Steve Harveys Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man bestselling book encourages The Literary Diva to rerelease PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man

by Disilgold Staff

When Heather Covington’s Disilgold SOUL Magazine team was personally invited to attend Steve Harvey’s premier launch party for his new morning show, she knew his show would take off. Here we had a King of Comedy converting his career to radio talk show host and as a result, the morning commute has never been the same for radio listeners.  She never forgot congratulating the debonair dressed Steve Harvey who sported his own fashion line of suits and even mentioning that he should write a comedy book. With all of the cameras and lights flashing from heavy media at the event, Heather wasn’t sure if Steve Harvey heard Heather Covington’s suggestion, but what is evident is that several years later Steve Harvey is America’s new Relationship Guru of America  and he’s funnier than ever with his stomach turning advice women are taking seriously. After all, he’s with a third wife, so she must be what today’s man is looking for and  who every women can learn from, since the worth of a woman is the man she can keep by her side these days.

A lady who gains inspiration from mentors in literature she announced that her past book, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man from 2003 would make a comeback in 2009 in a big way bringing rise to the first Poetical Handbook of Bad Boy personalities women  should be forewarned. The book  may share parallel themes evidenced in Steve Harvey’s new book, but from a female perspective which could open up a debate on issues.  Heather Covington  believes that a relationship guru is only as effective as his ability to face his female counterparts on issues as he discusses. Heather adores Steve Harvey’s new books, but says nothing is wrong with today’s woman in relationships, but its today’s man who needs to own up to his personalities and realize that not every woman is going to accept their most menacing caricature traits that tend to make up excuses for why  some ladies can’t find truly good men.

Her quest is to expose the ideals of  today’s men as authors like Steve warns women about, but pay tribute to those traits that bring these bad boys to life who have literally gotten off of the hook, but not anymore now that Heather Covington plans to release her video diaries on the most controversial relationship issues on her author site at Readers can get a headstart on issues underway by reading the first poetical relationship handbook guide to today’s bad boys by Heather Covington. Who is ready to talk on real issues one-to-one with the most controversial voice in poetry now exposed?

Stay tuned for Heather Covington’s counteract battle punches on steve’s eloquent relationship advice to women, but this time for the men! JUST IN: Heather Covington’s self-hep poetical handbook sales are up just from this article posting over at, the direct store site Heather Covington promotes while on tour and relatively easy to find. Her shocking handboook is also, available at and your favorite online bookstores.

Just some controversial issues Heather addresses in her poetry and essay handbook are arriving on her official author site video diaries at



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