stable and happy. This is key because a stable family means the president can run this country.


15.    Jesse Jackson’s major slip up eluded to the fact that Barack Obama doesn’t see black or white, but he sees blue from sky to ocean and that which surrounds America. Jeremiah  Wright said all of the things American opposing forces  would say anyway. And Tavis Smiley only reinforced key issues that would have been brought to light anyways. In other words,  what appeared like disciples of destruction toward Obama helped in a big way. And no one can forget Reverend Al Sharpton’s struggle with the Jena 6 incidents which reminded blacks just how critical it is to have representation in this increasingly racist world where the opposing few are still the majority. Where Barack Obama will not be able to address all tragic community issues, Jesse, Jeremiah, Barack, Al Sharpton  and journalists like Ed Gordon will.  Their legacy would have been forgotten had they not all spoke up in their own way with enough punch to fortify their placement in history. This effect is no different than Frederick Douglass,  W.E.B. Du Bois and Thurgood Marshall all having opposing opinions on the U.S.A.’s judiciary system. Without opposition there is no progress.

16.   No one can forget that Barack Obama made thousands of calls himself. If one person tells just one thousand people that they got a call from Barack Obama, the buzz gets around and it’s easier for polls to reflect supporters and project winners. The calls were from the heart and will leave behind a legacy to those who received those calls.


17.   Plenty of people gave out buttons and obtained paraphernalia to support the cause, but what I found the best tool was Barack Obama’s own YOUTUBE videos addressing every day people. This was instrumental. I also, commend events like the African American Pavilion at Book Expo which issues Barack Obama an award for Book fo the Year way before the election and announced he would be our next president. Motivation, recognition and support goes a long way in helping boost a candidates over all morale. Don’t think for a minute that even the most successful people are not affected by awards and honors.


18.   Finally, folks really want to know the exact marketing plan that took effect so I have summed it up here:  GOD!


You can print millions of marketing tools,  set up a site asking for donations, tour every city, attend every function commanding thousands in donations for one dinner plate, gain endorsements from supporters,  take on a tireless advertising campaigns, evade all viral markets,  gain a publicity team, volunteer callers, expose your plan or change and study the course of what great leaders have done, plus have a team of eyes to monitor any adversities, but with so many opposing forces, this time God intervened and made Barack Obama the chosen one.


19.   Even machines that suddenly broke couldn’t deter voters from waiting hours to vote. Responsible media like Jet Magazine alerted voters of the obstacles ahead and what to do while some folks pondered on whether or not to wear paraphernalia on Election day.

 20. Bonus: The literary community became an agent for change on millions of forums with hundreds to thousands of members where support for any one candidate can be lethal. America did not just Rock the Vote, the literally killed it! Folks had made up their mind they would tear down the voting system and rebuild it by withstanding any obstacles. The effect is somewhat bibical. In fact, read the bible and see all of the self-fulfilling correlations of this massive work to what happened on November 4, 2008. YOUNITY became the agent for CHANGE. It’s clearly in the bible.  Seek and ye’ shall find.

Credit: Copyright 2008. Disilgold Publishing. By Heather Covington. Disilgold@aol.com.



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