Written by Heather Covington

Edited on March 6, 2009

Michael Jackson began his career as a child prodigy. Who could forget his smooth vocals, charismatic spins and popularization of the moonwalk began in the Bronx with breakdancing of course, but made all his own. It was  as if he was dancing on air with unabashed confidence.   Audiences from Black to White felt his energy and gravitated to either  the tube or his concerts  met with an overture of fanatic screams. Michael Jackson still has this effect on people. It doesn’t matter who you are. When Michael enters the room people go crazy!

Michael made it possible for many young black child  singers to believe they could rise to his success. America fell in love with Michael and he became the most imitated artist in the world from his fancy sequined gloves, white Bobbie socks and top show biz hat to highwater pants, crouch grabbing scenes and military style jackets. Don’t forget those Michael fits in his songs. Whatever Michael grunted about just worked.

Add the dark shades and long black hair. It is clear to this day that Michael Jackson continues to outstyle America. Michael is a phenom who took risks,  set trends and defied any obstacles. He  captivated his audience without backing down by setting high expectations for himself. Any album you listen to from Michael Jackson today can be played over and over without getting tired of a single track. Michael always gave off a persona of a cool, clam and collected spirit and he could really, really dance and really, really, really sing.

Michael’s grandeur career took off internationally with his Thriller Album. Who knew that videos packaged as mini movie films would change the face of video production. Today you see evidence of the mini movie in great videos like T.I.s  “Live Your Life” with Rihanna. Everyone loves the underdog and wants the underdog to win.

MTV was one of the pioneering tv networks other than niche cable video shows like Video Music Box to infuse Michael Jackson’s music onto the mainstream making his sound universal. He disappeared for years it seems and was written off  as if his reign was over. But history would not be erased for the genius of Michael Jackson had already been written.

 He was met with a sleuth of money hungry opportunists who plotted to set the singer up , but who never served time for his accuser’s accusations which could be proven without a doubt if true. It had even appeared as if Jackson had bought his way out of trouble. Celebrity friends had turned their backs on the beloved pop icon just like that, but the truth finally surfaced that there were lies, misconceptions, deceit and corroborated slander as Jackson revealed monies were misappropriated by former producers. So many artists have toured to only find their money stolen, contracts shattered and people in their camp suddenly writing bad checks.

Like PRINCE or Roger Nelson who changed his name to a symbol rather than Prince in an attempt to shed light on a bad music contract, Jackson exposed all that  he had been going through with an open letter to his fans in Ebony Magazine years ago. His less talented sister who seemed outed revealed child abuse in the family and this simply opened the door for predators to overcompensate.. Every where you turned on the tv, Michael was being hit with lawsuits. It was enough to destroy his career.  His image was tarnished among the generation of supporters who were there for his career from the start, and when he was the lead singer of the Jackson Five many years ago. It was like people lost faith and believed what they wished to believe.

One of the groundbreaking Guinness Book record holders in the 1980’s with more wealth acquired than any other singer at his time. Even media referred to him as JACKO in regard to his skin condition. With a new generation of young listeners, it seems befitting for Michael Jackson to make a big comeback. He’s being offered well in the millions for foreign touring.

At 50+, you wonder can Michael make a dramatic comeback to surpass his former reign? We think so at Disilgold and even bigger than ever imagined.  I think Tyler will produce his biopic one day.  They say talent never dies, but it just keeps getting better. If he comes to New York, I would certainly support Michael and know that with his amassed wealth  he’s THE ONE to save the music industry. People just aren’t buying albums with the tenacity of a Beatles album. You have singers and performers and then you have icons like Michael Jackson. He isn’t talent. He’s a prodigy and there’s only one Michael Jackson. There will never ever be another MICHAEL JACKSON! NOT NEVER! Respect due.

Just in! Michael announces he’s back on tour. Check out this video. And tell folks you heard about it on www.Disilgold.com. The Hottest site on the net, period. See new pic of Mic doing his new dance move on www.disilgold.com this week.



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