Ask Heather: Do Authors Need to BE Fashion Savvy to Sell Books and a Spring Fashion Preview for Literary Fashionistas features Model Chanel Iman 

Heather Covington: No, authors do not have to be runway fashion models to sell books, btu with social networks promoting hype and trends more than talent these days, it doesn’t hurt to be on top of your game and look and feel your best. Fashion is what’s happening in the literary world, and Literary Divas  Magazine is the first publication to combine the literary with beauty, fitness and fashion on purpose and not by accident! We researched the entire market, and so let’s see how many literary and beauty magazines follow. I will certainly let you know and put them on blast!

Chanel Iman is the latest runway supermodel sporting all of the top spring  designs literary fashionistas will want to take note. Not only will the Rock the Republic white mini-dress turn heads on the streets, but certainly at booksignings where you’llbe sure to sell out copies of your book. The fit  compliments your perfect A-line shape, and if you still have a little bit of that Thanksgiving bulge here is a reason to hit the gym. Don’t get left in the back order pile this spring. Get you a Rock the Republic white mini dress so you’ll look hot like Chanel Iman. 

 It is rare to find a model this naturally thin on the runway, plus with a name of a famous perfume and supermodel she can’t go wrong, so I wanted to bring some fame to a someone virtually only known to the fashion industry. Maybe she’ll write a model guide one day for models who want to break into the industry.   I have no doubt that Chanel Iman is going to excel beyond the stratosphere because she has the height and is a dream come true for designers. I also, recommend  the book, Is Modeling for You by Yvonne Rose which gives emphasis on the business side of modeling. The makeup on Chanel is off the meter. I would recommend Sam Fine’s book, FINE BEAUTY  for technique or FACE FORWARD for make-up  and skin care maintenance and to obtain Chanel’s effortless look. Over all, writers deserve to look beautiful an fresh faced for booksignings. A key to winning over more sales. Readers ten to gravtiate to authors who have that fashion edge. Get your own fashion savvy and style today if you dare.

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