ASK HEATHER COVINGTON:How do writer’s find time to write?


Heather:  Writing is like a regular 9-5 day job, and so you have to think of yourself as being employed by a superior authority and if you don’t accomplish your minimum quote of 5- 20 pages then you give yourself a warning, 2 warnings and so forth until you have to do maybe 50 pushups or jog in place for 1 hour. Be tough on yourself and write that book you’ve been holding out on today. I strongly suggest that writers create a time clock and really punch in on time. Once you establish what makes you comfortable when writing daily try to maintain that comfort zone. You may enjoy writing on a cold starry night with the blinds pulled way up so you can see everything in view of your home, apartment or town house. Maybe you enjoy the soft irridescent light as soon as morningtime arrives. This could be your time to sip on hot cocoa, crackers, cheese and grapes and put on your toasty robe and warm slippers. Your comfort level in your writing zone is very important. Make it as enjoyable as possible. If you feel distracted by the internet or tempted to watch tv, listen to the radio or answer your cell phone, why not get another computer dedicated just to writing time with no internet access. You can always transfer content from one computer to another with a transfer cable. Some people can write with plenty of distractions, but if the government has banned cell phone use while driving because you may have an accident then the just think about what will happen when you write a book? It wil be a disaster. In fact, once you find your writing comfort zone and a time to write with minimal distractions you may be on your way to writing not just one bestseller, but several dozen. Millions of people read books and you’re bound to find a niche audience who digs your work. You owe it to your audience to give your best and you owe it to yourself to enjoy every step it takes to create a winning book. Get started today. Without a quality product there is no success or wealth! 

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