WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Endorses I AM.. SASHA FIERCE ALBUM by Beyonce and new HALO VIDEO Review! Tune in!

One of the most underated albums of the year is no other than Beyonce’s , I Am Sasha Fierce, Dual cd album where the only competition of this artist is herself. As a long time listener of Beyonce’s catchy hooks and songs that invite any glamour girl who feels good about herself to get out on the dance floor and exude her sensuality without shame or as Beyonce’ does when she becomes her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, Ihave to admit the entire album is a WINNER by my standards. With effortless  and beautiful music lyrics, well written choruses, music accompaniment and arrangement, this may be Beyonce’s best album to date. 

If I Were a Boy is a remake of Toby Gad and BC Jean whom she gives full credit, but her version adds her own interpretation for a song most urban and R& B music listeners may have enver discovered. inf act, Beyonce’s remake was my first time hearing the song at all and I am an avid music listener. You wonder if the album will sustain this high quality introduction and it actually gets better. As predicted, the next song HALO on CD 1 was produced entitled HALO. Upon wathching the premiere of the video on MYSPACE, I was reminded of my very first love and the innocence lost in music videos today where  women are presented as promiscuous sex sirens in the name of selling more records.

The video stars Michael Ealy best known for his role in The Zora Neale Hurston Story starring Halle Berry and produced by Harpo Productions. He exudes as much sexiness as a GOOD BOY love interest of Beyonce’s character in the video as he does in his recent debut in the movie, 7 Pounds, starring Will Smith. Beyoncen’s natural character and personality lends well to the scenario and I just see a seasoned artist evolving, while capturing the same audience that craves the Sasha Fierce side that catapulted her to major success. Her following songs speak to her music listeners like Broken Hearted Girl written by Kenneth Baby Face Edmunds, Disappear, Ave Maria, Smash Into You, Satellites and That’s Why Your Beautiful. 

CD 1 is definately going to make it into the Hall of Fame as a contemporary album when everyone is through listening to exhausted spins of  songs on the market. The transition to CD 1 for listeners is pleasant and upbeat with dance track anthems like Single Ladies, Radio, DIVA, Ego and Hello where she takes a fourth place position as a writer due to her dependency on the producer, vocalist arranger, mixer, and arrangement specialist which the co-writer often does not get recognition. However, is this the price to pay for developing sound music listernes can enoy, than so be it, but I do see Beyonce’s writing style written over all of the songs as someone who knows writing styles as well as song writer’s styles. 

If the words and lyrics don’t get to you than the music will. And if both win over your musical tastes, I am sure the music videos will make you think twice about letting Beyonce’s dual personality album sit on shelves at stores, and rather get your own personal copy because once word gets out that Beyonce’s album is a WINNER at Disilgold, copies are sure to fly off  shelves. 

See new Beyonce photos behind the makings of her new album at
 JUST IN! My boy Bruce Springsteen wins a Golden Globe over Beyonce! new Disilgold Poll is up! Do you think Beyonce should have one for her song, “Once ina Lifetime!”


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