Disilgold SOUL Magazine Daily Literary Dish Heatlist Countdown: It’s Keri Hilsons Time to Shine- New album: A Perfect World lands in stores March 24th. It is official. JUST IN: DISILGOLD SOUL is the first media to release footage of Kanye West and Keri Hilson Making Love- We are shocked! New Update: Now Ne-Yo is on the scene! We knew it!

 Before you read this article, Keri is a myspace citizen friend and so when a new album especially from the ladies come out, Disilgold is there because we simply don’t get the same promotions as the fellows, but this time, the fellows are supporting Keri big tyme. If you scroll down, Ne-Yo joins Keri’s media campaign efforts and I guess we’re the only media to document the transition of a songwriter to a mega-recording artist at the very beginning for the umpteenth time. 9 out of ten times we are right.


A connoisseur of writing top hits for today’s heavy hitters, it’s now Keri Hilson’s turn to “return the favor” to herself and long time fans of her work as a songwriter whose accolades are long overdue. Her list of credits as a songwriter include “Diddy, Usher, Ciara, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Omarion, The Pussycat Dolls, & Britney Spears” to name a few. As one of the producers of the song writing team called “The Clutch,” and what some artists today would like to best keep as a secret or never give rise or a name to as the magic behind the creation of  top hits, Keri’s talent is no longer a secret.

There has been a symphony of ovation for this artist who stayed the course. The anticipation builds because some people are buzzing that Keri Hilson may very well debut with a million plus copies sold of her new album, thus surpassing Lil’ Wayne’s miraculous Hip Hop album debut. Arriving onto the music scene with production from Timbaland on the heavy acoustic cut, “Scream,” and an impressive debut ballad called “Energy” accompanied by a video that rings as an anthem for folks in relationships as Keri knocks down her enemies in the boxing ring, listeners began to tune in.

 Then her single, “Turning Me On,” suddenly appeared from nowhere to set off an urban edge vibe to what was considered just another pop princess destined for mainstream success. 50 million Myspace  music player hits later, it is clear and evident that Keri is more than a success, but has already reached the stratosphere of her career as a top contender here to stay and bring more hits to come. This time, Keri Hilson is bringing the heat for her own album titled, “In a Perfect World.”

A March 4th video diary sent to Keri’s massive base of supporters for the artist herself, reveals that her album will hit stores on March 24th, finally. For some reason her album was pushed back in November 2008 but perhaps, the best does come to those who wait because Keri’s chart topper, “Turning Me On” has taken the number one spot for 2 weeks on the Billboard charts.

Everyone is joining Keri’s wave. She even has a “Are you a Turn On?” Contest for listeners to receive an autographed copy of her cd. Make sure you “Turn On” Keri’s album and support another dyme diva on the rise. This songwriter is on her way. If some one asks you, tell them you heard it first on DisilgoldSOUL. To vote for Keri Hilson as most stylish celebrity, visit www.Disilgold.com. Do you know  of an artist who  should be the next DisilgoldSOUL, email Disilgold@aol.com.


JUST IN: DisilgoldSOUL is the first media to release footage of Kanye West and Keri Hilson “Making Love.” We’re shocked! Who knew! Brace yourself. Graphic adult content. Kids close your eyes. We aren’t sure what to say.  Guess when the album drops, everyone will need to read the fine credits to see what is going on!


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