ASK HEATHER of Will children’s books be required to pass FD&C regulations for lead content?

TOPIC #1- Will children’s books be required to pass FDC regulations for lead content?

Most children’s books do not propose a high lead level threat, but in order to ensure children are safe when reading or handling color picture books new guidelines to test books before permitted to reach the mainstream market were considered. Some will argue that this is another way for the book publishing industry to regulate publisher’s use of printing companies other than those approved for conglomerate gain.

Printing companies who do not meet guidelines would go out of business. Authors or publishers may be mandated to submit their books for approval and conformity of low levels of lead toxicity found in ink for printing of color picture books. Children’s books that do not meet these guidelines would be banned from the school market and all current books pulled from shelves.

A seal of conformity would be mandated and anyone trying to sell a children’s book without the seal would be fined or quite possibly jailed if this is approved by the Supreme Court. Thus far, researcherss believe that children’s books will not be included in mandatory testing for lead before istribution as most toys with lead traces. After many toys deported from countries like China and Japan were discovered to have high lead levels, the FD& C stepped in. Some argue that this measure was only considered because so many American publishers begain to seek printing at very low costs overseas. Others argue that regulations are mandatory since so many high tech books nowadays have removable or enhanced parts from musical sound boxes to movable accessories.

However, most children’s books do not have removable parts that a child could put into one’s mouth and absorb lead by accident. Many children book companies were horrified of this news, and since all books would have to be pulled off the market for testing. It has been reported that only future books from a set date would have to be submitted to pass guidelines.

Hopefully, this measure will not be mandated if indeed children’s books are found to propose no threat. For more articles on self-publishing and marketing, visit or visit to ASK HEATHER publishing industry questions.


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