Exclusive Article on Designing Book Covers by Heather Covington- BONUS FOR SERIOUS WRITERS


Designing book covers is an acquired skill that takes hours to perfect, but once you get the knack for it, designing book covers becomes a joy.  You start off with a book designing program that enables you to create the front and back cover as well as the spine ,and any flap content if you would like your book to have a dust jacket. Once you have the proper size format for your book, you’ll need to determine the number of pages for your book to adjust the spine width accordingly.  Adobe, Quark and InDesign are all great programs for designing exterior as  designing of  interior content. Take a look at successful books on the market to best design your book, so it will be  able to compete with titles on store shelves. Try a unique designing effect that will help your book stand out and/or reach your niche market.

As a self-publisher, it is important to brand your company at the top of every book, and so that fans of your work will be able to easily identify your works from hundreds on one shelf. I suggest placing a website that will enable people to find your publishing and marketing site without fail from first glance. A logo is critical to enable people to identify your brand. Photos should have clarity and reflect the image you want. Makes sure the description of your book is short, sweet and simple.

Most of all, make sure your name stands out. Finally, do include your order website and barcode.  Some printers will do you the honor and place the barcode for you, but why not save and get a program where you can list your own barcodes on books.  I recently mentioend that I was off to redesign those AUTHORHOUSE P.O.D. books that are making a comeback from 2002., but just learned that the P.O.D. company has bought XLIBRIS and expanded, so since this company has paid me on time for booksales and been instrumental toward my success as a nationally recognized author by quality media, I am stating for the record that the timeless bookcovers that made me will remain! Thank you to Marion Designs for his perfection and for adhering to my insistence of designing covers built to last. Readers will see new cover designs for new books by me int he near future. Back to promoting my former p.o.d. books and Disilgold Published books at the top of my game who is mastering all forms of publishing and not backing down from inspiring like authors.

In 2009, I introduce how to build a small press company and jump over hurdles and obstacles in the book publishng industry The Disilgold Way. Stay tuned! www.LiteraryDiva.com


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