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Jessica Sinclaire’s Thug Love

                                    DVD Review by Kam Williams


Headline: Dumped Divorcee Dates Bad Boy in Rocky Romance Drama


            Destiny Charles (Millenia Gay) finds herself on the verge of being single for the first time in a dozen years after being unceremoniously dumped by her ungrateful husband for a younger woman. Although the forty-something advertising executive is suddenly available, she’s too busy climbing the corporate ladder to think about dating anybody just yet. For her boss has promised that if she lands the prized Asoki account for the firm, her reward will be a coveted promotion to partner.

However, her focus shifts from career to romance the day she accidentally crosses paths with Troy, (Rich Paul), a handsome hunk half her age who introduces himself as a photographer. By her own admission, Destiny feels lonely, and against her better judgment she lets the young man sweep her off her feet. And after a steamy one-night stand, she falls head-over-heels for this virtual stranger and proceeds to get her groove back, so to speak.

She subsequently buys him a suit so he can accompany her to a company cocktail party at her boss’ home where the Japanese clients she’s trying hard to woo will also be in attendance. But wouldn’t you know it, the outclassed Troy misbehaves badly, putting a strain not only on Destiny’s employment prospects but on their budding relationship but as well.

Still attracted to the bad boy, but conflicted about what to do, she consults a concerned Greek chorus of close girlfriends who wonder whether she loves him.  But what Destiny doesn’t know is that Troy is already two-timing her and is only using her as a Sugar Mama.  

So, there are many minefields lying in wait in Jessica Sinclaire’s Thug Love, a low-budget romance drama that is rather rough around the edges. The film suffers from second-rate lighting and sound equipment and from love scenes where neither party appears particularly happy to be in bed together. Throw in all the profanity, the n-word, a dumb blonde, dumber Asians, and a dubious denouement, and there isn’t really much to recommend about this mediocre mess.


Fair (1 star)


Running time: 85 minutes

Studio: Lightyear Entertainment


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