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Kanye West was charged with “3 misdemeanors including vandalism, battery and grand theft” during a “high tech MEDIA LYNCHING,” smashing incident. This is Disilgold.com term for when media that gets paid to report scandalous news hang around airports to tape celebrities and exploit them online to be  roasted, chastised, mocked, ridiculed and careers immediately destroyed  due to a frenzy and barrage of other media attacks that eventually  lead  the celebrity to self-destruct from paranoia and distrust.
Reason being, some celebs  have management that attempt to tip off media and split proceeds. They stand to make more from syndication of footage and photos than as an intern for celebs. I would think that  Kanye West is still experiencing trauma from his mother’s sudden death and when a still photog all set up began  filming the intimacies of his arrival to an airport, he may have believed his inalienable rights had been violated and even in a private place.
 He may have also,  been aware of what TMZ.com did to Brittany  Spears. All of that footage was no act. She almost lost her kids and career. The media almost sent this childhood singer into self-destruction and death. The world laughed, but with intervention by people  like Dr. Phil and shock treatment, she overcame her inner demons.
Kanye is a very sane individual and by far one of the most influential Hip Hop artists of this era. There seems to be a problem with media right now and it is questionable if whether or not congress will need to pass laws to protect artists before they all wind up in jail. 
We all know what happened with Princess Di after media sped her car chauffeur into a mad high speed chase away from paparazzi. It was obvious from footage of the  Kanye West  camera smashing incident that authorities would not be able to confiscate the video which left no other choice but for Kanye to destroy it.
 Anyone could take footage and say all kind of things about Kanye that could lead to more problems later on. With technology these days, you could have artists stepping on people’s feet who have never made contact with people. It is eery what media can do.
Kanye could spend 3 years in jail if convicted on April 14th. However, his placement in jail would serve no purpose just like T.I. going to jail for one full year for possession of weapons while almost 80% of American’s in rural and suburban towns walk with guns. The list of jailed artists from Shyne, Remy Ma, Naomi Simms, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown just make you wonder of America is sending the wrong message to youth by idolizing artists incarceration.  I  had to shed a tear for T.I. who must be scared as hell, but like a trooper sheds light on his Countdown to jail.
 I believe some media’s idolization of artists lead them to  think they are above the law as well. Media has the right to film any situation or person they choose in public, but when  footage is sold, it is the artist’s responsibility to pick their battles as they choose to cease decist  footage, but by then everyone has already seen it. The question is where should a line be drawn to protect artists and what measures can be dealt for universal media to follow that is understood  by artists across the board?
As media, I always have intentions to present artists with support, but due to so many artists experiencing bad media, good media often get caught in the mix making the good turn bad and the bad even worse.  Regardless, I believe, Kanye should certainly pay a fine, but jail time does not fit this crime edged on by media in need of a story who got what they wanted at Kanye’s expense.
 He gave them a show and some folks still aren’t satisfied. Media news would be boring without Kanye. To make a comeback after suffering a life threatening  car crash  and now the loss of his mother is like giving Kanye a gun to shoot himself in his own foot.He  is driven by his art and right  now and may feel like he deserves jail time.
Some folks will say he is waiting for America to tell him he was responsible for his mommy’s death  by not being there. Putting him jail would confirm his guilt and just end another talented artist’s career destroyed by the media. They make them and break them. Hopefully, some judge will have a heart and get this HEARTLESS  soul anger management classes. Just shouting out his banger hit which tells it all.
 I finally, got a chance to listen to his whole album from beginning to end. Seems brilliant to me and like  Kanye is the Black Elvis of this era if he can get pass this one. My folks say he will not go to jail because he did not use  an object to strike anyone intentionally. The  flaming photographer’s words also  seem contrived and exaggerated. Sounded like a money extortion plot later. You know how footage is sent to celebs with a black mail ransom in books to pay up or the embarrassing footage will be released.Also, the camera man approached him which is a threat. Also, bad media is taking pics of celebs and posing dummy look-a-like models in various other modes ad placing  false captions.  One thing for sure, no one will be approaching Kanye like that without a viable media pass.
If I was Kanye, I would have taken the camera and let the camera man attack me. Now his actions surpass  the severity of my own and I can sue the camera man and his establishment. There is no law that states you can’t touch and hold any object placed in your face and wait for authorities. In other words, someone puts a gun in your face and you grab it and hold it and take your her hand to hold back your proprietor. How can you be sent to jail? You now have the right to tell an officer your claim . He is only going to take your report and request for you to file a report in small claims court and return the camera, but at least you can get the person’s name and file a case. Artists have to be smarter than the media. However, be careful how you snatch an item and hold it. make one scratch on the other person and the crime is in your ball  court.  For a more in depth look into my thriller mind, read Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales by Babe Charisse Worthington. You can learn a whole lot.
Article by novelist Heather Covington, CEO/FOUNDER of www.disilgold.com. To learn more about author, visit www.LiteraryDiva.com.

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